Twilight responsible for book blockade in RP


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The vampire teen romance novel Twilight has as you know, been an international hit and sells like pancakes.

In the Philippines, the massive shipments are so massive they've attracted the attention of a local customs official.

The examiner decreed, based on a draconian interpretation of local duty and tax laws, that duty should be paid.

The importer paid to eliminate the hassle, which is pretty much what every librophile does, but this was a mistake.

All it did was make the Bureau of Customs greedy. Now they're trying to squeeze duty out of all book importations.

So for the past months, virtually all imported books are being barred from entering the country or are tied up in storage facilities.

So... **** you Bureau of Customs and **** you Stephanie Meyer and **** you Twilight.

Full story here from McSweeney's by Robin Hemley who is currently on a Fellowship here.

Also, a blog post by Filipino journalist and amateur historian Manuel Quezon III.


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