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Nov 30, 2004
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Sinister was always my favorite X-Bad guy. Probably cos of the whole obsession with the summers and and Cyclops was the only one who could do physical damage to him. I was real disappointed when the put him in Tempest I hope they're bringin him back with like the whole old look and he's not a sissy like that. anyone got ideas?
I loved the new look, that last page in past 1 of the story was sublime. Some of the lines after that were a bit off, and the stuttering was a tad annoying but I got what Vaughan was going after. Lab geek who becomes a super assassin over night. He's gonna have some rough edges. Plus there was some indication that his transformation wasn't complete. I have a feeling we'll see a smoother Sinister if he comes back.

But I must say I like Ultimate Sinister's direct approach. No fancy speeches, just push Xavier down the stairs and put the gun barrel to his head. Realism folks.
yea i liked it when he was all tough but when he was like playing the weak servant I thought it was overdone... it was real annoying but if his transformation isn't complete then it's cool... I just got the impression that he killed himself at the end...
Na, I doubt they would kill Sinister off like that, and especially after appearing just once!

I also liked Sinister here. Him looking like a thug, wasn't too impressed by that, but cool nonetheless. I would like to see him come back, and this time, really do a number on the X-Men. That would make a cool arc, no?
We'll see, remember Sinister's own words. Can someone truly choke themselves to death?
Blacksword said:
Plus there was some indication that his transformation wasn't complete. I have a feeling we'll see a smoother Sinister if he comes back.

There wasn't any real "transformation." Apocolypse and all that stuff was all in his head.
XTFLyons said:
"in his head" as in "not real"???

Apocolypse was a figment of his imagination. A voice in his head telling him what to do.
Im not truly conviced that Sinister was see things. I think that only Sinster could see Apocalypse. Who knows?
I liked Ultimate Sinister. I personally want to believe as well, that Apocalypse was only a figment of his mind, but I'm afraid some bad writer down the road will use him as an actual character.
Vaughan could have done much better if he had just let out the final spash of A.
It all depends on how Apocalypse is handled. If we can avoid the time travel headaches that alone would make Apocalypse much more palitable. Though I will say I LMAO when Storm found the dummy in Sinister's apartment. But no Apocalypse before issue 100 I hope.
I thought the dummy was good... I saw it in a movie somewhere everyone thought this guy was crazy he was talkin to a doll or something but it turned out the doll was an insturment that some higher force used to talk to him.... that's why I know they're gonna use apocalypse some time later... I agree they don't need the time travel to bring him in...
Here's a characater with a ton of potential, yet a fear that he will never be utilized. For one, his powers were dumbed down a bit; making him less of a threat and not as omnipotent as his 616 counterpart. The X-Men, now prepared if ever in a fight with him again, could easily take him out. There is far too much skill in the X-Men to be taken down by someone with only steath kind of powers. Another thing is, Vaughan made him mentally unhealthy. There does have to be a level of insanity in any villain, but Brian went as far as making it a vulnerability. That's not good in terms of Sinister's character. I don't think he has it in him to become something his 616 counterpart did, which is really a shame. What I do see in him is the ability to do a 360 flip and completely shake things up... SHIELD, the X-Men, Gambit, Rogue, Apocolypse, etc. It's all very much a possibility but there are a ton of things that are holding him back from being someone much greater than he is.

Also, with Apocolypse, as of now he is simply a voice in Sinister's head. If you've read Shakespheare which I'm willing to bet all of you have, you learn to not read too much into something; you need to accept what you've been told and not add stuff to the story. That's all we can do (sit patiently, that is) until a writer comes around and tells us differently.
In the last issue of the Sinister arc, on the last page you see Apocolypse who looks like a real person, and not that dummy.
It would be really good to see the Horsemen of Apocolypse, do u reckon Angel, could become Archangel, at the moment hes a bit of a wuss.
Oh well just have to wait to see if both Sinister or/and Apocolypse are gona make another appearence
XTFLyons said:
Yea he'll take angel and I want him to bring Beast back too... just my thoughts... i know everyone else wants beast to be an ultimate

I want Beast dead and Apocolypse to stay a figment of Sinister's imagination. There's too much now to have Apocolypse be as powerful as he was... That's stupid.
Personally I could appreciate an Apocalypse as a big issue 100 debut. But not before.

Plus, has anyone realised that, as a lab geek who turned himself into what he is, Sinister is quite capable of continuing and expanding on his current powers? 616 Sinister has always been a fan of experimentation on others but it would be a nice twist to the character if, instead of directing his experiments on others, he directed them internally. This would jack his powers up to a point where the X-men couldn't just threaten to drop him hard. Plus, it would be interesting to see them overestimate their own power and get their as$#s handed to them.

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