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Ultimate Wonder Woman

Arc One - "A Legend Is Born"

Chapter One - The Beginning Of The Legend

It was warm summer morning on a small island hidden from the rest of the world. There was a village that looked like something out of the old history books about Greece. But don't let that mistake you. The year is 1994. Here you find the home of the legendary Amazons. Amazons are warriors at heart. The story is about one Amazon in peculiar. Her name is Diana.

"Diana, where in the devil are you, girl?"

"Right here mom", answered a short girl about the age of 10. Dark black hair that flow like it's living. She wore a gold gown that shines in the morning light. Bright blue eyes that look like it radiates it's own light.

"Where have you been?", asked Diana's mother. She wore a similar gold gown but also a bright gold crown upon her head. She is the ruler of the Amazon. She is in her mid 30's and a sight to behold. Her hair is a bright gold color. "You haven't been to the caves have you?"

"No mom I haven't", answered Diana.

"You know you never could lie to me", snapped her mother. "You know your not allowed there. How can you become my replacement if you can't follow the rules?"

"But mom....", cried Diana. "I was only trying to learn more about the island that I will have to take care of someday."

"This all the Artemis girls fault", sighed her mother. "I never should of allowed her to come stay with us. I'm going to send her back to her village tomorrow."

"Noooo, she's my best friend." cried Diana. "None of the other kids even talk to me."

"This isn't up for argument", snapped her mother. "Now go to your room."

Then Diana stomped off in a hurry. She went up stairs and into her room only to find her younger sister staring at her.

"What do you want Donna?" asked Diana.

Donna looks a lot like Diana. She is about 7 but is wiser than her age shows.

"You should listen to mother Diana. She knows what she's talking about."

"Who ask you anyway. Now I've lost my only friend."

"Why do insist on keep going to the caves? Is there actually anything down there?"

"Yes, look what I found down there, but don't tell mother."

Diane then shows her two metal bracelets with weird symbols on it.

"What are those?". asked Donna.

"I don't know but check this out."

Diana then put the bracelets on and the symbols grew a bright gold.

"Now throw something at me"


"Just do it", ordered Diana.

Donna then picked up a plate at threw it at her and she reflected it with the bracelets. Then Donna picked up at pile of rocks that Diana had been collecting and threw them all at once. To her amazement Diana reflected everyone without really even moving.

"Amazing" exclaimed Donna. "You didn't seem to move".

"I know it just seems that the bracelets do it themselves. I think they are some kind of gift from the gods."

"Mom would love this."

"You can't tell mom Donna. She might think this is some kind of curse."

"How do you know it isn't?"

"Cause it just feels natural."

Chapter Two - The Truth Be Told

On a small island hidden off the coast of Greece. Lives the home of the Amazons. Warrior woman that devote their lives to the gods of old. Here we follow the story of the Amazon princess, Diana. The year is 2000. She is now 16 years old and in a fight of her life.

"Come on princess, is that all you got?" taunted Priscilla. She is about the same age as Diana and very beautiful like most Amazons. She has red fiery hair and a temper to match. She wears a red robe and gold sandals.

"You wish you never crossed me, Priscilla"

The two are in a very heated sword fight to found out who the best warrior in Themyscira is. There has always been a rivalry between the two girls. Priscilla resents Diana for being the Queen's daughter and that everything is just handed to her while she has to work hard to get where she is. The swords are crashing and Priscilla gives Diana a swift kick to the gut.

"Mom, Diana appears to have the disadvantage", said Donna. Who is now 13 and looking a lot more like Diana everyday but much different at the same time.

"But looks can be disceiving, Donna. She hasn't lost yet." answered Hippolyta. Diana and Donna's mom and Queen of The Amazons.

Priscilla then charged Diana and their swords crashed and they were locked together.

"I am going to make you look lika fool, princess and take what I rightfully deserve" snarled Priscilla.

"I have never done anything to you Priscilla but I won't give in to you or anyone else."

"You were born"

Then she overpowered Diana and knocked her sword out of her hand and went to strike her. But Diana blocked with one of her metal bracelets and then gave Priscilla a punch to the abdomen. She grabbed her sword and swing it at Priscilla. She tried to block but the force behind Diana's swing broke the sword in half. This caused Priscilla to be knocked to the ground. Diana then shoved her sword right to the edge of her neck.

"That's enough", said Hippolyta. "You both proved yourselfs well, but Diana is the winner."

"This isn't over princess, not ever will in be over", whispered Priscilla to Diane.

"You done well my daughter", said Hippolyta. "You have proven yourself to the entire colony."

"You kicked butt sis" cheered Donna.

"Thanks Donna."

"I have something to show you my daughter", said Hippolyta. "If you will excuse us, Donna."

"But I want to see to", whined Donna.

Then the two of them left the battle arena and walked to the palace and then went to a special door carved with a Golden Snake.
"Here where you shall receive your reward"

Hippolyta led Diana into a small round room. The room was tall but not wide by any means. In the middle stood an altar with sunlight pouring onto it all heavenly like. On the altar stood a bright golden lasso.

"Here it is", said Hippolyta as she picked up the lasso and handed it to Diana.

"But this is just some rope. What am I supposed to do with this?"

"It's not just some rope. It's a magical lasso blessed by the Gods. Anyone wrapped in it would only be able to speak truth. It is also unbreakable."


"Now go and rest my daughter, you must be tried after such a battle."

Diana left her mother and went to her room. She sat there for a while and stared at her new lasso. After awhile she decided she should change out of her battle clothes. She noticed her favorite robes are missing.

"DONNA!", screamed Diana.

"What?" said Donna coming into her room.

"What have you done with my favorite necklace?" asked Diana.

"Nothing. I haven't touched them"

Diana gave her a suspicious look and then remembered her new lasso. Quickly she threw it around Donna.

"Now I ask you again. What have you done with my necklace?"

"I was wearing it and slipped and felled into the mud. I tried to clean it but stracthed then So I threw them into the sea".

"Wow it works", said Diana as she looked at the lasso. Then she took it off of Donna.

:"Wait why in hades did I tell you that?"

"Watch your mouth. It was this lasso I won after the battle"

"You mean that's what Mom wanted to show you."

"Yes. But don't let that make you I forgot about my necklace"

"No Diana wait. MOOMMM HELP ME"

Chapter Three - The Gods We Worship

"You know the plan right, Hades?" asked a mysterious figure.

"Yes, master," answered a very large man dressed in black armor. He had a sword at his side and his eyes glowed red. He had black hair and very dark looking. He looked as he hasn't seen the sun in a few years. "I make sure this woman is a tough as you hope she is."

Meanwhile, on the island of Themyscira. The royal family is at dinner discussing the history of the island

"You know during the twilight of the Gods. The Amazons was one of the only tribes that still had faith in the Gods. They rewarded us for being faith by giving us this island and hiding us from the rest of the world," said Hippolyta to her two daughter's Diana and Donna.

"That interesting," said Donna. "What happened to the rest of the world?"

"They were punished for their sins"

"There's more out there, I would like to learn," said Diana staring out the windows at the stars.

"You know it's forbidden for Amazons to leave the island. That the world outside is died and unhabitable"

"I know mother, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to."

"Such an wondering mind could get you into a lot of trouble Diana."

"Life's not worth living if you don't take risk's mother."

But before her mother could say anything back in defense. A loud boom that shook the very foundations. Diana ran to the window and saw explosions off in the distance. Diana ran to grab her armor. A Golden helmet and shield. Diana is very well trained in all kinds of weapons but her first choice is always the battle axe. A bright gold one that she always polishes every day.

