Ultimate Cyclops not an orphan?


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Jun 1, 2004
Can any of you remember if there has ever been anything mentioned about Ultimate Scott being an orphan?
Because, in Ultimate X-Men #46, he told Jean that his dad bought him a copy of empire strikes back when he was 7. This would actually mean that Ultimate Scott never grew up in an orphanage (which I just assumed he would have, I guess).

Any comment?
Scott's still an orphan. It's first mentioned in UXM 13 by Xavier in his article about his students. It's also referenced in a side way in teh last issue of Return of the King as Scott skips out on parents night, and Fury is mentioned as having known Scott's Dad back in Desert Storm.

Keep in mind that MU Scott was fairly old when his parent's plane went down, he wasn't a little kid, and Alex was at least a toddler (I'm sure someone more knowledgeable in the MU can give exact ages). The only difference here is that Alex and Scott know each other. In the MU they were split up.
And I don't know if this counts for anything, but Havok is also older than Cyclops in the Ultimate Universe. It would be interesting for someone to explain the Summers family before Apocolypse comes around... You think that Vaughan will Ultimize Corsair? As in Scott's father? He mentioned ultimizing a character that no one really expected...
Huh, where does it say Ales is older than Scott?

EDIT: Nevermind I found it. That's odd, I wonder why Bendis did that? Scott just seems so much like an older brother in his personality, it doesn't really fit.
You're right... I was thinking that, too. I know Bendis did it just to be "ultimate", though, which isn't always the best thing to do, but whatever. He seems to be coming back by issue #50 because it appears to be him holding Kitty in his arms. What do you think?
I know Bendis did it just to be "ultimate", though, which isn't always the best thing to do, but whatever

I love Bendis's work and his X-Men run was good but I got that impresion about him a few times.
Yeah, the only problem with his run was the scheduling. He writes individual issues that are made for bi-monthly scheduling.
Would have been a nice idea, though, Scott not being an orphan.
In my eyes, it would have been a welcome change to a otherwise dull character.
When I first got the impression they might have changed that, I got really thrilled.
What didn't thrill me, though, was Scott beong the younger Summers brother.
This just feels awfully wrong.
It would explain why Scott hast taken a more mature response to the world's reaction to mutants than his brother.
I think Scott being an orphan is one thing that, when used by good writers can make his character interesting. Scott is not by definition a dull character. He's a reserved, ultra-self controlled character who has almost always been poorly writen by lazy writers. Even Ultimate Scott has plenty of issues so far that could be delved into to explain why he's the way he is, and then there's the question of what happens when the veneer slips, or also huge development potential in the area of Scott learning to let himself be human (and all the possible setback's along the way). Any one's who's read New X-Men will tell you how Grant Morrison made Scott a fascinating character. 616 Scott has a million reasons to be seriously f---ed up and Grant really made use of thsoe to develop the character and to create some really interesting story.
Any one's who's read New X-Men will tell you how Grant Morrison made Scott a fascinating character.

Yeah, but can Scott survive with out a signifigant other??

I think that Morrison proved 616 Scott could, and since Ultimate Scott & Jean aren't that serious (or haven't been for long) I'd think he could too.
Nah, Jean and Kurt are just both flirts. Jean's definitely attached to Scott at the moment. It's basically what was said back when Millar was writing. Scott's the only one who gets Jean and vice versa. Though the start of their relationship was a tad forced I think Millar has nailed it best in that issue where Scott and Wolverine on the plane down to the Savage land. It just seemed really mutually intimate there, but not too overwroght (as I found Vaughan's little bit on them) it looked fairly natural (as natural as a fictional telepath and a guy who shoots force beams from his eyes can be).
You got it... And the way Bendis was throwing around the "L" word between the two of them seemed forced to me. Personally, I wanna see Jean die soon.
No, really, I am... ::Devil::

I thought she would have died in place of Beast, but whatever. That was Bendis. I think she should die for the sake of Scott's growth.

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