Ultimate Daredevil storylines

Ultimate Incredibles said:
Okay, here is a new version of my Losers UDD arc:

Stilt-Man, Jester, Leapfrog, Matador and Turk join forces to beat DD once and for all. Meanwhile, Matt has to deal with Foggy and Karen, who start thinking he's DD. Soon, Matt is invited to a meeting with Foggy and Karen, but at the same time, the Losers are ravaging NYC and Hell's Kitchen. How can he be in two places at once?

I have ideas for more arcs, but I'll stick to this and my On Beetle's Wings arc.

Good ideas, I think the Losers arc would work well as a humorous and fun arc between the darker arcs. Good work.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I was thinkin' about a team-up for Daredevil and Fantastic Four with Electro as a nod to Daredevil #2.

So how about mini arc in Fantastic Four when they're being sued for everything that went on in Millar's run. Only it's Reed and Ben meeting with Matt about it and suddenly Electro who somehow is free again attacks and it's a quick 3 on 1.

Cool homage.
Hard Choices:

A psychopath named the Scarecrow has an insane grudge against Daredevil and will do anything to make Daredevil suffer. To that end he kidnaps a 11 year girl named Liz Simmons. Scarecrow sends a message to the police, unless Daredevil does surrender to him within 24 hours, Scarecrow is sending Liz Simmons back her family, piece by piece. Who is the Scarecrow and why does hate DD? Can DD save the child, even if it means giving up his own life?

One year ago, the military dictatorship that controlled the south American nation of Costa Verde was overthrown and replaced with a Democratic government. Now Costa Verde's former dictator, General Manuel El Condor is in NYC to face a UN human rights tribunal to face charges of crimes against humanity. El Condor has chosen Nelson & murdock to defend him. However a freedom fighter who has lost his family to Costa Verde's military dictatorship, named Hector Ayala chosen to get come to NYC and get revenge on El Condor. Things become worse when El Condor sends his top assassin the Tarantula to take Hector out.

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