"What in the name of the Gods do you think your doing Diana," yelled Hippolyta.

"I'm going to help"

"No, you're not. You're going to stay safe in this house"

"I'm the best warrior on the island. I can help. I'm going with or without you're approving"

Then Diana left and ran toward the battle.

"You just going to let her go?", asked Donna.

"Do I have a choice?" sighed Hippolyta.

Diana arrived on the scene to see a lot of Amazon warriors fighting a big person in black armor.

"Stand out of my way. Do you not know who I am," yelled the black armor warrior.

"Stand Down," ordered Diana. That caused all the Amazons to fall back.

"I am Princess Diana. Who are you and what is the meaning of this?"

The Black Knight turned and looked at her. He kept staring.

"I ask again..." she was interrupted by the knight.

"I heard you. Don't get your panties in a twist. First I came here looking for you, Diana and second I am Ares, God Of War."

"You're a God? Please forgive me for my mistrust. Why am I supposed to believe you? The Gods have never shown their selves to us before."

"You want prove than?"


Ares raised his sword in the air and started glowing. Then lighting started crashing around them without warning.

"It that good enough?"

"I'm sorry for my mistrust," said Diana as she kneed down in front of Ares. "But this as never happen before."

"We've been watching you, Diana and want to test you for a special job we have for you."

"How may I be of service?"

"I want you to fight me"

"What? If I may ask how could I match the powers of a God?"

"So you refuse?"

"No I will do as you ask," said Diana as she got back on her feet and picked up her axe. She swung her axe at him and hit him dead center. He didn't move an inch. She attacked again and again with no luck. Than he smacked her with the back of his hand. Diana got back up with blood running down her face. She tried again. He grabbed her by the arm and slammed her into the ground. Then he put his foot on her chest.

"I thought you'd be more of a fight than this. Pathetic"

"I show you how good I am."

She grabs his legs and knocks him down. Then grabs his sword and shoves it into his armpit.

"Ow you *****, "he screamed in pain.

He punches her right in the jaw. And continuities to beat on her and beat on her.

"Please stop, that's my daughter," screamed Hippolyta as she ran to the battle.

"Oh right take her," said Ares lifting Diana in the air, "But when's she able I'll be back to fight here again"

Then he vanishes. Hippolyta takes Diana, who's a bloody mess, back to their home.

"Oh my.... What happen to hear mother?" asked Donna on the verge of tears.

"Did I do good?", asked Diana.

"You did here a special shot that will help you heal"

She gave Diana a shot of a strange red liquid.

Chapter Four - Up, Up, And Away

It had been two weeks since Ares attacked Diana. It took her four days to recover from her wounds. Ever since then she had been training non-stop for when he attacks next.

"Diana, it's time for dinner. Mom wants you to come in now," said Donna, walking down to the beach where Diana was practicing with a bow. "It's almost sundown."

Donna is now 17 and is becoming a beautiful young woman. Donna cares more about studying that becoming a warrior like her sister.

"Not now, Donna. I've almost broken my last record of bull-eyes," answered Diana who seems to be out of breath and very distant.

Diana had become a very breathtaking woman. Her body ad fully developed into a very curvy figure. But she still had a presence and stance of a warrior.

"But it's your 21st birthday, sis. You have to come for dinner."

"Fine. I'm coming."

The two of them made their way back to the palace. After dinner, Donna brought Diana to a cliff for her birthday gift.

"Happy birthday sis," said Donna as she handed Diana a small box.

"Donna, you shouldn't have," exclaimed Diana as she opened the box to reveal a bright golden necklace.

"That's to make up for the one I ruined. Look at the inscription."

"Sisters forever," read Diana. "I love you."

She gave Donna a big hug.

"You're hurting me!"


Diana let go as a figure came walking towards them.

"Isn't this so lovely. I think I'm going to cry."

"Priscilla, what do you want?" asked Diana eyeing her.

"Why princess, I wanted to wish you happy birthday. What do we have here?"

Priscilla ripped the necklace out of Diana's hands.

"Give that back!" yelled Donna as she lunged at Priscilla, knocking her over. Priscilla pushed her off, causing Donna to lose her balance and fall off of the cliff.


Diana jumped off after her while Priscilla ran off. She caught Donna.

Donna opened her eyes to see Diana's wide eye expression. Diana was floating in mid-air.

"Ummm....why are you flying?"

"I...umm...don't know."

Diana floated back up to the cliff and landed back on the ground. Then they both ran back to tell their mom.

"You expect me to believe this," said Hippolyta.

"I'll show you mother."

Diana then started to fly in the air and circle around. Then she landed again.

"It must be a gift from the gods," exclaimed Hippolyta as she hugged Diana.

"Well, doesn't this bring a tear to your eye?"

"Lord Ares!" gasped Hippolyta as she bowed to him.

"I'm back for our rematch, Diana."

"What do you want from me?" asked Diana.

"To fight you. You are the strongest Amazon." answered Ares as he drew his sword.

"Donna, go fetch my axe."

Donna ran inside and grabbed her axe. She ran back out
and handed it to her.

"I'm ready."

Ares ran at Diana, who moved and swung her axe at him. He was able to turn and block her attack with his sword. He grabbed her arm and threw her across the courtyard. She just stopped in midair and rushed back at him. She rammed him with her body, knocking him back into a wall and damaging it.

"I see you've improved."

He then punched her in the face and ripped her axe out of her hand. She fell to the ground. He brought down his sword on top of her. She threw up both her arms and blocked the attack with her bracelets. The force of the attack caused a huge hole in the ground where he was standing. She gave him a quick knee to the gut and grabbed her axe and swung it into the back of his kneecaps.

"Argh! You stupid swank!" cried Ares in pain.

Diana then tied him up with her lasso.

"Are you really Ares, the god of war?" she asked.

"No, I'm not."

"Then who are you and where are you from?"

"My name is Craig Auron and I'm from a place called Los Angles."

"Where's that?"

"It's the outside world, in a place called America"

"But I thought the outside world was destroyed?" asked Diana eyeing her mom

"It's not."

"How did you get here?"

"In a jet that's hidden in the jungle."

"Why did you come here?"

"I was sent here to....arrraghh."

Before he could answer, something popped in the back of his head and he fell over, dead.

"You lied to me mother. The outside world isn't destroyed."

"Now listen, Diana....."

"No. You listen. I all of a sudden can fly and my strength is enhanced greatly. I'm going to find this jet and check it out, and then I'm going to travel to the outside world. With these powers I can take care
of myself."

"But sis, don't go," cried Donna, her eyes watering.

"Goodbye, little sis. Take care of mother for me. I'll be back. Remember, sisters forever," she said as she held the necklace around her neck.

Then she flew away and found his jet.

"I've never seen anything like this," she thought as she climbed inside.

"Destination please," said the voice in the jet.

"Umm, Los Angeles."

"Destination accepted. Please hold."

The jet than took off. Meanwhile, back at the palace, Hippolyta was sitting alone in the courtyard. A strange figure walked up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Hippolyta. Everything's going according to plan."
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Ultimate Wonder Woman

Arc 2 - "Nine Lives"

Chapter Five - The New Girl In Town

Diana has just left her island paradise of Themyscira after a battle with Ares. She discovered that Ares isn't really a god at all, but a man from the outside world. Diana, curious that she's been lied to her whole life, steals Ares' stealth jet and heads to Los Angles.

