Ultimate Bishop


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Dec 24, 2004
He has a lot of neat gadgets, but what exactly, are his mutant powers?
because then there'd be no contrast...like in USM with Moon Knight - too much white!! Where does his hand end, and his moon-a-rang begin??? Crazy!
It looks like they opted to drop the 616 "I can absord your plasma blast and driect it back at you" powers....and go for something a little more singular like him being able to change how heavy or the density an object is.

Which makes sense since not everyone in the UU can shoot laser blast out their hands like everyone else in 616 could during the 90s.
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He's old....so you know it's gonna sound old skool. Like Rakim or Young MC.

In fact...I BET he says "Bust a move!"

Awesome. He probably doesn't swear and raps about the dangers of drugs too.
Don't forget those dope-fly basketball skillz.
Bishop's only old because he's from the future. He's a young man in the presnet time. He doesn't even know who Grandmaster Flash is.

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