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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Okay, I know that this has been mentioned in a few other threads, but I'd just like to consolidate the ideas here for speculation and discussion.

I think its entirely possible that the Ultimates lose their tie with SHIELD and the US government and begin to act as their own entity to help people without letting politics get in the way. They would be their own political entity, somewhat like the JLI used to be in the DC universe...

And if something were to happen that needed some avenging at the end of this arc, it would make sense for a title change, reflecting both the story and the change of the series from a seasonal to an ongoing comic...

It could also bring in more international heroes, I could see Captain Britain being on the team, and a liberated Thor.... Possibly Black Panther. All of the characters who couldnt be on a team because it was the US government, they'd be involved...

I really like the idea, but it isnt mine, so whoever came up with it, please take credit... but yeah... Discuss.
I thought back in the day that the Ultimates might split from SHIELD. It's a possibility...
I love the idea ! Millar promise a HUGDE twist about the ultimates .. so this might happen, although i don't think so :(

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