The jet came over the city and Diana stared out the windows in wonderment at the huge building.

"Incredible," she whispered to herself.

The jet landed in a building in the center of the town. She climbed out and found the place to be deserted. She looked around and went outside.

"Keep yourself alert, you don't what is out here," Diana thought quietly, just incase something could hear her thoughts, too.

She walked outside and it was a beautiful day. The sunlight reflected off her golden robes and her black hair shone. She took a whiff of the air and started choking.

"What is that horrible smell?"

She walked out into the streets and watched people hurrying around in their busy lives. She saw strange machines driving down the streets with people inside. She continued to walk, taking in her surroundings, stopping every once in awhile to look in a shop window or stare at all the machines. Everything she was taught about the outside world was wrong. How could her mother lie to her like that?

"Ahhh! Help me!" The scream rattled in her head.

Diana made her way over to a group of people gathering around, looking up at the man hanging from a ledge.

"He's going to fall!" someone yelled.

The man on the ledge lost his grip and began falling. Diana, without thinking, flew into the air and caught the man. The man looked at his rescuer in amazement and puzzlement. The crowd all began mumbling and pointed at her. She let the man down and the crowd were cheering. She looked around and flew off.

"What am I doing here?" she wondered. "I shouldn't have left the island. This place is so different."

She heard a loud ringing noise in the distance and went to investigate. She saw lots of those driving machines parked out front with flashing lights on top. She saw many men dressed in blue with little metal things in the hands. She looked toward the building and saw a man in mask holding a young
girl in her arms and yelling at the blue dressed men.

"Don't come in here or I'll blow her brains all over the place!" The masked man yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Okay, what are your terms?" asked a woman in one of the blue outfits.

"I'll let you know!" shouted back the mask man.

Then he went back inside. From what she could tell the blue men were the protectors and that man was going to hurt that young woman. She flew into the building and saw what looked like five large masked men. They all had more of those same metal things the cops were holding.

"Those must be some kind of weapon," she thought.

There were about a dozen people on the ground with their hands over their heads.

"Who in the hell is this skank?", asked the same mask man from outside.

"Stop what your doing," demanded Diana. "I won't tell you again."

All the masked men were laughing.

"What are you going to do babe? Me and my friends here do need companionship after we're done here," said the mask man as he walked over and put his hand on her shoulder.

She grabbed his hand and applied a huge amount of pressure. Breaking it.

"Argh! You son of a b--" screamed the masked man in pain. "Shoot her you idiots!"

The other masked men all started shooting at Diana with those metal things. She reflected them all with her bracelets. Then grabbed the leader and threw him at one of the others, knocking them both out. One the others came at her, and she easily gave him a light elbow to the face, taking him out. The other two dropped to the ground, begging for mercy and repeating, "We give up!"

The blue outfitted men all moved in.


Then they saw three of the mask men knocked out cold and the other two cowering to a woman in golden robes.

"I took care of it," Diana told them.

"Who are you?" asked the woman she saw outside earlier. She had long blond hair, that's wrapped up in a ponytail. She had a few fleckes on her face that gave her an innocent look. She also had gentle blue eyes.

"I'm am Diana of Themyscira."


"Well please forgive me, but I'm new to this land and your customs," said Diana to the woman, "But what is it you do, who are these men, and what are those metal things?"

"Well, I'm Detective Cassandra Sandsmark of the Los Angles Police Department. Our job is to keep the peace. This "men" are robbers. They tried stealing things that don't belong to them. And lastly, those metal things are guns. They are very deadly weapons. I want to thank you for your help."

"You're welcome. This is all so strange."

"Well, here is my card. Contact me later, 'cause I want to ask you some questions."

"I will do that, Cassandra."

Elsewhere, A mysterious figure approached a young red head woman.

Chapter Six - Let The Fur Fly

"Priscilla," said a mysterious man as he walked towards a young red haired woman.

"Who are you?" she asked suspiciously.

"I am a friend", he answered. "I can give you a means to gain revenge on Diana for making you look like a fool."

"How, she as all these strange powers now?"

"I can give you an edge against her."

"What do I have to do?"


"So you'll telling me that your from a paradise island with no men?" asked a young blond woman with her hair up in a ponytail. She sits in her apartment in her robe with a cup of hot coffee in her hands. Earlier a woman came to her apartment looking for her. This woman as superpowers and been flying around saving people.


The two have been having a serious discussion about how she got her powers and what she is doing here.

"Are you sure your not an alien?"

"Yes, why do you keep asking me that?"

"Well there is this other guy that flies and has super-strength. He also goes around saving people. But he hasn't been seen in awhile."

"Cassandra, I want you to teach me about this world."

"I guess and if you need a place to stay I have an extra room."


Cassandra goes and turns on the tv. Diana is amazed at what she sees, herself. It shows her stopping the bank robbers.

"There as been reports of a Wonder Woman helping people all over town. She has been reported to have superpowers including fight and strength. More news as it happens"

"Wonder Woman huh?" wondered Cassandra. "I have an idea."

Cassandra ran to her room and got dressed. She ran back out and grabbed Diana's hand.

"We'll going shopping."


Cassandra brought Diana into the mall. Diana looked around in amazement at what she sees. Cassandra explains the concept of money and the purchasing of goods and services.
"So those robbers were trying to steal other people's money?"

"Correct. Here we are."

She brought Diana into a costume shop. Diana looked around at all the weird clothes.

"We are getting you a costume. If your going to be a superhero your going to need a costume."

They spent the next two hours trying on this and that. Nothing seemed to work. Then the shop keeper said that she had something special in the back that they might like. She came back with a white box and opened it up. Inside was a golden belt that had a small blue skirt attached. The skirt had little golden starts though it. There was also a red and golden corset.

"This might work," said Cassandra as she pushed Diana into the changing rooms.

Minutes later Diana came out. She looked beautiful in the outfit. Her breasts looked like they were going to fall out.

"PERFECT!" exclaimed Cassandra.

"This doesn't really leave much to the imagination," said Diana

"That's the point. With your looks and body, people will be to distracted to fight. Also the color scheme is that of our country meaning people will trust you more."

"Well I do kind of like it."

"Ladies and gentleman, I give you Wonder Woman."


"Priscilla, how do you feel?"


"Good. You are no longer Priscilla. You are now Cheeta and you owe your life to me.

Priscilla walked toward the man and put her arms around him. She no longer is fully human. She has claws and a tail. Her skin has become orange fur. She still has her fiery red hair but now has yellow cat like eyes. She has become a human cat.

"I'll tell you where she is. I want you to bring her to me alive"

"I will do master."

Chapter Seven - Wonders

Sirens roared down the streets toward the carnage going on. Some thugs have got their hands on dangerous weapons. They were blasting away the cops as if they are nothing. Cassandra is in the middle of this wondering where her new backup is. Then flies down a woman between the cops and the thugs.

"I'm going to give you one warning to stop this," said Diana.

"If we do, do we get a kiss, sweetheart?" said one of the thugs as he walked toward her. She grabbed his throat and threw him into a nearby wall.

"Your going to pay for that!" another thug yelled out. They all started blasting at her, but she started running toward them blocking blasts with her bracelets. She grabbed one their guns and broke it in half. Then she threw the two pieces and the other two thugs knocking them out cold.

"I give up," said the last thug. "Who are you?"

"I'm Wonder Woman."

The cops handcuffed them and started loading them into the back of their cars. Diana went and picked up one of the weapons on the ground. Cassandra walked over to her.

"What took you so long?" she asked Diana.

