Ultimate Apocalypse


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Aug 3, 2005
Egypt, yesterday

Reed Richards enters a dark cave with two other scientists. The elder scientist is rambling on and on and Reed can't seem to get a word in.

"You see, when we unearthed it we realized that we weren't the first ones. Someone had been here previously about eight years ago. They had to have been grave robbers, but the odd thing was that the only thing they took was the body." Reed looks down at the old man and gives him a confused look.

"They only took the body? What on Earth would they want with it?" The other scientist answers Reed's question with a zealous energy of a five-year-old on Christmas morning.

"I know, especially seeing as what we found in the tomb." Reed looked down at him as they were approaching the entrance to the tomb.

"What exactly did you all bring me here for? I mean archeology isn't really my foray. I still think Dr. Storm is furious for you pulling me away from my research and you still haven't told me what I'm here for." The scientists open the door to the tomb and show Reed inside. His eyes grow wide as he sees highly advanced technology among the ancient Egyptian setting. He looks over at a machine that seemed to be technological but organic at the same time. One of the scientists brings him over to the wall right above the empty sarcophagus.

"All of the writing on these walls is in some unknown text we haven't encountered before."

"Perhaps it's alien in origin. It seems similar to the writings the Vision module had on its hull."

"That's what we thought, we were wondering if you could translate it for us." Reed looked skeptical, he had translated the Atlantians' language, but he had never tackled something like this before. Plus Dr. Storm would get furious at him if he worked on something other than his assignments.

"Alright Dr. Lykos, I'll see what I can do for you." As he was about to call the Fantasticar to come pick him up, the other scientist stopped him.

"Oh Reed, there was one thing we could read. It was in ancient Egyptian, but we processed it out. It read, En Sabah Nur: The First One." Reed looked back at Dr. Lykos and the other scientist.

"The first what?" The two scientists looked at each other and then Dr. Lykos looked back at Reed.

"We were hoping you could tell us the answer to that Dr. Richards."

Nick Fury's Harlem based headquarters.

Nick Fury sits in his office watching a screen on the wall across from him. He is smoking a large cigar while talking to Tony Stark on the screen. Stark and Fury have been bantering back and forth for quite some time now and Fury was getting frustrated with him.

"Listen Tony, I know you and the rest of the Ultimates need some space right now, but SHIELD really needs you for this Guatemalan mission." Tony sits back in his chair drinking a martini and gives a skeptical look back at the general.

"You know what happened last time you had us deployed on foreign grounds, the Ruskies would have a fit with this and you'd have another Liberators on your hands. Frankly Nick, I don't want to have to clean up that mess." Fury stared back at him, and then glanced down at some files lying down in front of him.

"Then you won't mind me using the government's new team of superhumans." Stark looked back up at Fury, he wasn't sure exactly what to say to this.

"You're using more super soldiers a month after the Liberators incident? No offense Nick but are you out of your mind?"

"Don't worry Tony; every super power in the world is implementing a team of their own. All of these soldiers had their powers preexisting, so you don't have anything to worry about. I was just wondering because I wanted your opinion on the War Machine armor."

"War Machine; how did you get the designs for that?" Just as Nick was about to answer, a loud siren began to go off in the room. Nick looked to see an emergency signal coming in from Chicago.

"Tony, I gotta take this, this is big." Nick was about to cut Tony off, he interrupted him.

"Wait Nick; keep me on, maybe I can help." Nick pressed a button and a news report from Chicago sprang up on screen next to Tony's image. Nick looked as a reporter who was obviously panicked began speaking at the scene.

"It appears that this large, object came out from under the ground. We aren't quite sure what it is, but we do know that apart from coming up in the middle of the city, it has done nothing so far." Nick turned to Tony's screen but saw that he wasn't at his desk anymore. A voice came out over the intercom and Nick recognized it as Tony's.

"Sorry Nick I think we're going to have to cut our meeting short, but if you don't mind I think the Ultimates can help you on one little mission." It shows Tony as he is being put in his Iron Man armor and contacting the rest of the Ultimates.

Sydney, Australia: the base of operations for the X-Men.

The scene cuts to Bishop, Pyro and Storm watching a news report of the incident in Chicago. Bishop begins muttering to himself.

"No, it wasn't supposed to happen for another ten years." Storm and Pyro both look at him confused. Storm reaches down and touches his shoulder.

"What wasn't supposed to happen yet Bishop?" He looks back up at her and shifts his tone from one of fear to one of command.

"Storm, get the rest of the X-Men, we need to get to Chicago now." Storm runs off to get the rest of their team and Pyro looks at Bishop.

"Um sir; what is in Chicago exactly?"

"Something I had hoped to never see again. Get suited up, we've got work to do." Pyro sprints off to get his costume and Bishop is left alone standing there thinking about what he was going to face.



As the Ultimates arrive at the scene where the object arrived, they look around in awe at the construct. It had to of been 50 stories tall and had no windows or doors on it at all. Tony Stark walked up to it and began to examine it.

