Ultimate comic book death

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Trying to remember examples of a comic book death in the Ultimate Universe...died, then somehow came back from the dead.

Only example I can think of is Gwen...and that's about it.

Ultimate MJ

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And technically the entire U.timate Universe except for Ben Grimm, at least in the Planet Thor reality.
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And technically the entire U.timate Universe except for Ben Grimm, at least in the Planet Thor reality.

Now all we need is for Ben to die-wait-no and then everyone one Earth except for those born since then has died and come back. ^^

Richard Parker!


Really is pretentious, no matter what she says. Do
WHat about Hammerhead? Didn't gambir explode his head and then he got Bendisized?


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I thought it was just his fillings, you might be able to survive that.
Gambit blew up whatever made his head so hammery. Then when he showed up in USM someone said they heard he was dead and he said. "I was. It sucked. I came back."


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So we have...

Gwen Stacy
General Ross (glad they brought back, although no one's used him)
Richard Parker
Dr. Cornilus

And Bendis's line "I was. It sucked. I came back." Irked me. I thought Hammerhead's death at the hands of Gambit was a fitting death to aa character like Hammerhead which never fit in 616 and is still an odd fit in the UU (1920s gangster with a tommy gun in 2006?).

With those guys brought back, and we still say that the dead stay dead in the UU...Who's stayed dead?

Sebastan Shaw
Ben Parker


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also stayed dead:

peter parker's mom.
anihilus (the uff villain)
that shapeshifting alien the hulk ate.
John Wraith
lady deathstrike
Tara (and her rogue weapon x soldiers)
the prosimian (killed by magneto for saving him)

also came back:
mole man (sort of)
deadpool (sort of, they did make him explode)
did venom die and come back to life in the USM game?
psylocke (although in a different body)
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Didn't **** any of those *****es
didnt peter dispose of both of the venom samples in the comics? or did eddy remain venom?

... In the comics there were 2 samples, Peter only knew of the one, Eddies used the second to become Venom (Which he still currently is)

Grocer Man

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I don't think its fair to count Richard Parker as a ressurection - He never died in the comics. IIRC, the comics never show his death, they just refer to the lie told by Richard, who never died. And thus was never resurrected.

I'm not sure Richard can be counted until the rest of his backstory is explained. For all we know, this might be an elaborate ruse.

Stupid Clone Saga.


Can symbiote really die?

i've been asking that for years... :wink:

of the "just kidding!" dead category, don't forget magneto, whom xavier "killed" in The Tomorrow People. also hawkeye (for the space of an issue, at least).

of the "stayed dead" category, i'd include one of the better (and ACTUALLY shocking, instead of hyped-up-but-fairly-lame "shocking") issues that bendis wrote, where a mutant kid kills his whole town and then wolverine offers him beer and euthenasia. plus the russian and middle-eastern supersoldiers.

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