"Remember I'm new to this city. I got lost."

Cassandra couldn't tell if she was joking or not.

"What are these?" Diana asked as she handed one the weapons to Cassandra.

"These are experimental weapons from LuthorCorp that were stolen last week."


"A business ran by a very shady man named Lex Luthor. Wherever he goes, trouble follows."

"What's a business?"

"Well . . . "

She was interrupted by her police radio telling her about a hostage situation across town.

"Well I'll tell you later we have work to do."

Cassandra ran to her car and started to get in. She looked back at Diana before taking off.

"Don't get lost this time."

She drove off and Diana flown after her.

On a nearby rooftop, Cheetah was watching everything that just happened.

"So now you're a hero here too." She hissed. "I guess any good hero needs a villain."

"So the President isn't like a king because the people vote for him and have the power to remove him from office, right?"

"That's right Diana, you learn really quickly."

"Well I can't thank you enough Cassandra."

"No problem, I always wanted to be a teacher, but you can stop calling me that. My friends call me Cassie."

"Well I think I'm going to patrol the city while the night is still young."

Diana gets off the couch and goes into her room and changes out of her normal clothes that Cassie bought for her into her costume. She waves goodbye to Cassie and flies out the window. She flies around for a couple hours, only stopping a couple of mugging. She lands on a rooftop to rest for a minute. Then something grabs her from behind and throws her to the ground.

"Who dares?!" screamed Diana.

"It's been a long time, princess," hissed her attacker.

"Priscilla? Is that you?"

"Yessss. You like the new me?"

"What have you done to yourself?"

Diana looks at Priscilla who has orange fur with black stripes up and down her body. She is wearing red robes like the one the Amazons wear. She got burning yellow eyes. That of a cat.

"I got improved, and I hear you'll calling yourself "Wonder Woman". I've been watching you for the last few days. You always thought you were above everyone else. I am going to show you that you're not."

Cheetah lunged at Diana, who caught her by her wrist and threw her. She landed on her feet and jumped again. This time Cheetah twisted her body to cause Diana to lose her grip and then kicked her in the gut. She started stomping on Diana. Diana grabbed her foot and tripped her. She put her foot to Cheetah's throat.

"Give this up Priscilla. You were never a match for me."

"It's Cheetah now and you're wrong"

Cheetah drove her claws into Diana ankles. Diana screamed in pain. She swung at Cheetah who climbed up a wall to dodge causing Diana to punch the wall. Cheetah jumped down onto the back of Diana driving her claws into her back. The blood started to run down her back. Cheetah then pulled back, throwing Diana off the roof to the ground below. She landed in the middle of the street. Diana looked up only to see a diesel tuck heading straight for her . . .

Chapter Eight - Friends And Enemies

The diesel truck sped right toward Diana. Diana didn't have time to move and the truck hit her while it was going 40 mph. The force knocked her back into a wall. Cheetah came down from the top of the building to check out her victory. Diana got back up out of the rumble just a little bruised.

"You're going to pay for that Priscilla," warned Diana.

"You're harder to kill than I thought."

She lunged at Diana, knocking her down. They both rolled around on the ground. Diana got her foot under Cheetah's stomach and launched her off of her. Cheetah came back and gave her an elbow in the face. Diana returned the favor with a knee to the gut. Cheetah grabbed her gut and fell to her knees in pain.

"It's over," said Diana.

"I don't think so princess."

Cheetah quickly tripped Diana and went over and grabbed a man in his thirties. She put her claws to his throat.

"Don't do it," warned Diana.

Cheetah slid her claws down his throat cutting him. She tasted his blood.


"Help me, please," the man said.

Diana had to think quickly. She looked around and saw a fire hydrant. She quickly grabbed her lasso and threw it around and ripped it off the pipe causing the water to shoot right at Cheetah. She screamed and let go of the guy. Diana ran over and grabbed the back of her head.

"It's over," she stated.

Diana slammed her head into the sidewalk. Cheetah laid there unconscious. Diana tied her up with the lasso. The man from before came up to her.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman," he said.

She smiled at him and flew off with Cheetah tied up behind her. She took her to the warehouse that she landed Ares' jet, when she came to the city. After about a half and hour Cheetah woke up and found her self tied up.

"What the hell is this?!" she screamed as she struggled to get free.

"You're going to tell me what I want to know Priscilla," Diana told her. "That lasso makes you speak the truth, I won it when I beat you on the island. How did you get like that?"

"A man came to me and offered me my chance at revenge at you."

"What man?"

"The man that's been watching you since you were born."

"What is his name?"

"Savage, Vandal Savage."


Diana brought Cheetah back to the police and they arrested her. Diana flew around for a while pondering what she just learned. She wondered who this man was and why he was interested in her. Soon she ended back at Cassie's place. It was around 7pm and Cassie was getting dinner ready.

"I see you had your first super villain fight," Cassie taunted.

"Cassie, do you know anyone by the name of Vandal Savage?"

"No, but we can google him."


"Here, I'll show you."

Cassie went over and got on her computer. She typed in his name.

"It says here that he is one of the richest men in the world. He lives in Athens, Greece. He runs a business called Savage Industries."

"Is that like LexCorp?"


Diana stared at the guy's picture for a while.

"He seems so familiar."

"What's wrong, Diana?"

Diana told Cassie about Priscilla and what she told her.


The next morning after Cassie went to work, Diana changed into her costume and went around the town to clear her mind. She landed on a rooftop and sat there for awhile. She sensed something flying toward her. She turned and blocked it with her bracelets. It was a red arrow.

"Who's there?" she demanded to know.

"Just an old friend," said the woman as she walked into the open. She had long flowing bright red hair. She wore a full red leather suit. Her hair was up in a ponytail that went down to her butt. She was very beautiful, almost as beautiful as Diana. She had a bow in her hand, and a quiver full of arrows on her back.

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Ultimate Batman

Arc One - "The Dark Knight"

Ultimate Batman #1

Gotham Theatre, Gotham City

The three-person family walked along the alleyway slowly. They had just seen Zorro, and thought it was a very good movie. The little boy loved it.

"Can we see it again? When I grow up I want to be like Zorro!" The black-haired boy shouted as he jumped up and down, swinging an imaginary sword around.

"Now, now…" His mother smiled. She had long black hair and quite a beautiful face. "That's the third time this month."

"Yes, son, can't we see something else for a while?" The father spoke up. His son looked exactly like him.

"I guess so… sir." The boy said.

"Good boy. Some day you'll be a great business man." The father replied, grinning widely. Unbeknownst to the family, someone crept amongst the shadows. The man emerged and stood in front of the family, blocking their way to safety. He had light blonde hair, and was shirtless. He wore jeans and was carrying a butcher-knife in his right hand. He had deep slashes and scars all over his chest and a sly grin on his face.

"Mmm, I'm going to cut you up good…" The guy snarled, licking his lips. The father moved in front of his wife and child.

"Please, leave us alone," The father pleaded with the criminal.

"Zsasz leaves no on unharmed." The man, whose name was Zsasz, mumbled. He raised the butcher-knife and charged.

He didn't make it a step further.

Something launched itself from the top of a nearby building, and smacked into Zsasz. The force of the shock made the butcher-knife drop from his hand. Zsasz twirled around, attempting to kick the bat-like shape, but to no use. The figure caught Zsasz's leg, and forced it up in a sickening crunch. The dark-cloaked figure finished Zsasz off by throwing him into the brick wall, knocking him unconscious.