"It came up in the middle of Wrigley Field, ironic." He started looking around the construct as the rest of the Ultimates were checking out the area. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were talking a few feet away about the large object, Janet Van Dyne and Bruce Banner were also commenting on the vastness of it. Captain America was walking around asking questions of the various SHIELD agents around the area.

"Are you sure you got the city evacuated son?" The nervous young soldier looked up at the huge man towering over him.

"Well it's only been forty five minutes, so we haven't cleared Chicago entirely. We did get almost all of the larger buildings in the surrounding area clear. It's pretty packed on the streets though."

"Just make sure everyone gets out soon. When this thing does whatever it's supposed to do, people need to be out of the way." Cap walks over to Tony who is running some kind of scan over the surface.

"Any idea what it is Tony? You seem to be the expert on all of this." Tony kept on analyzing but spoke to Cap anyway.

"Well I'm not exactly an expert in this, but from what we've encountered of alien races such as the Chitauri and Kree, this is definitely alien in origin. From the shape of the construct and the tech that would be able to keep this on Earth hidden for so long, it kind of reminds me of Gah Lak Tus." Cap looked at Tony with wide eyes, they had just beaten Gah Lak Tus a year ago, he wasn't ready to fight it again. Tony kept on talking despite this.

"Of course it probably isn't Gah Lak Tus; it's just another giant space object wanting to destroy us in some way I suppose."

"Can you get a reading from the inside of it? Maybe do infrared or something?"

"That's just it; this whole thing is letting of its own heat source. It's like this thing's alive. And X-Rays don't work because of all of the lead in it. It's like whoever made it didn't want to ruin the surprise inside." Pietro walks over to the two and begins to talk to them.

"Any word on Clint? Banner told me he hadn't seen him since the fight with the Liberators and Janet hasn't heard from him either. Can't say I blame him though after what that piece of trash Natasha did to him, hope she rots for it. No offense Tony." Tony keeps on working and doesn't even turn back.
"Oh none taken Pietro, I've been over that Russian scoundrel for weeks now and I haven't felt better." Cap laughed and started taking.

"That means he's found some new gal, 'ey Tony?"

"Five actually, but the healing process does take time gentlemen so don't be surprised if more come." As Cap and Pietro turn to leave Tony to his work a large flash of light hits the sky and several individuals step out from a portal. All of the SHIELD agents draw their weapons and the Ultimates get ready for a fight. Wolverine steps forward and tries to calm them down.

"Watch it boy scouts, we're hear to help." Cap tells the men to lower their weapons and looks at Wolverine.

"What are you doing here Jim?"

"Thought we'd help out, seeing as you all are short a few members."

"I'd say the same myself, where're Summers, Grey and Rasputin?" Storm stepped forward.

"The team's under new management after the Professor's, demise." Janet walks up to Cap.

"Let them help Steve, whatever this thing is we're going to need some assistance with it." Before he can say anything two ripples begin to form on the side of the construct, out of them come two silvery metal orbs that float to the ground. The heroes all ready themselves for the two objects. The orbs stay motionless for a few moments and Pietro mutters something to his sister.
"Do those look like fathers to you Wanda?" Before she can answer him, the orbs begin to shimmer and disappear, leaving two figures standing there. One is draped in a long dark flowing robe, reddish purple smoke come out from the sleeves and bottom of it. All that was visible of his face were his yellow, crooked fanged teeth and his large protruding nose. He had skin of a dark pink color, and smelled of rotting flesh. In his visible hand he held a long sythe-like object, similar to the Grimm Reaper.

The other one stood a good foot taller than his companion. He was garbed in ancient Grecian armor, his helmet adorned similar to a Spartan's. He had skin of solid metal and glowing red eyes. In his left hand he held a battle axe similar to Thor's; on his right he had two foot long claws jutting out. The Ultimates and the X-Men all stood ready, waiting for their opponents to strike. Banner had transformed into the Hulk and Dazzler and Pyro were both sparking the air with their powers. Iron Man asked them a question out of his mechanical suit.

"Who are you?" The cloaked one smiled with his crooked teeth and answered in a terrible gravely voice.

"The bringers, of the end."
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Any coments? Seldes? Random? VVD?!? Hell I'll take Mole's posts now. :(
I like it. Your characterization is good, considering you brought in a whole bunch of characters, and I like the way you're setting up Apocalypse--he and his Horseman seem really menacing, a genuine threat.
A good beginning. Some of your comma use needs to be tweaked (a common problem for writers), but it's just a minor issue and doesn't really detract from the story.

You're certainly assembling a large cast -- it sounds as though half the Ultimate Universe will be at this party. Do you plan to use everyone equally, or highlight certain characters? (Writing about large groups can be a challenge.)

bluebeast said:
"Of course it probably isn't Gah Lak Tus; it's just another giant space object wanting to destroy us in some way I suppose."
*snicker* Because there are just a whole bunch of things like that wandering around the universe.... :lol:

Looking forward to the next installment. Do you have this all written or plotted out, or just an outline done, or are you making it up as you go along?
A good beginning. Some of your comma use needs to be tweaked (a common problem for writers), but it's just a minor issue and doesn't really detract from the story.
Thanks. I usually use commas a lot. i can get run on sentences too much.

