Ultimate Captain America Figure From Marvel Legends


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Sep 26, 2004
I just found while being bored at late hours online an Ultimate CAptain America figure different from the WWII one released by Marvel Select.. this one is coming soon in the Marvel Legends Series 8 set... I got a link with pics of it... if anyone is interested..


soooo yeah .. take a looksie...
Wow, I didn't know they were doing this... Are there any other Ultimate Figures coming out anytime soon? I like the looks of this one, if they kept it up, they could do some really cool stuff!
I did some more searching but was only able to find that one Ultimate being made at this time.. but you do know there are already about 5 or 6 Ultimate Figures out with the Marvel Select set.. specifically wwII Captain America, Iron Man, Ult. Spidey, Ult. Venom, Ult. Wolvie and Ultimate Thor
Here is a decent link to a pic of the Ultimate Iron Man one.. if you do a search on that site you should be able to see reviews and pics of the other various figures too.. Ultimate Captain America WWII, Ultimate Thor, Ultimate Wolverine, Ultimate Spidey and Ultimate Venom.. just add marvel select to the search.. you can usually find these on ebay for decent prices too.. Im expecting my own WWII Cap to come from some dude on ebay anytime now..

Oooooooohhhh... Ultimate Hulk figure...

I'll have to get one, he's got to hang out next to my Scarlet Spider.
Hey, so do you have a link to Thor? I know you told me how to find the others, but it didn't seem to work for me...
Goodwill this is the link to Thor

Since Thor is the most recent Marvel Select figure you might even ask your comic shop about ordering it in for you.. it usually is about 15 bux... otherwise he is still being sold on Ebay.. by quite a few sellers, if you are interested.. tata
My shop has the Thor toy on the shelf. I don't really get into that stuff, but it does look cool.

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