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Not looking forward to this that much, seeing as I hated the book.


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My sister, mother and aunt have read the book and are excited for this.

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I liked the first two books (the third had a little too much pointless teen angst for me), but am not particularly looking forward to the movie. I suspect a fair amount will get lost in the translation from book to screen.

I thought this was going to be a TwilightEL discussion thread.
You guys already have one here.


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I thought the first movie was pretty watchable and entertaining. People go on and on about the 'teenage angst', but it was no worse than some of the crap on TV and quite a bit better in some cases.

Then I read the book.

It had to be the most lazily-written piece of mills & boon junk I've ever read. There was barely any description other than about how beautiful Edward Cullen was and the dialogue was really and truly atrocious.

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