You're certainly assembling a large cast -- it sounds as though half the Ultimate Universe will be at this party. Do you plan to use everyone equally, or highlight certain characters? (Writing about large groups can be a challenge.)
I'm going to use a lot of the Ultimate Universe, but as you see from the initial fight with War and Death that the number of people left to fight these guys dwindles quickly. You'll be surprised who comes to the aid of the heroes.

*snicker* Because there are just a whole bunch of things like that wandering around the universe.... :lol:
I figured it's something Stark would say. He's a pretty nonchalant guy.

Looking forward to the next installment. Do you have this all written or plotted out, or just an outline done, or are you making it up as you go along?
I have it plotted in that I wrote every character that this story uses and wrote all what would happen to them and I found that it was pretty easy to tie up all of the ends. Some things might sound outlandish at first like what I'm going to do with Thor, but I'm trying to make this lead into Ultimates Volume 3. I'm gonna try and explain Loeb's new roster and add a future to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. I think the bits everyone will like the best are from Thor, Quicksilver, Wolverine and Reed Richards.

The scene is a place of destruction and chaos, the Ultimates and the X-Men stand in front of a large citadel that has appeared in the center of Wrigley Field. Standing between the citadel and the assembled heroes are the two mysterious men. Bishop of the X-Men steps forward and begins to talk to the two individuals.

"Listen, before you all try to take us down, I know who your boss is and I know his agenda." The cloaked one looks back at him. Bishop feels as if he is staring into his soul.

"The Lord Apocalypse has no 'agenda'. He is absolute, he is order. Through Apocalypse all things are possible." Captain America steps forward and begins to question the two.

"None of this matters, you two will be brought into SHIELD custody for questioning. If you come along peacefully then we won't have to seriously hurt you." The cloaked one feigns considering Captain America's offer and glances over at the other individual. He stares back at the heroes.

"How can you harm Death himself Captain?" Before Cap can speak up, the other one throws the battle axe he is carrying at him. It knocks him back several yards and slams him through a nearby office building. Before the others can react, the silent one is attacking them with a multitude of abilities. Meanwhile, Death flies forward and grabs Psylocke, whispering in her ear.

"Miss me Bets?" He lets of a terrible laugh and takes off in the sky with her in tow. Bishop starts belting out orders to the X-Men.

"Storm, Wolverine, Dazzler, Angel, get after them now! Pyro, you're with me!" Angel and Storm grab Wolverine and Dazzler's arms and they take off after them. The rest of the heroes return to the fight with the other one and things don't look good. Both Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are knocked out on the ground and the Wasp is looking after the broken body of Captain America. Meanwhile, the Hulk is engaging the enemy in a one-on-one conflict. The Hulk manages to knock the other one back but he hits Hulk on the back of the head with his axe that has returned to him. Hulk gets a few good punches in until he gets caught mid sing by the combatant. The formerly silent fighter finally speaks up one small sentence to the Hulk.

"They don't call me War for nothing." He then proceeds to morph his body into organic steel like compound and shoots a fiery blast from his eyes. The Hulk looks down to see three long ash marks in his chest; he looks up to see War standing there with three bloody claws protruding from his knuckles.

"What are you?" War then shrinks down to the size of a fly and shoots at the Hulk's head using superhuman speed and strength greater than the Hulk's himself. Hulk then falls to the ground with a large hole in his head, he then transforms back to Banner and lays still. War picks up his armor and turns around to see Iron Man coming at him full speed. War simply turns around and grabs Stark by the face. He rips it off and begins to torture Stark with a telepathic pulse. He then starts laughing at the agonizing Stark.

"Now who's smart?" He then rips the rest of Stark's body armor off and tosses him towards a nearby skyscraper. War turns around to greet the waiting Bishop and Pyro. He simply absorbs the flame sent out by Pyro and shoots a blast of cold at him, freezing him. Admiring the silent statue in front of him, War turns to see Bishop running at him. War throws his axe at him hoping to knock back the old man. Bishop merely crumbles the axe with his gravitational powers and continues after War. Bristling at this, War sends the ball of metal at Bishop's head, knocking him out. Stepping forward to kill the old man, War is stopped by a bolt of lighting to his back. He turns around to see Thor floating in the air above him holding Stark's body. The two stare at each other.

