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i dunno if this has already been made yet but i figured i had maybe some art from tv/movie stuff i might be able to dig out and show to you.
here is a pic i made of "phantasm"



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Might as well post this again,

Secret Wars

I did in photoshop, I just cut out a bunch of Marvel super heros and place them together. I update it when I can. I keep it as my background
I also made this one:

Secret Wars: Part 2

But its not as good.​


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I first thought you were talking about the Phantasm from Batman: The Animated Series.


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Right now I'm drawing my own movie poster type picture for 'Batman Begins'. I need to print out some photos of the actors to draw from (I only have Bats done, and that's not based off of any picture), but once I'm done I might post it.

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