"Oh my God! Thank you so much!" The woman shouted as she ran forward to hug her saviour. Her husband grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"You don't know who he is…" The man whispered and a grim look crept across his face. Police car sirens sounded in the distance.

"You're safe now…" The figure mumbled in a hoarse manly voice. Now that he was standing still, the family could now see him very dimly. The man was wearing a full-body 'bat' armoured suit. It was completely black, from the mask to the boots. The mask had two short 'bat-ears' sticking out from the top of it. The only skin you could see was his chin, and you couldn't tell what race he was from because he was in the shadows. There was a faint outline of a grey bat logo, and his long black cape hung loosely from his shoulders. He wore a dull-yellow belt, which held a lot of gadgets and weapons.

He reached into his belt and pulled out an object that vaguely resembled a grappling hook. He pointed it in the direction of a rooftop, and pressed the trigger. A grappling hook shot out, and attached itself to the rooftop. He pushed another button and jumped. The grappling hook dragged him into the night and out of sight.

"Who was that?" The father asked, unaware of what was happening.

"Don't be silly…" His wife smirked. "Everyone knows that's the Batman. Judy was telling me the other night she saw him fly by the window…"

"When I grow up I want to be like Batman." The boy laughed.

Gotham Police Station, Gotham City

It was just after midnight when Commissioner James Gordon walked into his office. He was too old for this. He had a family for God's sake; this city was too violent and corrupt for him. He had been thinking about moving to Metropolis for a few weeks now, but had changed his mind since all the vigilantes had appeared. He polished his glasses as he looked into the holding cell. The criminal known as Zsasz started back at him, an evil fire burning in his eyes.

"Who do we have here?" Gordon yawned, as the District Attorney, Harvey Dent appeared.

"I believe you've got your wires crossed? Aren't you supposed to tell me what's happening?" Harvey smirked, and raised his eyebrows. His brown hair shined and reflected the dull light coming from the cheap bulb.

"Harvey – shut up. I'm tired and I'd rather be sleeping with my wife than talking to you here. Get on with it." Gordon replied, unenthusiastically.

"Right, well, Montoya and Bullock found 'Zsasz' here unconscious against a brick wall down an alley off the theatre."
"Zsasz?" Gordon interrupted. Harvey ignored him.

"We were contacted by a family, who said that this character was going to kill them with a butcher-knife, until Batman saved them." Harvey explained.

"Batman? He's a myth." Gordon groaned.

"Myth or not – this guy's stopped more crime in a single week than we have in a couple of months."

"He's a vigilante, Harvey, you told me that yourself."

"I know… but I don't know what to believe anymore." Harvey shook his head. "Go home to your wife, James. Say hello to Barbara for me. Then send in your resignation."

"I hope you're joking Dent," Gordon grumbled. "Because this city still needs me."

The Bat Cave, Gotham City

The sound of leather heels hitting stone steps echoed throughout the empty cave. Bats stirred amongst the rocky ceilings, but most of them stayed amongst their nests. There were only a few that night, and it was night, so most of them were out flying in the dark outside the cave.

"What do you want Alfred?" A voice demanded from behind a chair. The chair was sitting in front of a giant computer screen, and the man who spoke had been clicking buttons.

"I thought you might like a midnight snack, sir." Alfred said. Alfred Pennyworth was a loyal English butler, and despised the cave. He preferred it upstairs, in the actual manor. He put the tray containing sandwiches on a nearby table and then stood up straight, waiting for further orders.

"I'm not hungry." The figure mumbled, and then resumed his work.

"Master Bruce… you need to eat – and sleep. You've been out all night. You've got a board meeting tomorrow at 10. Get some rest please." Alfred pleaded with the man.

"Soon. There's one more place I have to go." The figure said, as it shut down the computer and stood up.

"Where is it?" Alfred asked. The man turned around. He had dark black hair, and was wearing a dark black suit. His name was Bruce Wayne, and he was the Batman. Using his wealthy fortune he had inherited, he had dedicated his life to fighting crime.
"There's a break-in at the Axis Chemical Factory." Bruce stated, as he slipped on his mask. His eyes disappeared and became small white slits.

"But what's so important about that?"

"It's Jack Napier. I think I've finally got him."

Ultimate Batman #2

Axis Chemical Factory, Gotham City

His name was Jack Napier. Well, that's what people called him. His real name was unknown. His past was a blur. He was a crook, and one of the best in Gotham. Rupert Thorne, the kingpin of the Gotham underworld, was lucky to have a man like Jack working for him. Little did he know that Jack had plans of his own…

Jack slicked back his greasy black hair and put out a cigarette.

"So, what's the deal, Jack?" One of the other thugs asked. "What's happening to this place?"

"Well, we're just doing a little final inspection. You see, Thorne co-owned this place. After a -- how do I put it -- a rather 'unfortunate' accident with the co-owner, Thorne decided to sell it to Roland Dagget," Jack rasped.

"What are we supposed to be looking for, boss?" The other thug spoke up.

"A little present from Mr. Dagget," Jack looked around and spotted it immediately next to a wall. "And I just found it."

He walked over to a wall and picked up a black briefcase. He shifted it from hand to hand, checking the weight.

"This is it, boys," He stated. "Let's get out of here."

"Not so fast."

Before Jack could ask who had said that, a dark figure flew out of the shadows and into one of his men. He watched in amazement as Zack flew into a chemical vat. He turned his eyes to Barry, who rushed towards the visitor with a knife. The unwanted guest ducked and gave a quick blow to Barry's stomach. He crouched over in pain.

Jack turned and ran. He knew who the man was. It was Batman.

Batman snatched out one of his 'batarangs' -- bat shaped throwing stars. He took careful aim and threw it. It hit Jack in the thigh and he fell over. The briefcase snapped open and thousands of dollars in notes flew into the air.

"No! You fool!" Jack screamed as he scrambled up, but it was too late. The money began to fall into one of the chemical vats. Jack leaped into the air, determined to grab some of the prize he was planning to steal. His foot caught hold of a pipe and he fell.

Jack managed to grab another pipe inside of the vat. He could feel the toxic chemicals stirring around below him. If he were to touch it, it could be lethal. He looked up. The grim face of Batman stared back at him.

"I won't kill you," Batman stated. "But I don't have to save you."

"Please, help me…" Jack moaned, sweat pouring down his face.

"No. You are scum."

Batman's face vanished from Jack's view and he screamed. As Batman walked away, he heard the sound of Jack's body hitting the chemicals as well as his scream as it died in the chemicals. The sound of burning was replaced immediately by the sound of police sirens, and Batman disappeared into the night, wondering if what he done was the right thing.

"That's right, sir. There was just the two of them." Detective Renee Montoya explained to Commissioner James Gordon. They had arrived at the Axis Chemical Factory, soon to be Dagget Chemical Factory, and just discovered two men. One was against a wall, unconscious, while the other lay on the ground, groaning about broken ribs.

"Did the guy with the broken ribs say anything?" Gordon asked, curious.

"When we found him, he was groaning something about the Batman." Montoya responded.

"Great. The Batman. An urban myth is putting us all to shame." Gordon smirked.

"Myth? I think this legend of yours is fast becoming a reality, Commissioner." Montoya replied before she went back to work.

"These thugs are stupid. They couldn't have figured this out by themselves. There was someone else involved, someone leading them…" Gordon thought to himself. "I'm too tired to think straight." He then decided to go back home to his wife and daughter, and to not get distracted into any more police outings.