The Baxter Building, New York

Reed Richards sits in his lab full of technological wonders and feats of the mind. In a large hanger to the south portion of his lab sit objects such as his Fantastic Oh-Five, the Fantastic-Car and his Seven-Ten-Split. Other objects adorn the area such as his teleporter, the time machine even the Minimates. Among all of these objects that could give a scientist lifetimes of work, Reed is sitting at his desk in the middle of it all, staring at an ancient slab of writing. It's been two days since he visited the tomb and he can't think of any way to decipher the hidden messages on the stone. Reed goes to rub his temple when he notices that his hand is missing from his arm. He turns around flabbergasted until he realizes who's standing behind him. Sue walks up to his work desk and puts her arms around Reed's shoulders.

"What are you doing Reed? You've been down here for two days and we've barely heard anything from you. My dad's been hoping that you've been working on that new Helicarrier design for SHIELD." Reed finally looks up from his work to acknowledge Sue.

"Sorry Sue, that'll have to wait, you remember how I visited that tomb in Egypt a couple of days ago?"

"Yeah, so what? I thought it was just some grave robbery that they wanted you to look at?"

"That's what I thought until they told me that the only thing stolen was a body. Now even that shouldn't be enough to get my attention, but i found that every single one of the glyphs at the tomb was written in some untranslatable language, except this." He turned to pick up the tablet he was looking at earlier and handed it to Sue. She looked over it with a concerned look and turned back to Reed.

"What is this, Egyptian? I can't make it out so well, En Sabah Nur. What does that mean?" Reed takes the tablet from Sue and begins to explain to her.

"The archeologists had it out to be 'The First One'. Now for the last forty-eight hours I've been trying to decipher what was the first one. After looking it over and doing some research on ancient Egyptian culture the only thing I've gotten out of this was that whoever was buried there was actually En Sabah Nur. So what does that mean? Was he the first pharaoh, the first human, or was he the first of something else entirely?"

"Something else? Like the first mutant?" Reed begins stretching his body towards a huge chalkboard full of scribbles only he would understand.

"Well I thought that at first, but seeing as the first mutants appeared in the early nineteen hundreds, I ruled that out. Judging by the other writing on the walls and the widely advanced technology I came to see that this En Sabah Nur was of alien origin. The Egyptians probably thought he was the forerunner of a new species or maybe an incarnation of a god. The only problem is that I can't be too sure of anything because I can't crack this code." Sue looks up at his notes and then at Reed.

"But didn't you translate the ancient Atlantean? All you need is a system."

"Well I tried that but it didn't bear any results so I combined that system with the technology I could find from Nihil's ship to make what I thought was a universal translator. It worked on almost every language I put in front of it except for this ancient text."

"Have you found anything else out Reed?" Reed came down from his board and turned to Sue.

"Looking over some of the objects in the lab I realized that several of these pieces were probably used in propulsion for his ship and such. The only piece of tech I couldn't identify was this one." Reed leads Sue over to a large tube like object with similar glowing blue lights covering it. Sue looks it over up and down and looks back at Reed.

"It's a life-support system. Look, respiration apparatuses, biological sequences, tubes. How did you not spot this before Reed?"

"I guess I just didn't look over it too closely, I was more focused on finding out what the alien language was." Sue reaches down and picks up some photographs of the tomb.

"When did you say this tomb was broken out of Reed?"

"I tested the soil and air and it came to about seven years ago. Wait, the tomb wasn't broken out of, someone broke in."

"No look, you see the cave entrance? These doors were pushed out by something. Reed, whatever it was that was in this tomb is still alive, and it broke out in the year 2000."
Reed stared down at the pictures. He now knew that they were facing something more powerful than anything before.


Death was sitting atop one of the Sears tower in downtown Chicago. In his hands he held the young body of Psylocke. The wind whipping her from the tall height, Betsy could barely hear anything that Death was saying. When he realized this he began to speak to her telepathically.

"Well isn't little Elizabeth Braddock, the woman who cheated death. Listen Bets, how did it feel to have a Honda smashed over your head by that big fat Communist? I bet it stung a wee bit. Now, let's see if I can peel that lovely brain of yours back and see if there's anything I can add to my growing psychic powers." Death begins to enter Psylocke's mind with a telepathic probe. Betsy starts screaming from the excruciating pain of it until Death is hit in the back with a large explosion. He turns around to see the Storm, Dazzler and Angel standing on the roof top with him.

"Well isn't it me dad's little band of superheroes? I'm kind of insulted they didn't send any of the real threats. Where are Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Colossus?" Storm looks back at him and smirks.

"You're forgetting someone ugly; we brought the baddest X-men of them all with us."

"And who would that be Storm?" Before he gets his answer, he hears the distinctive sound of 'Snikt' and turns around to see Wolverine lunging at him. Wolverine begins clawing at the villain, clawing off body parts faster than he can regenerate them. As Betsy wakes up, she sees the two fighting and yells out to Wolverine.

