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Sep 26, 2005
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WARNING: This story contains violent content that may disturb some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Ultimate DC Showcase #1

And Lo, There Was a Plastic Man

Part I – Living in Sin

New York, New York

The sound of sirens blared through the night. It seemed that Steve Jobs had mysteriously had his head blown off by a sniper rifle in his New York home.

"It's done, Bill. Just send the money to my Swiss account, like always." A single push of a button and the cell phone was turned off. Once more, "Eel" O'Brien walked among the innocent, down in the streets of New York.

Life was good for Eel. He had all the money he wanted, and all the dames that he could handle. Not to mention the joy of putting bullets into people's skulls.

Indeed, life was good.

Crawford Chemical Works
Chicago, Illinois

"Mr. Fieldlie, I know you don't want this trouble."

In a swank office located just above the Crawford Chemical Works, a bespectacled man sat in sweaty fear. A figure paced back and forth before him, on the other side of a desk.

"I know that you tried your hardest to get the money, right?" Fieldlie nodded profusely, not able to speak from fear.

The figure stopped pacing in front of him, only to take off his blazer, followed by his buttoned white shirt. Whereas he looked normal while clothed, his rippling muscles, covered in thick hair, were now shown. "It's a shame you didn't get it in time." He reached out with his large hands, grabbed Fieldlie's neck, and turned. An assistant came in with a towel, handing it to the man.

"Is O'Brien back in town yet?" The man asked, and the assistant simply nodded. "Good. Tell him Hal Armison wants to see him."

Scant hours later, Eel entered Hal Armison's office, a wide smile on his face. "Hey hey. What's goin' on, Hal?"

Hal had redressed himself and now sat in his seat, smiling to Eel. "I just called you in to see how things were going."

Eel took a seat in the chair that had previously been occupied by Fieldlie hours before. "Oh, everything's great. Just the same old, same old."

"And my fee?"

"Delivered like always, Hal." In reality, Eel had started to skimp out on Hal lately, taking more and more money from the jobs for himself, not to mention that Eel had been talking behind his back about overtaking the business.

Hal smiled, hiding his anger. "That's good."

A few moments passed in silence. "So…is that all?" Eel asked.

"Yep, that'll be all." Hal stood up and walked towards the door, while Eel followed behind him. "Take care of yourself, Eel."

"You too." As Eel opened the door, he was greeted by four large men. "What--?" Before he could even move, he was pushed back into the office. Two of the men grabbed him and pushed him down to the floor, holding him there. The other two produced sizable blades.

"Never lie, Eel. It's a bad habit." Hal nodded to the men, and the two with blades each held down one of Eel's arms.

"Oh Jesus…oh Jesus, don't do this, Hal, DON'T DO THIS!" The next thing out of Eel's mouth was a bloodcurdling scream as both of his arms were sliced off at the shoulder.

"Don't do what, Eel? Oh, you mean this?" He nodded again, and the two men went to his legs, holding them down in position before digging their blades into them just below the hips.

Tears flowed from Eel's eyes now as he screamed out for dear mercy. As Hal pulled out a Desert Eagle from his coat, he stepped over and loomed over Eel, staring down without emotion into his eyes.

"…oh god…Hal…I didn't mean to, Hal…" Hal aimed his pistol directly at Eel's forehead and pulled the trigger.

"Take him downstairs. Dump the parts."

The four men began to pick up the parts, not disgusted in any way by what they were doing.

In moments, they were downstairs, standing on a catwalk that went across the various chemical vats. As if it were a blue collar job, the men threw the parts into a vat full of a bright green chemical.

"Goodbye, Eel. You were like a son." Hal turned and walked towards the end of the catwalk.

Resthaven Home for the Mentally Ill
Evanston, Illinois

Light. The sunshine was bright, as it shined down into his eyes. Eel slowly sat up in bed and let out a long yawn. Wait a minute. He looked down, only to find that he once more had his arms and legs. He brought a hand up to his forehead to find no indication of a bullet wound. Could that all have been a dream? He shrugged as he stretched out from the long sleep. Gosh, it seemed like he was stretching for miles. He glanced to his arm, then back in front of him. Then he quickly turned to look at it once more with his eyes wide. His arms were stretched like rubber bands!

A short, overweight man walked into the room. Eel was afraid that the man would notice his amazingly long arms, but alas, the pudgy fellow didn't notice them, even as he looked right at him.

"Time for Dr. Phil. Time for Dr. Phil." Eel raised an eyebrow as the man muttered incoherently. Suddenly, the short man turned to look at Eel, smiling, which caused Eel to pull his arms back to their normal length out of shock. "Hi! I'm Walter! Walter Winks!"

"Deh…uh…hi, Walter? My name's Eel O'Brien," Eel said, even as Walter extended his hand to him. Eel took his hand into his own and shook firmly.

"Eel? Golly, that's a weird name." Eel got out of bed as Walter spoke. He looked down at the baggy white shirt and pants he now wore. Confused, he started to walk towards the door.

