top ten Twists? *spoilers*


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Aug 16, 2005
I added *spoilers just case someone has not seen it* We have favourite movie thread , best games ect... This is just for the twists. The moments that make you think "Holy crap did not see that coming"

What your top 10? the ten twists can be from movies , tv shows , comics , books or games.

Will ad my own list after more have done theres
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The End of The Usual Suspects. I so didn't expect the handicapped guy to be Keyzer Soze


M. Night Shamylan's success
in video games my fave twist would be in the first Knights of the Old Republic when you discover that
the character you have been playing was Darth Revan, the uber badguy all along.

You can't beat the classic twist of
Luke, I am your father...
"What a twist!"
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The last few seconds of the first season finale of 24

And the first few minutes of season 4 of 24
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damn two of mine were picked :lol:

WWE vince was the higher power and wcw hogan was the third man in the nWo

Angel season 4 cordy is the mastermind and angelus faking been angel.

Planet of the Apes it was earth!

Unbreakable Elijah was the villain

The Sixth Sense Malcolm Crowe was dead. Yes I suspected but I didn't actually think they go down that road

in USM when the cop (only person spider-man trusts) was working for kingpin

V was the kidnapped Evey. That messed with mind :lol:

3 this is a silly one but I loved it
finding out Maggie shot Mr burns

Finding out your Darth Revan in the first KOTR game

"NO , I am your father" scene in Episode V
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in no particular order

1. Sirius Black is a good guy/Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2. V is Evee's captor - V for Vendetta
3. The entire ending of The Sting - The Sting
4. James Cole Has been haunted by dreams of his own death, and The Army of the 12 Monkeys doesn't start the plague - 12 Monkeys
5. Charles and his daughter are figments of his imagination - A Beautiful Mind

I'll think up more later
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