"Close your eyes James! It's David, David Xavier. Proteus is back!" Before Wolverine can react, Proteus touches him on the arms and begins to dissolve the flesh from his arm. He then enters all of the X-Men's minds and begins to torture them with visions of there worst fears. Wolverine is being hit with an image of a young boy in the woods screaming, large claws jutting out of the back of his hands. Angel's wings are being torn off and he begins to plummet out of the sky towards the earth. Storm is shown an image of the Beast as a corpse rotting. Dazzler is in a dark basement while her father is coming down the stairs with whisky on his breath. While Proteus is doing so he makes a mistake and sends Wolverine into a feral rage. Wolverine lunges at the mutant and begins to cut and claw at him without pause. Proteus is then sent a telepathic message in his head from a far off voice.

"Return." In a puff of smoke, Proteus slides out of Wolverine's grasp and teleports several yards above them. He then sends out a shockwave that makes the Sears Tower rumble. Realizing the building will soon collapse, Wolverine leaps out at Proteus, but before he can reach him, the mutant vanishes. Wolverine plummets to the street below while Angel and Storm both come to and pick up Dazzler and Psylocke. They reach the ground to find the building in ruins, Wolverine no where to be found.

Back at the fight between Thor and War, the Norse God stares down the warrior. War clenches his fist and begins to talk to Thor, who has just set Iron Man down and checked with the Wasp that Captain America and Banner were still alive. Thor clenches his hammer as the Greek garbed man begins to speak.

"Honestly, this was the one fight I was looking most forward to. I mean, it's simple to duplicate one of the mutants or your genetically enhanced soldiers; but you, you're a god."

"Then you realize that you stand no chance against me. My Mjolnir has slain the likes of Surtur, Ymir and Loki. What would a mortal have to face the God of Thunder?"

"This." As soon as he utters the word, War sprints at Thor faster than the speed of sound, knocking the god off of his feet. Thor attempts to counter his attack with a lightning bolt but War simply stretches himself around it and leaps in the air. War comes down with a thunderous crash as he tunnels Thor deep into the ground, far away from the power giving sky that he needs. Thor attempts to teleport himself away but War simply knocks Mjolnir away from him back onto the ground above them. War then throws Thor through the soil and rock to a nearby parking garage. Now having room to move Thor picks up a nearby car to smash War with but he incinerates it with his optic blasts. War grabs the Thunder God by the neck and begins to throttle him. Breaking free from War's grasp, Thor attempts to fly out of the garage into the sky but is grabbed by the ankle. War pulls him down and brings Thor close to himself.

"No, allow me." He then slams his head into a pillar and tosses Thor into the street near Wasp. She rushes to his side and helps him up to his feet.

"Odin. He's more durable than Balder." Thor looks up to see a woman in ancient Norse armor standing about twenty feet away from him. She is of stunning beauty and standing over six feet tall. Thor's eyes grow wide when he sees that Wasp doesn't notice her standing there.

"Brunnhilde." He then sees the ground shaking again and runs over to pick up Mjolnir. The ground goes silent and Thor and Wasp look around to see where War is. The ground then erupts underneath him and War grabs Thor and takes him into the air. They strike at each other widely, but Thor begins to weaken from the constant beatings that War is giving him. Thor then calls down a torrent of lightning on top of War hoping to get a result but sees that War is completely unaffected. War rushes towards Thor and grabs Mjolnir out of his hands, sending a large lightning bolt through his chest. Thor looks down at the smoking gash in his chest.

"But, no one but I can wield Mjolnir's mighty force." War grabs him by the collar and brings him up to his face.

"Well I'm considered a fantastic mimic." War then proceeds to smash Thor over the head with Mjolnir, sending the god to the ground. War then stares at the hammer.

"This should be a suitable replacement." Thor strikes the ground with a large thud. Wasp and the very injured Iron Man rush up to his side and Wasp feels his pulse. She looks at Tony.

"He's dead." Thor lays in the ground, battered and bloody. War had killed a god.

Next Issue: Famine and Pestilence
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Any thoughts boys and girls? Was it better worse? I can't tell without feedback.
Ultimate Apocalypse Part Three of Seven​


Erik Magnus Lensherr sits on a large thrown like chair in a huge room. On monitor screens across from him video footage shows the Ultimates and the X-Men fighting a pair of crazed super villains. He is watching the footage so intensely that he doesn't notice Mystique standing next to him. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he looks up at her, angry that she had interrupted him viewing the slaughter of the heroes.

"What is it Mystique? As you can tell I was in the middle of something."

"I know Erik, it's just that some of the members of the Brotherhood have been speaking and we feel that maybe we aren't doing enough right now. Some are saying that you are scared to attack the humans again because of what happened the last time you fought the X-Men." Magneto looks down at the ground and then back up at Mystique, she expects him to be furious but he looks back at her with a smile on his face.

"Mystique, everything is going exactly as planned. Charles Xavier is dead; the X-Men are left directionless and those traitors that call themselves my children are on a team that has suffered a huge blow. Things couldn't be going better. Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?" Mystique steps back and gives Magneto a nervous look.

"No Magneto, you're absolutely right."