Gotham Rubbish Dump, Gotham City

As the moon moved out from behind some dark clouds, a figure washed ashore from the murky water which poured out from huge pipes. Wayne Industries had tried to fix this waste problem, due to complaining from people like Pamela Isley. As the man tried to awake, he groaned. He used his arms to force himself up, but they gave way beneath him. He was too tired. Too weak. He sunk back into the water and the coldness opened his eyes. There in the water, staring back at him was a ghost. It had white skin, green hair and bright red lips. It's mouth rose into a smile. It laughed.

Jack Napier laughed insanely.

Ultimate Batman #3

Wayne Industries, Gotham City

Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox walked out towards the entrance of Wayne Industries. They had just attended a meeting to discuss Lex Luthor, whose company Lexcorp, was attempting to take over Wayne Industries. Lucius was African-American and had short black hair. They were both wearing tidy black-and-white suits.

"So Bruce," Lucius began. "What have you been doing with all that technology you borrowed?"

"Technology? I don't know what you're talking about," Bruce grinned back.

They pushed through the door and were immediately surrounded by a crowd of people, all of them journalists and reporters.

"Mr. Wayne," a man spoke up from the end of the crowd, "Do you believe Mr. Luthor is a terrorist?"

"Well, all I can say is that I will never make deals with a man like him," Bruce smiled, hoping that was a decent enough answer.

"Mr. Wayne," a woman said, "What about this new jet he's been working on? This 'Lexjet'?"

"What about it exactly?" Lucius replied.

"Well, they're saying it's going to put all the Wayne jet prototypes out of business," the woman replied.

"Well," Bruce started. "We'll see, won't we?"

"Right, if you'll excuse Mr. Wayne," Lucius announced as the two pushed their way through the crowd. Bruce could see his butler Alfred in the distance, standing outside a black limo. Bruce looked over to Lucius, who was bending down to pick something up off the ground. It was a little green marble, which was rolling along the path. Bruce, who was experienced in little bombs and related items from his training with The League of Shadows, warned Lucius.

"Lucius, don't!" Bruce yelled as Lucius touched it and it exploded. Bruce tackled Lucius out of the way, as green gas floated amongst the crowd. People started screaming. Nearby policemen charged into the area, applying gas masks to themselves and removing people from the danger zone.

"Are you alright?" Bruce asked Lucius.

"Sure, thanks…" Lucius muttered, coughing. "How did you know it was dangerous?"

"I just had that feeling, you know?" Bruce smiled and patted his friend on the back. "Now, I've really got to get going," he said as he walked over to Alfred.

"Bruce, Bruce!" Someone called out. Bruce looked around and saw his old best friend Harvey Dent running towards him.

"Harvey, good to see you." Bruce remarked.

"God, this was definitely deliberate. Have any idea about who could be behind it?" Harvey asked, a concerned look growing on his face.

"Not a clue. This is too radical for someone like Rupert Thorne." Bruce thought out loud. He looked at Harvey, whose face was devoid of all emotion.

"Well, Harvey, it was good seeing you again," Bruce smiled and shook his hand. "But I really have to be off."

"Alright, see ya'." Harvey replied, as he walked back into the crime scene.

Abandoned Toy Factory, Gotham City

A man sat alone, dressed in a bright purple suit. He had vivid green hair and pale white skin. He muttered to himself and fiddled with some electronic equipment, and then prepared a camera. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a container of gel, which he rubbed into his hair. He grabbed a mirror and looked into it. Evil eyes glared back, and his lips were as red as Hell.

"Showtime…" He giggled.

Wayne Manor, Gotham City

Bruce Wayne sat back into his sofa. It was soft, and he needed a rest. He had been up all night chasing criminals, and first thing in the morning he had a board meeting which had turned into a gas attack. Alfred walked into the room.

"Would you like something to drink, sir?" He asked in his British accent.

"No thanks, Alfred," Bruce replied, as he grabbed the television remote.

"Something to eat, sir?" Alfred persisted.

"No, I'm quite alright, Alfred. Thank you," Bruce replied as he turned on the television. A face immediately appeared, giving Bruce a fright. The face was of a male with pale white skin, bright red lips, and colourful green hair. His mouth was deformed into a permanent wide smile, and he peered into Bruce's eyes.

"Greetings, greetings!" The man cried, greeting his imaginary audience. "You may not know me, but I call myself The Joker! If you were outside Wayne Industries this morning, you may have seen the amazing show. As I stood there, I wondered who had farted!" He stopped talking and laughed insanely. "Well, you should all know I'm not the only masked man in town, isn't that right, Batman?" His smile widened far beyond what was possible. "I'm giving you a chance, 'Fatman'. If you do not come find me tonight, I will gas Gotham City Square, killing hundreds. See ya' later!" He screamed as the transmission was cut off.

"Master Wayne?" Alfred asked, unsure of what to do.

"Be quiet Alfred," Bruce replied as he leapt off the couch and sprinted towards the cave. "I have work to do."

Ultimate Batman #4

Gotham City Police Station, Gotham City

Batman sneaked along the walls, camouflaged in the shadows.

He could see a fat policeman in the next room, watching television and eating donuts.

Batman put a button to his temple and instantly, infra-red vision was enabled.

He spied out another entrance to the room he needed, and took the path that would take him there.

He eventually entered the room, and discovered what he was looking for.

On a table was the small marble which had nearly gassed him that morning.

He picking it up, and set his camera to magnify.

He managed to decipher small words, 'Gotham Toy Factory'.

The Joker was the one who had created this gas bomb, and he had to be hiding out in the abandoned toy factory.

Batman snuck out of the police station and into the night, oblivious to Harvey Bullock, who was currently finishing the last donut of the box.

Gotham Motorway, Gotham City

The Batmobile raced along the steel streets, dodging cars that were too slow to keep up.

It was a custom built model, a cross between a Hot Rod, 4WD and a Drag Racer.

Batman locked onto the address of the Gotham Toy Factory, and the Batmobile motored towards the direction where the Joker waited for Batman.

Gotham Toy Factory, Gotham City

Batman pulled the Batmobile to a stop, withdrew the roof, and leaped out.

He clutched a Batarang in one hand, and a grappling hook in the other.

He was ready for the Joker.

He looked up.

There was a light coming in from the top floor.

The Joker was there.

Batman raised the grappling hook, and shot it in the direction of the light.

It smashed through the dirty glass window, and caught hold of a metal outcropping.

He pressed a button and felt himself rising into the air.

He burst through the remaining parts of the window.

A big man wearing a clown mask charged at him, wielding a giant wooden hammer.

He swung, and hit. Batman was knocked cold, and fell to the floor, blood pouring from his likely broken nose.

Bruce was scared.

He clutched his mother's hand, and felt himself being led along beside his father, down a dark alley.

He twitched as a man appeared out of nowhere and raised a gun towards his father.

He had never been more scared in his life.

This was worse than the time he had fallen into the cave with the bats.

"Give me all your money!" The man demanded, cocking the gun.

"Take it easy…" Bruce's father calmed the gunman, as he reached for his wallet inside his jacket.

Mistaking the wallet for a gun, the gunman shot.

A bullet erupted into Bruce's father who fell lifeless to the ground.

His mother screamed.

The gunman shot her too.

Realising what he had done, the gunman pocketed the gun and ran.

He disappeared around the corner, leaving Bruce alone.

Bruce kneeled, clutching his parents cold hands.

That was the night he swore vengeance.

He would have his revenge.

A gun went off.

Batman awoke, sweaty and shivering.

