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Hey guys, I was in Amsterdam about a year ago when i bought this american comic called "trailers". It was written like a novel, very easy to follow, very clever, romantic and exciting. It really got to me. It's by the author Mark Kreece. I would love to find something like that again - a comic book that just tells a story, doesn't need any hero or anything like that, and its cool if its a bit romantic aswell.

Thanks for the help guys and girls :)

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Well, here's one I read a while back and put in the Random Comic Grabbing thread called Love As A Foreign Language

Love As a Foreign Language

Now, this seems a simple plot, place an Canadian Exchange Teacher in Korea, and sees what happens. And, in reality, it is.

The beginning shows one the four stages of moving to a new country. The last stage, supposingly, is home sickness, and you want to go back. Joel, our main protagonist, is in this stage, and desires nothing more to go home though he is being hit on by the new teacher form London, and he doesn't realize it.

The story does a good job of showing one what happens when they are stuck in a country doing the same thing over and over again, until one day, something stops that. This something is a Korean girl named Hana, whom Joel falls for and then realizes she is in the same building as his. This leads to Joel trying to break the language and culture barrier to finally find something in common with this girl.

I like this book, a quick read, and really gets you backing Joel as he makes his tough decision to stay in Korea, or leave and go back to his life in Canada.


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Thanks for the respons Houde, although manga is not really me.

Anyone else read Trailers?

It's great and can be bought at that this site advatise : )