"Mystique, bring the other central members of the Brotherhood here please, I need to have a word with my 'loyal followers'." Mystique begins to leave the room but a large explosion rocks the Brotherhood's utopia. Magneto and Mystique rush outside to find a large crater in the middle of the ground. The Blob walks up to it and begins to sniff around. He turns around and faces Magneto.

"It's like some kinda' asteroid or sumpin', you better take a look at this Mags."

"Asteroids exist in outer space you imbecile, this would be a meteor."
The Master of Magnetism storms up to the hole in the ground and takes a look inside. His eyes grow wide as it begins to split open. He begins to back up but is caught in a blast that sends him and Mystique flying, Blob holds his ground. A figure steps out of the hole and begins to stare at Magneto; he's wearing a skin-tight suit with three conjoining green circles on his chest. A gas mask covers his mouth and nose and the only body parts visible are his eyes and arms, which have visible green veins showing through ghostly pale skin. Magneto catches eyes with the attacker and realizes that it is an old ally of his.

"Madrox." Multiple Man begins walking towards Magneto as several members of the Brotherhood rush up to him. He simply grabs them by the throats or arm and tosses them away from himself. Before he reaches Magneto a large member of the Brotherhood with fire coming out of his hands positions himself in front of Multiple Man.

"Yer not getting through me short stuff. They don't just call me Redneck because of my accent." The flames grow larger as Redneck stares down Multiple Man. The smaller mutant looks up and grabs him by the face before he can react. Redneck's skin begins to grow pale and rot before Magneto's eyes. Redneck drops to his knees as the life is drained from him. Multiple Man looks down at him and smirks.

"Oh do they now." He drops Redneck, a flaming corpse, down to the ground and takes a step back as his eyes roll back. Exact copies of him begin to sprout out from his body. They begin to rush the members of the Brotherhood and start to decompose their bodies by touch. Magneto has now reached his feet and is crushing the duplicates under large metals. He gets caught off guard when Multiple Man punches him in the face and sends him to the ground.

"What has happened to you Multiple Man?"

"Oh I've gotten an upgrade since you expelled me from the Brotherhood. I'm no longer your whipping boy, but a force to be reckoned with; I've become a living disease. And what does any good pestilence do Erik? Why it divides and conquers." He grabs Magneto by the face as the Master of Magnetism tries to resist him with a magnetic shield. Mystique and the Blob are fighting off duplicates of Multiple Man while the lesser members of the Brotherhood get picked off. Magneto lets out a scream as his paradise gets burned to the ground.

New York City; the under construction Triskelion

Nick Fury sits at his desk viewing a dozen monitor screens on his wall. Images flood in from Chicago as two unknown men rampage across the Windy City and tear through the X-Men and Ultimates. Not over an hour ago had Nick seen the Sears Tower be torn down and a superman killing the seemingly immortal Thor. He rubs his temples and tries to think of a solution to his problem when he gets a knock on his door. Agent Carol Danvers and Captain Mar Vehl walk in with solemn looks on their faces. Agent Danvers walks up to Nick's desk and places her hand on his shoulder.

"They're here Nick, the superheroes." Nick gets up from his desk and begins to walk to the door; he turns around to face the two.

"Marvel, when did you get here?" Mar Vehl bristles at the fact that Nick yet again mispronounces his name but ignores it because of the situation.

"About fifteen minutes ago. Carol called me in just after the Horsemen departed."

"Good, we'll need all the help we can get." Nick leaves the room with the two following him as he goes through the damaged corridors of the Triskelion. The three SHIELD agents enter an elevator and go several stories down to a makeshift medical wing of the building. Nick walks past the unconscious bodies of Captain America and Bishop to see his head scientist Eamonn Brankin taking the blood of Psylocke. Nick walks up to him.

"So Brankin, what's the status of the Ultimates here?" Brankin puts down the vial of Psylocke's blood and picks up a chart.

"Well, Captain America and this Bishop person have both suffered heavy concussions and multiple lacerations across their body. Tony Stark has broken four ribs and his collar bone but seems to be in good condition considering. Dr. Banner seems to be fine except for one problem; he apparently can't turn back into the Hulk." Nick looks over at Banner who's sitting on his bed starring off into space; Dr. Brankin continues.

"Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have both suffered a few bumps but are fine. The Wasp's injuries seem to be mostly emotional seeing as well, you know."

"So it's confirmed, this War character really killed Thor? I need everyone who can stand to meet me in the meeting room now. Where's Wolverine? He was in the fight wasn't he?" Nick notices the smell of burning flesh and turns around to see Storm sitting in a chair next to Wolverine, who's still charred from his fall off of the Sears Tower. Storm faces him.

"He hasn't grown his vocal cords back yet Nick, but I think he's still good to go upstairs." Nick nods and motions towards the door, he turns his head as he's walking out to Danvers.

"They've got fifteen minutes to compose themselves then I need them upstairs."

"Yes general."

The Baxter Building

Reed and Sue are working away in his lab trying to piece together the mystery of En Sabah Nur. Reed examines an ancient artifact while Sue looks over the life support system. Sue starts to look at some writing on the shell of the life support system when Reed yells across the room.

