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Jul 24, 2004
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Did anyone catch the Pilot last night? It was pretty damn good. Aarron Stanford is part of the show. For those who have forgotten or don't remember, he played Pyro in X-Men 2 & 3.

The Pilot is up on, for free of course. I just watched it again as I showed my brother. Still awesome. This was a preview episode. The show will come back on its regular night & time on Wednesday, May 30th, at 10pm- replacing LOST once it finishes.

A synopsis of the show/series:

SYNOPSIS: Jay, Tyler and Will are friends who have spent the last two years in grad school. They are about to depart on a summer trip when a simple prank to rollerblade through one of New York City's most famous museums makes Jay and Tyler prime suspects in a terrorist bombing that destroys the museum seconds later. Hopeful that Will can help clear up this misunderstanding, they learn he's been missing since the explosion and think he may be dead. They're unable to turn to authorities when they realize they can't prove Will even exists. In every photo from the past two years, he has managed to block his face.

Who will believe them? Friends, family, lovers? The boys are pawns in a conspiracy that will take years to unravel, and the government may not have their best interests at heart. Their friendship will be tested like never before as they try to uncover the truth, while avoiding detection of not only the FBI, but everyone in America who has seen their faces on TV as suspects in the bombing.

Director David Nutter, who has defined many series including "The X-Files," "Without a Trace" and "Supernatural," along with the writer of "Eight Below" and the Oscar(r)-winning producers of "American Beauty" combine "The Fugitive" with "Enemy of the State" in a taut, tense thriller of innocents on the run. Flashing back to the prior two years to illustrate the formation of this friendship and Will's insidious behavior, this action-packed drama taps into our paranoia with pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment. Matthew Bomer ("Tru Calling") and Logan Marshall-Green ("The O.C.") star.

I give the pilot a 4.5/5.
This is going to be the next Daybreak.
"Love Interrupted"

Jay and Tayler relaxed in the box car of the train, having successfully made another daring escape. Looking at the stars, they pondered their journey, and how far they had come.

"I hope that we're closer to finding our friend, Will." said Tyler.

"Yes, I just want to go back to living my normal life." said Jay.

"Will things be different when we get home?"

Jay didn't answer.

"We have to talk about what happened Jay."

"It was just...I thought I was going to die! You do crazy things when you're in danger."

"No, you do the things you know you must do before you die."

"Just because I kissed you doesn't mean we're in love!"

"Don't fight it, it's only natural."

Just as they seized each other in passion, a team of FBI agents dropped in from a helicopter over head and began shooting!

"We'll finish this later."


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