"Actually, my real name's…" Eel stopped talking as he saw the television in the recreation room, which was just outside of his own room. On the TV was an image of Hal Armison.

"…in other news, philanthropist Hal Armison will be on hand for the opening of the new Lakefront Arms Hotel downtown. The hotel, a project of…"

Eel stopped listening. His eyes burned with anger as he stared at the image of Hal. After the image left, he turned to look at Walter.

"Where am I, and what's going on?"

Part II – Redemption

"Gee, you sure are getting better at this, Eel."

In the supervised outdoor area of Resthaven, Walter watched as Eel molded his own arm into a variety of shapes, one after another. A spiked ball, a pitbull, even a life-like likeness of David Hasselhoff.

"I think I'm ready, Walter." Eel took a seat on a stone bench while Walter sat next to him. "Ever since my 'death', I've looked at things differently. Life isn't about money and women. It's about living it to the fullest, and it's about helping others. I think that's the reason why I was resurrected: I'm here to help."

"So what are you going to do, Eel? Go back to the city and become a hero like those Superman and Flash fellers?"

"I think so. I mean, I don't belong in this asylum." As Eel stood up, he accidentally knocked Walter off of the bench and onto his head. Quickly he crouched down and helped the stubby man up. "Oh geez, are you okay, Walter?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a…just a little woozy."

Lakefront Arms
Chicago, Illinois

At the Lakefront Arms Hotel, anybody who was anybody was gathered in the lobby, including various news crews.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome you to Lakefront Arms." Hal Armison stood in front of the large crowd, a wide smile on his face. "Before we…" His speech was cut off as one of his employees ran up and whispered something into his ear. "I'm sorry, but something has come up. I'll be back, but until then, please enjoy snacks." Quickly he ran off stage along with the employee.

In the laundry room, Hal found one of his men unconscious and stripped naked. "How the hell did this happen?" The employee shrugged. Hal pulled out his radio and pushed down a button. "Everybody be on alert. I just found Bob knocked out and naked in the laundry room."

Two other henchmen stationed in one of the hallways that led to the rooms simply stood there. It was probably nothing. That is, until a car came flying from behind them, causing one of the henchmen to fly into the air from the force while the other ended up on the hood. The man looked up at the windshield, which had a likeness of Eel's face on it.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Suddenly, the windshield wipers activated and started slapping him in the face, knocking out some teeth and blooding his nose.

"Have a nice trip!" The face on the windshield said as the car suddenly stopped, throwing the man off and into the laundry chute. "See you next fall."

Hal heard a scream, and turning in the direction of it, he saw the man fly out of the chute and land right on top of the unconscious henchman.

"What happened?" Hal asked, visibly angry.

"It's…it's Eel. He's back."

One more henchman fell unconscious in the pool area after Eel bashed him in the head with a giant fist. Looking around, he got rid of his guise, morphing his body back into a nude state. His toes combined to make his feet appear like flippers while he changed his pelvis region to appear anatomically incorrect, with no butt crack or penis. Finally, he altered his color to become a shade of red from his neck down, giving the appearance that he was wearing a skintight outfit. He picked up a pair of white goggles from near the pool and slipped them on. It was time to finish this.

"Earl? Earl?" Hal spoke into his radio with no response. Finally, he realized what was happening. The four men that had torn Eel apart were now bloody and unconscious. Eel really was back and looking for revenge. Hal ripped open his shirt, revealing his muscular yet hairy arms. If Eel wanted a fight, he'd give him a fight.

"OH, HARRY! HARRY ARMS! Heheh, 'Harry Arms'. I crack myself up." Eel walked down the hallway towards the laundry room, taking massive strides by elongating his legs forward. Eel got to the room, where he was greeted by an array of bullets fired by Harry. The areas on his torso where the bullets hit stretched backwards behind Eel, like large fleshy slingshots. "Boom."

The bullets suddenly shot back at Hal as the slingshots threw the bullets back at him. When Eel was finished, he looked down at Hal, who had numerous bullets in him, yet he was still alive.

"I'm not done yet, Hal." Eel grew a smile on his face, his lips extending out far beyond what they would normally be capable of to give it a creepy appearance. All Hal could do was scream.

"So what happened here?" Captain Parker moved underneath the yellow tape and into the crime scene.

"We're not exactly sure, captain. The men we found said that it was Eel O'Brien, but he's dead."

"And Armison?"

"Well, look for yourself." The large, hairy arms that once belonged to Hal now hung from the clothesline on the ceiling. The body itself was stuffed into a washer.

"One of the men said that it was an inhuman monster, that it was some sort of.." As the office spoke, Captain Parker tried to keep his lunch in at the sight.

"Some sort of what?"

"A man who could turn himself into anything. Some sort of plastic man."

The End.
This is a really fun and gruesome story.
GMaster, you going to post your issue?

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