"Sue I got it! It took forever and about every sequence of code I know but I found a way to read the glyphs." Sue walks over to Reed as he pulls a dome-like construct out. He begins to read it.

"It's right here Sue, 'In the time of the seventh sun, the First One shall be reborn in the age of the forerunners. He shall command the Great Four and rain destruction upon the cage of the phoenix. The Great Four will embody the spirits of the ancient gods of the First One. One of many faces will choke the air from the masses and make them cower. One of secrecy shall command the might of the great warriors of the evil ones. One of soul innocent but power grave shall burn up the earth and dry up the waters. And one of great evil and power infinite will destroy the evil one's vessel and give true power to the First One. When the false god of the thunder falls, the time of the First One's reckoning shall be nigh.' And that's all that I could get out of it. The rest of the glyphs were symbols representing the 'Great Four' the totem talked about." Sue was concerned about what the dome read.
"Reed, what if the Great Four that the totem talked about is us?" Reed pondered the question and then turned back to Sue.

"I don't think so Sue, I mean the Four this talked about didn't describe us at all and I think we're representatives of the earth that he wants to destroy." Sue was comforted by what Reed said and set the dome back down. The lab doors opened and Dr. Storm stormed into the room.

"Sue, Reed what have you been doing? I've been trying to find you for the last thirty minutes but the doors were locked. Nick Fury called; apparently there's been a disaster."

"But dad, Reed and I have discovered something that could put the whole world at risk."

"It'll have to wait, there was an attack and a lot of heroes were hurt, we need to get to the Triskelion now." Sue and Reed get up to go but alarms begin sounding in the Baxter Building. Reed and Sue rush out to find the source of the disturbance.

The Baxter Building, two minutes earlier

A lone man with a hood over his head steps into the doors of the Baxter Building. As soon as he enters a guard stops him.
"Hold on buddy, this is a secure military complex and we need you to show us some identification." The hooded figure grabs the guard by the shirt and begins to burn his skin, the guard steps back as his body starts to wither and burn. Three other guards pull out their guns and point them at the figure as the guard turns to ash. The figure takes a step forward and one of the guards fires a shot at him, knocking his hood off. The man looks up and reveals an iron mask, similar to a skull, covering his entire head. He speaks to them in a metallic voice.

"No, that won't work." He begins to dissolve the flesh of the three guards as one of them runs to a security desk and sounds the alarm. The man groans and turns him to ash. He enters an elevator and directs it to go up, but it is stopped midway. He waits for a few minutes until an orange rock-like hand punches through the door and grabs his face. The Thing then proceeds to throw him through the nearest wall. He reaches his feet and puts his hand out, as if to dissolve the Thing's body. When he realizes that it doesn't do anything he braces himself as the Thing starts running at him.

"Buddy, you gonna' be sorry for coming into my house without an invite." He then throws a punch at the man who catches his arm and holds him in place.

"You seem to be immune to Famine; we'll just have to do this the old fashioned way." He then turns and throws Ben through the side of the building to the streets below. He steps out to the ledge and looks at the crater that the Thing created. He runs toward the stairs and begins to race upwards to the top. He is stopped when the Human Torch appears and shoots a blaze at him.

"Wow are you stupid, you thought you could actually come in here and take on the Fantastic Four man? We beat Galactus; we shouldn't have a problem beating your sorry ***. Famine, who can't get a lock on Johnny, grabs the railing next to him and smacks the Torch on the side of his head, sending him to the floor of the hallway. He then continues upstairs until he reaches Reed's lab. He enters the lab and walks towards the workbench but walks straight into an invisible wall. He turns around to be punched in the face by Reed's oversized fist. Sue then drops an invisible pillar on top of him. Getting up slowly, Famine realizes he's standing right next to one of En Sabah Nur's devices. He presses a dial on it and tentacles begin to erupt from the sides, grabbing onto the walls. Famine faces the two and presses a button on his belt.

"The Apocalypse comes, find a way off of this planet before he takes you too." Famine disappears like ash and Reed and Sue are left standing in the shaking room. The tentacles spreading across the building, Reed grabs the dome and Sue, sprinting towards the window. He breaks through it and transforms into a parachute as they float to the ground. They land near Ben as the Baxter Building turns from a bright technological skyscraper into a massive dark tower. Sue looks up and runs towards the building but is knocked back several feet by an electrical shock. She gets back up to her feet.

"Johnny! Dad! Reed we have to go in there and get them now!"

"We can't, that whole place has a force field around it. We couldn't get in if wee tried." Sue begins sobbing as Reed wraps her in his arms. Ben and Agent Sharon Carter come running up to Reed and Sue. Ben looks up at the tower and back at them.

"Listen Stretch-O, this agent lady here says we gotta' go to the Triskelion now."

"We can't Ben; we have to find a way to get Johnny and Dr. Storm and everyone else out of there." Agent Carter interrupts Reed before he can continue on.

