Transformers Aligned Continuity Timeline

I was avoiding spoilers but is there alot of flashbacks? Is it just a b plot like in Arrow or the whole thing is flashback and only framing device is in the 1980's?

There's been at least 2 per episode so far. The flashbacks fit more naturally in the narrative than Arrow.

I may have to start using timestamps instead of [Present] or [Past], which was something I carried over from the MAU timeline.
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Based on Bumblebee's line in "Strongarm's Big Score" about leg warmers being "in style" in the 80s, which I learned was around 1984/1985, I tentatively changed the date for his arrival on Earth as such.
I might give this one a chance. I played the three cybertron games and saw parts of Transformers: Prime. The plot holes can't be as bad as Bumblebee, which should be a reboot but isn't...
To anyone that watches Rescue Bots Academy (I got other things I'm busy catching up with currently), is there any indication of what time of the year it is in any episode? Summer? Fall? Winter?
Holy dung, Cyberverse is definitely not canon to this universe judging from that Season 2 premiere.

By 2007 (a year they gave in said S2 premiere), Transformers are 1000% known to humanity.

I'll fix this timeline sometime this week.
Minor mistake
Transformers: Prime 2x15 - "Toxicity"
Transformers: Prime 2x16 - "Hurt"

Transformers: Prime 2x15 - "Toxicity"
Transformers: Prime 2x16 - "Hurt"

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