Ult. Spidey & Ult. Fantastic 4 meeting


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May 17, 2004
You know what would be a cool story to re-tell? In the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man he went to the Baxter Building and tried to join the Fantastic Four. Bendis could do good with this; dialogue is key here. There would have to be a little bit of a twist up, since the original story had Spidey as the "new guy". But it could be a very entertaining story.
Didn't that happen already in the USM Super Special. Pretty sure it did. And, even though that seems to have been ridiculously scrapped from continuity, Bendis isn't likely to do it over again, me thinks.
Yeah, I was going to say. Spider-Man went to great lengths, even making a symbol for a fifth member on the team, to join the ranks of the Richards and the one Grimm. He was shied away because they were a family, not a super hero team.
Yeah, I didnt really like that story. But it would be cool if Spidy and the FF would work together, but I really wann see the X-Men and the FF working together.
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special. Read it, Ice. That story's pretty much in there.
It's not that long... What is it, four pages? Spider-Man sees a lot of other heroes in that issue, too, so it's not a big deal.

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