"Believe me kid there's nothing you can do. The Ultimates and the X-Men couldn't break through one of those things in Chicago and neither can you. If you come with us then maybe we can find a way to get through this. Reed looks down at Sue and then back at Agent Carter and then back at Ben and then back at Agent Carter.

"Ok, let's go."

The Triskelion, fifteen minutes later

Nick Fury stands in the former meeting room of the Ultimates and stares out the window at the Statue of Liberty. He turns around to see the other heroes entering. Sitting down in the multiple chairs are Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Eamonn Brankin, Storm, Wolverine, Psylocke, Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel. Fury begins to address them when Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Thing and Sharon Carter enter the room. They sit down and Fury begins.

"Ok everyone, I'm sure as you all know we are all under attack by something we don't know about. Simply put, we just got our asses handed to us by three unknown meta-humans. SHIELD-eye picked up footage of the battle and has identified one of the assailants, a mister Calvin Rankin, former SHIELD agent class-3, genetics department. Agent Carter, I need you to find out how Rankin got his powers and why he is no longer working for SHIELD. SHIELD-eye did pick up the other fight but when it focused on the other attacker, all that we got was static." Psylocke interrupts him.

"It was bloody David Xavier."

"Excuse me?"

"The one that attacked me, David Xavier, he's Charles Xavier's son. And he's really getting to be a pain in my arse." Fury rubs his forehead again.

"Even in death Charles Xavier still finds ways to torment me. Alright, so we know two of these guys, any idea who the other one was? You said he was wearing a metal mask, maybe Doom's back?" Thing looks at him.

"Nu uh, if that guy was Victor I wouldna gotten a word in the banter. This was someone new." Reed then stands up and begins to speak.

"Um Fury, if I may, before the attack on the Baxter Building Sue and I were looking at ancient glyphs of an alien tomb that was discovered a few days ago. The technology was very similar to that of the building in Chicago and it had somewhat of a prophecy on it. The prophecy told of En Sabah Nur, an ancient god-like being awakening at the turn of the century and destroying the earth. It said that En Sabah Nur would have four agents of destruction that are very similar in description to those that attacked us. Before our assailant vanished he activated Nur's technology and transformed the Baxter Building. He also referred to himself as Famine and that the Apocalypse was coming. In the Bible it said that the Apocalypse would be brought upon by Four Horsemen, Famine being one of them. From the looks of this we have three Horsemen, so where's the fourth one?" Fury looks back at the board with picture of the criminals on it. He begins to write things down and speak to the people gathered.

"Alright Richards we're going with your theory as it's the best at the moment. Marvel I want you to analyze the alien technology and see if there's anything the Kree have encountered. Richards, Stark, Banner I want you to see if there's a way to get past those towers. Danvers I need you to organize SHIELD and try and get some stability in this situation. Burbank I want all of those heroes up and running as soon as possible. Let's get to work people we don't have much time left."

The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester

Jean Grey and Hank McCoy sit at a table talking. Both have concerned looks on their faces.

"You need to tell her Hank, the longer you wait the more it'll blow up in your face."

"I know Jean, it's just I don't know what to say. Since we're on the topic of secrets that need to get out when are you going to tell Scott about your powers?" Jean looks down at the ground ashamed.

"It's not what you think Hank. I mean I have control and," Jean stops, a telepathic message shooting through her head.

"Jean, what is it?" Jean runs to the door and goes out to the front grounds. Hank comes after her and tries to figure out what's going on.

"Jean what is going on? What are you doing?" She keeps staring forward and Hank realizes, looking to the yard. Standing in the garden are Magneto, Mystique, the Blob and two other Brotherhood members. Magneto takes off his helmet and steps towards Jean and Hank.

"We have a problem."

See what happens next in Ultimate Apocalypse Part 4!​
Is anyone reading this? I'm not sure if I should keep posting these.
Is anyone reading this? I'm not sure if I should keep posting these.

I will try and remember to catch up, as it looks quite interesting and well written. Plus, I had a similar idea for a story, but I lost interest in the Ultimate Universe.

Also, if you're not getting much response here, you could try post it at fanfiction.net's Ultimate Marvel section. There's quite a few fanfics in there now, and you will probably get a few comments.
I will try and remember to catch up, as it looks quite interesting and well written. Plus, I had a similar idea for a story, but I lost interest in the Ultimate Universe.

Also, if you're not getting much response here, you could try post it at fanfiction.net's Ultimate Marvel section. There's quite a few fanfics in there now, and you will probably get a few comments.

Ok thanks. I'm wanting to have a writing career in the future as I'm going into journalism next year in college. I always wanted to get a job in comics and was seeing if anyone liked what I wrote.
Is anyone reading this? I'm not sure if I should keep posting these.

I really have enjoyed your story so far, and if not for anyone else, if you continue posting I'll keep reading. Right now I'm too lethargic to offer up any real criticism, but I do have a few things to say (eventually).

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