He felt naked, but a quick glance down made him realise he was wearing his suit.

Just not all of it.

In front of him, knelt the criminal named the Joker.

His breath stank like manure, and he had a crazy grin on his face.

He eyed Batman up and down, like a hunter would do to his prey.

He carried a smoking gun, apparently he had shot the guy who had hit Batman on the head.

The dead clown was resting against a blood splattered wall, with a hole in his head.

The gun shot must have awoken Batman.

He looked back to the Joker.

It was then that he realised what had happened.

In his other hand, the Joker carried Batman's mask.

An astonished look crept across Bruce Wayne's face.

The Joker laughed.

Bruce cringed.

"Why hello Brucie…" He snarled.

Ultimate Batman #5

Gotham Toy Factory, Gotham City

For the third time in his life, Bruce was terrified.

The first time Bruce had been really terrified was when he had fallen down a hole. He had emerged in an underground cave, and been covered in bats. This had kick-started his fear of bats which he later overcome thanks to special training by Ra's Al Ghul.

The second time was when the gunman had killed his parents. The night his terror transformed into anger.

And now here he was, hostage to the insane criminal by the name of the Joker, and defenceless. He didn't even have his mask.

"Who would call a kid Bruce anyway?" Joker mocked, still grinning like a madman.

"What – what do you want with me?" Bruce managed to stutter.

"I thought that question was self-explanatory…" Joker said. "You disappoint me Bruce, you really do… You made me what I am today. I had a wife and kid you know? After the accident I woke up in a dump. A dump! And you know what I did? I stumbled home, and killed my wife and child! Why?! I have absolutely no idea!" He shrieked with laughter.

He was definitely insane.

"And now… Now, my plan comes into motion. In a few minutes, a train will pass Arkham Asylum. This train will be packed with explosives. Explosives for Rupert Thorne himself. Rupert Thorne is an enemy, just like you are. I am going to launch a rocket at this train, and when it makes contact, not only will it waste Thorne's explosives, but it will also blow Arkham apart, pouring loose its inhabitants." He explained, and then eyed up Bruce. "Look at what you're tied to."

Bruce struggled to look down. Oh no. He was tied to the supposed rocket the Joker was going to fire at the train. It had once been merely a firework, but apparently the Joker could turn anything into a weapon.

"That's right Brucie. I'm killing two birds with one stone. I'm getting rid of you while eliminating Thorne's bombs." He paused, and then looked at Batman's mask. "Now, as for your secret identity… Well, it wouldn't be much of a identity if it wasn't secret would it? I'll keep it safe… For now."

He placed the mask back over Bruce's head. His pasty white hand rummaged around in his purple jacket, and it emerged with a lighter. He bent down and lit the wick of the rocket on fire.

"Party time!" He shouted. Bruce felt himself being torn out of place and threw the window.

He quickly reached for his belt, and plucked a Batarang out. With as much strength as he could muster, he began to hack at the ropes tying him to the weapon.

It came loose.

He could hear the train in the distance. He was getting close.

He turned over so that his stomach faced towards the rocket. He slammed the Batarang into it, and then fell off.

The rocket exploded as Batman hit the ground.

The train whizzed past. He had been successful.

"Put your hands up vigilante!"

Batman turned around. Harvey Dent stood with Harvey Bullock, who had a gun raised.

"I'm not the criminal here." Batman stated.

"Oh, and who is then?" Bullock taunted.

"Rupert Thorne. That train is full of explosives. Thorne's explosives. Enough explosives to blow Arkham to pieces."

Harvey Dent stood still, unsure of what to do. Batman's knowledge was accurate; did he have a contact on the inside?

"You sure?" Bullock asked, lowering the gun.

"Deadly sure." Batman threw a smoke grenade to the ground and disappeared in a bang.

"You go ahead," Dent suddenly spoke up. "I – uh, I've got some things to do."

"Whatever you say."

Batman watched as Bullock drove off, leaving Dent behind. There was something up with Dent and Thorne, and Batman was going to find out. But that would come later.
He had to get the Joker. Dead or alive…

Ultimate Batman #6

Gotham Train Station, Gotham City

Harvey Bullock's men surrounded the train as it pulled into the station. The police cocked their guns, and demanded that the men on the train come out. They obeyed, and exited with their hands up.

"Montoya," Bullock grunted. "Get your arse into that carriage and check what weapons these punks were carrying."

"Fine, just remember you're shouting the donuts next time." Montoya responded, and hopped up into the train.

"Thorne will get you for this you know!" One of the prisoners growled, before being handcuffed by Bullock.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up."

Harvey Dent watched from the shadows. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with a clammy hand. When word got out he had been involved in a raid upon Thorne's supplies, he would be a dead man. Rupert Thorne would kill him with his own bare hands…

Gotham Toy Factory, Gotham City

"Batsy's dead, Thorne ain't got his supplies, I'm cool…" The Joker chanted, as he danced around a table crowded with gadgets. "All I got to do now is put a bullet through old Thorny's head, and then I'll finally be rid of the troubles in my life..."

"Think again."

Batman burst from underneath the table, pushing it out of the way causing toys and weapons to go everywhere. He swung his fist around, and smacked Joker right in the nose. Blood poured out, and covered the Joker's teeth. He laughed.

"Shut up." Batman growled and punched him again. The Joker continued laughing.

"Shut up." He repeated and pushed the Joker into the wall.

"Shut up!" Batman yelled. He grabbed a chair and thrust it into the Joker's stomach. More blood erupted from the clown's face.

"Please… the fat lady's singing loud and clear…" The Joker mumbled, now crouching on the floor.

"Who are you?!" Batman demanded.

"He-he, I'm the yin to your yang. I created you, and you created me," The Joker smiled and then continued, "I killed your parents Brucie. And then you come back as a giant rodent and turn me into this."

"You lie!" Batman yelled and grabbed Joker's collar and shoved him back against the wall.

"Well, you'll never know now will you…" The Joker quickly pulled out a pistol from his jacket and shoved it against Batman's forehead.

"I was a comedian once. I had a good life. Until Rupert Thorne killed my wife and unborn child. I wanted revenge. So what did I do? Instead of becoming a vigilante like you, I turned to a life of crime. I worked my way up amongst his ranks, and then you come along. I was going to steal Thorne's money, screw him up, but then you ruined everything!" The Joker howled with laughter and pulled the trigger.

A flag saying "Bang!" had popped out of the gun barrel.

"No… No!" The Joker tried to push Batman away but he was too weak. He was crying now, instead of laughing. Tears streamed down his face, and washed most of the blood off.

"Lights out, *****!" Batman knocked Joker unconscious.

Arkham Asylum, Gotham City

Bruce looked at the man who had nearly killed him. Batman had delivered the Joker to Commissioner Gordon, as a "peace offering." However, the Joker knew about his secret identity.

"I won't tell anyone anything," The Joker smiled, tied up in a straight-jacket. "Not yet, anyway… That Edward Nigma guy in the cell around the corner has been thinking up riddles to trick you with. I will beat you Batman, you ruined my life and I have to return the favour."

Bruce left the cell and made his way outside of the building.

"Did you figure out why he tried to kill you?" Commissioner Gordon asked, this was the excuse Bruce had come up with. Why would a billionaire playboy want to visit a criminal clown, after all?
"I wouldn't believe anything he says, he's insane." Bruce smiled. "If you'll excuse me Commissioner, I have to catch up with an old friend of mine…"

Next: "Double Trouble"
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Arc One - "Born To Run"

Ultimate Flash #1​

Pemberton High School
Keystone City, Kansas

The bell that signified the end of fourth period tolled. Students flooded into the halls while teachers breathed sighs of relief that they were one more period closer to the end of the day. One student in particular seemed to the stand out from the rest.

