True Stories of the Marvel Universe

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Oct 19, 2005
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True Stories of the Marvel Universe

When ComicsAlliance contributor Chris Sims wrote a glowing review of "The Punisher" #11 -- in which the title character's dismembered body is stolen by a swamp monster and stitched up by Morbius the Living Vampire so that he can defend Monster Island from a renegade team of Japanese monster-hunting super-samurai -- a reader responded by saying that he didn't see the appeal of this concept being used "in the core Marvel Universe."

To put it mildly, we completely disagree with this sentiment. Yes, there are some concepts that don't work, and the Punisher specifically has had his fair share of those, but to dismiss an idea as too crazy for the Marvel Universe gives us the idea that you've been reading different Marvel comics from the rest of us. That place is built on high concepts that verge on the insane, which is why we've recruited Chris to show us what else has gone on in the Core Marvel Universe over the years.

Some of the examples given:

In the Core Marvel Universe, the most popular person is a 120 year-old Canadian berserker samurai who has who has been to the moon and was in love with a psychic who destroyed an alien planet and came back from the dead, married to both Japanese royalty and a green-haired terrorist, and had a child with a woman from a hidden region of Antarctica where dinosaurs and cavemen live. When he is not fighting his enemies -- most of whom are versions of himself, some of whom have claws made of lasers -- he reaffirms his status as as tough-as-nails loner as a member of at least three superhero teams.

In the Core Marvel Universe, a "gritty crime story" is one where a blind lawyer ninja dressed as the Devil fights a massive Sumo wrestler with a cane that shoots lasers, who employs both a Major League Baseball pitcher who killed a batter with a fastball and the blind lawyer ninja's girlfriend, the daughter of a diplomat who herself became a ninja, died and came back to life, and was once replaced by an alien shape-shifter.

I thought it'd be funny to hear some other examples from y'all.
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Re: Trus Stories of the Marvel Universe

He also posted a list of examples of insane Punisher stories. One example is in my signature.

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