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Favorite Ultimate Annual Poll #2

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Ultimate Xmen, hands down.
Ultimates comes right after
Ultimate Spider-Man was awesome if compared to other issues of USM
and Ultimate FF was the weak one. Never like Moleman that much
Well both USM and Ultimates' Annuals sucked big time. So it was kind of a toss up between UFF and UXM.

I don't like Kirkman's run on UXM at all.....but his Annual was pretty good. he got the personalities of his characters to a T. Larroca's art was great as well...but it seemed to fall apart at the end.

In contrast--UFF was pretty damn good as well. In retrospect---after reading his first issue to his new UFF run....I'd have to say that I like his Annual better. The writing reminded me of the quirky snaps/quips from the "Fantastic/Doom" arcs. The art is what won me over in the end. Immonen all the way!!!

So in the end---I have to side with UFF for the photo finish.
Ultimate Fantastic Four was good, Ultimate X-Men was decent, Ultimates was confusing, and Ultimate Spider-Man was awful.

So, I voted UFF.
Ultimate Fantastic Four wins hands down. It hit the nail on the head with how the Fantastic Four should be written: great humor, great action, and killer interaction between the kids. It did a damn fine job telling a stand-alone story that someone unfamiliar with the book can jump into, but that also ties back into the group's mythology. And it brought back Mole Man. Dig it, folks.

USM and UXM are tied distantly at second place. They were both important footnotes in their respective storylines, but they were executed a little clunkily. Bendis threw too many characters in the story for no real reason, kllled off a plot thread before he let it develop, and wasted another potential Ultimization. Motivations felt rushed in an attempt to get to the end point. UXM was enjoyable, and got the characters pretty well, but it just seemed to come out of nowhere ;) and I'm worried we won't be seeing any more Dazzler now.

The Ultimates was just coplete garbage. That Annual was so bad. There wasn't a single good thing about it.

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