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I was going through DIrishB's timeline and thought that it would flow oddly at some areas, especially considering some of the recent retcons/continuity errors. Thus, I put together this rough draft of my preferred reading order based on story arc or mini-series rather than page, issue, or TPB (because it allows for the story to be told completely without jumping around through comics or reading about something that you shouldn't know until a certain point). Because I do not have all of the non-UU (Squadron, Zombies) related stories, some of this information is based on DIrishB's great timeline. Also, I tried to keep the format similar to the main timeline (with the exception of the color code). So enjoy and please help correct my (likely many) errors.

Ultimate Iron Man
Ultimate Iron Man II
Supreme Power “Contact”
Doctor Spectrum “Full Spectrum”
Supreme Power: Nighthawk
Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra
Ultimate Elektra "Devil's Due"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "The Fantastic"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Doom”
Ultimate Spider-Man "Power and Responsibility”
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Wolverine"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and the Hulk”
Ultimate Spider-Man "Learning Curve"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Iron Man”
Ultimate X-Men "The Tomorrow People"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and the Punisher and Daredevil"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four"
Ultimate X-Men "Burial Service"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Man-Thing"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and the X-Men"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Doctor Strange"
Ultimate X-Men "Return to Weapon X"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Black Widow"
Ultimate Spider-Man “Double Trouble”
Ultimate Spider-Man "Legacy"
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up "Spider-Man and Shang-Chi"
Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special
Ultimate X-Men “You Always Remember Your First Love"
Ultimate X-Men "It Doesn't Have To Be This Way"
Ultimate X-Men "World Tour”
Ultimate X-Men "Resignation"
The Ultimates “Super-Human”
Ultimate Adventures "One Tin Soldier"
Ultimate Spider-Man “Public Scrutiny"
The Ultimates "Homeland Security
Ultimate Spider-Man "Venom"
Ultimate X-Men "Hellfire and Brimstone"
Ultimate War
Ultimate X-Men "Return of the King"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Afterwards..."
Ultimate Spider-Man “Irresponsible”
Ultimate Spider-Man #1/2
Ultimate Spider-Man "Cats & Kings"
Ultimate Six
Ultimate Spider-Man "Hollywood"
Ultimate X-Men "Blockbuster"
Ultimate X-Men "New Mutants"
Ultimate X-Men "The Tempest"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Carnage"
Supreme Power “Powers and Principalities”
Supreme Power “High Command”
Ultimate Spider-Man "Superstars"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Strange"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Hobgoblin"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Dumped"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Warriors"
Ultimate X-Men "Cry Wolf"
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
Ultimate Fantastic Four "N-Zone"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Think Tank"
Ultimate Nightmare
Ultimate Secret
Ultimate Vision #0, "Visions"
Ultimate Extinction
Ultimate Vision
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Crossover"
Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies, "Eat the Neighbors
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Tomb of Namor"
Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1, "Enter: The Inhumans"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "President Thor"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Frightful"
Supreme Power: Hyperion
Ultimate X-Men "The Most Dangerous Game"
Ultimate X-Men "A Hard Lesson"
Ultimate X-Men "Shock and Awe"
Squadron Supreme "The Pre-War Years”
Squadron Supreme "First Steps"
Squadron Supreme "International Incidents"
Squadron Supreme "Blood & Sand"
Squadron Supreme "Questions of Loyalty"
Squadron Supreme "Turnabout"
The Ultimates 2 "Gods & Monsters"
The Ultimates Annual #1, "The Reserves"
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1, "More Than You Bargained For"
Ultimate X-Men Annual #1, "Ultimate Sacrifice"
Ultimate X-Men "Magnetic North"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Silver Sable,"
Ultimate X4
Ultimate X-Men "Date Night"
Ultimate X-Men "Phoenix?”
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk
Ultimate Spider-Man "Deadpool"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Morbius"
The Ultimates 2 "Grand Theft America"
The Ultimates Annual #2
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2
Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2
Ultimate X-Men "Magical"
Ultimate X-Men Annual #2, "Breaking Point"
Squadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk
Ultimate Fantastic Four "God War"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Clone Saga"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Devils"
Ultimate X-Men "Cable"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Silver Surfer"
Ultimate X-Men "Aftermath"
Ultimate X-Men "Cliffhangers"
Ultimate X-Men "The Underneath"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Ghosts"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Four Cubed"
Ultimate X-Men "Sentinels"
Ultimate Fantastic Four "Salem's Seven"
Ultimate Power
Ultimate Spider-Man "Ultimate Knights"
Ultimate Spider-Man "The Talk"
Ultimate Spider-Man "Death of a Goblin"
Ultimate X-Men "Shadow King"
Ultimate X-Men "Apocalypse"
Ultimate Spider-Man "...And His Amazing Friends"
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3
Ultimate Spider-Man "Omega Red"
Ultimate Spider-Man "The Worst Day in Peter Parker's Life"
Ultimate X-Men "Absolute Power"
Ultimate Spider-Man "War of the Symbiotes"
Ultimate Human
Ultimates Saga "Truer Words..."
The Ultimates 3 "Sex, Lies, & DVD"
Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual #1
Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men Annual #1
Ultimate Captain America Annual #1
Ultimate Hulk Annual #1
Ultimate Origins
Marvel Zombies 3
Squadron Supreme 2 "Power to the People!"
Marvel Zombies 2

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