"What the hell is this, Garrick?"

A tall, built jock stood in the hallway. As he spoke, the students all stopped and turned to watch, like a car accident had happened.

"What is what?"

The student in particular turned his wheelchair around to face the jock. He scowled for a brief second upon seeing the letterman jacket he wore.

"What the hell is that shirt?"

The paralyzed student looked down to his shirt, which featured a man running in a crimson spandex outfit. "It's the Bolt, Malcolm."

"Why do you still obsess over superheroes? They're for kids. Cheering for the one with superspeed won't give you your legs back, gimp."

Jay Garrick looked down to the ground. There was an awkward silence.

"Just walk away, Garrick. Or roll. Or whatever you do."

Jay placed his hands on the wheels and pushed away, passing by the staring students. Jay only raised his head to look at one of them: Joan Williams. She was amazing, as a cheerleader, honor roll student, and as the beautiful popular girl that he'd never have. At the thought of it, Jay lowered his head once more. Why is this city full of pricks? Especially the Thawnes. Oh, just because Malcolm's daddy is the mayor, he gets to be a prick to everybody for no reason? It was a load of bull.

Ever since he was eleven, all Jay could think of was walking again. Keystone City was one of the only cities where an actual mafia still held sway, and this went as far as actual gang shootouts. The forces of mobster "Turtle" Tortson were fighting in the open streets against the Columbian Cartel six years ago. Jay was one of many who were injured due to the fighting. Shot in the spine, he lost the ability to walk. Ever since, he became enthralled with comic books, especially The Bolt, the world's fastest man.

The bell for fifth period rang, bringing Jay out of his thoughts. He was the only one left in the hall. Another tardy.

"When two monosaccharides join together, the resulting molecule is called a--" Mr. Jones stood in front of the class, writing on a white board with a washable marker.


Mr. Jones turned around to face the class. "I know for a fact that none of you have taken this class before, so who said that?"

Looking around, Jay hesitantly raised his hand. The other students turned to look at him, some scowling. "I did."

Mr. Jones smiled. "Would you care to tell the class about the reverse reaction?"

Lowering his hand, Jay looked around once more before speaking. "A molecule of water is used to split up the disaccharide in what is called hydrolysis. For example, when sucrose gets to the stomach, it's broken down by acidic hydrolysis into its base components, fructose and glucose. The two are then absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestine for use.

As the bell rang, Mr. Jones dropped his marker. "...class dismissed?" Jay slightly smiled, even as the students filing out of the room blocked his path.

Midwestern University
Keystone City, Kansas

In an amazing blur, The Bolt runs through Central City, a red and yellow streak following behind him. The Scarlet Speedster is intent on capturing Goldface, the villainous golden mob boss! Faster he goes, bursting through the doors of Goldface's illegal casino, where he apprehends the criminal!

"Did you think you could get away with it, Goldface? Did you think you could get away with it in my town?" The Bolt inquired.

"I did, Jay. I almost got away with it, too!"

Jay? Jay?

Professor McGee stood over the daydreaming form of Jay Garrick, lightly tapping his shoulder. "Jay?"

"Huh?" Blinking a few times, the teen looked up the older man.

"Are you sure you can stay overnight to watch the hard water?" The professor motioned to a tub full of what appeared to be average water. Covered in plexiglass, a single tube rose out of the plexiglass and into a rat cage. "Yeah, no problem."

"Just make sure the mice stay in the cage. Oh, and don't let the fumes out. The last thing you need is getting poisoned, I'm sure." He smiled, which solicited a smile from the depressed teenage. Professor McGee rested a hand on his shoulder for a few seconds before taking off towards the door. "I'll be back in the morning. Go ahead and order in some pizza and put it on my tab." With that, he was gone.

A few hours passed. Jay had turned on the TV and was watching the news at 11. "Good evening, I'm Iris West and this is WGBS Keystone News at 11. Our top story: a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for all of Keystone County, with over 200 lightning strikes being reported in the past fifteen minutes alone. The theatre district is without power and massive damage has been reported..." Jay sighed. How could the day get any worse?

At that insant, a bolt of lightning soared through the window, breaking the glass. Before Jay could even react, the oddly colored yellow lightning struck the plexiglass surrounding the hard water. It still moved, striking the solution itself, causing it to dump onto Jay. Sprayed with the electrified liquid along with numerous glass shards, Jay flew out of his chair, crashing unconscious onto the floor.

"...luckily, no casualities have yet been reported. In other news..."

Ultimate Flash #2

Jay? Jay?

Slowly, Jay Garrick opened his eyelids, revealing his brown eyes. The first sight he was greeted with was a clean-shaven man, around his 30's, with a blond crewcut.

"Benny Alberts!" The teen exclaimed.

"It's me, Jay. Come on, sit up. Talk to me."

Jay stood up. Wait, stood? Jay looked down. He was actually standing on his own two feet! Merrily, he did a small jig, testing out his appendages. Sure enough, they were as good as new. He looked to Benny, who had taken a seat on a bench. That was when Jay realized that he was in a park...he was in the park where The Bolt fought Mischief Man in issue 147! He was in Fields Park in Capitol City! In pure awe, Jay took a step forward, his eyes dancing over the lush green grass next to the glowing peach sandbox. Smiling, he hesitantly eyed Benny.

"How can this be? You're...not real. This," Jay pointed down to his legs. "This is not real."

"Are you sure about that? Doesn't it feel real? How is it not real if you can touch, taste, smell, walk? Go on, take a step."

Jay took a seat next to the older man. "You're a comic book. The freaking Bolt is talking to me."

Quickly, Benny put a finger up to his lips, gesturing for Jay to quiet himself. "Let's not reveal my identity to the whole world, okay?"

Jay looked around at the landscape before him. Children laughed, mothers talked. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Benny asked.

"It is. But that's because it's drawn this way. A real city, a city like Keystone, is far worse than this."

"Only because you don't have heroes. Sure, you have policemen and firefighters, but you don't have people that actually inspire others, that act as symbols of hope. People are afraid to do things outside of the norm. They're afraid to do things that can get them in trouble because it's against the rules. Sure, comic books are works of fiction, but you can do what we do. You need to think outside of the box. That's the most important thing you can have - the power to think, to know that you can make a difference."

Jay placed his hands on his knees, staring off towards the horizon as Benny spoke. He turned his head to face him. "What are you trying to say, Benny? That I'm a superhero?"

Benny smiled. "No. I'm saying that those who deserve it, and those who genuinely want to help, will soon become something else. The term 'hero' as you know it in the real world will change. It's a very exciting time."

Jay stood up aggressively to stroll back and forth in front of the bench, all the while looking at Benny. "What the hell are you talking about? You're a piece of paper who is written and drawn to run like the wind. Now you're talking like some Morpheus wannabe."

Benny stood to his feet, where he grabbed Jay's shoulder with a smile. "I'm talking like a man who knows what he's talking about. The whole point of this conversation is to prepare you."

"For what?"

"For the future. Things are going to change. Your idea of what is and is not possible is going to change. I'm just telling you to keep an open mind and things will be okay."

"What future? How are things going to change?"

Benny, still with a gleeful smile, stared into Jay's eyes for a few moments before raising his arm towards the horizon. "Worlds will live, worlds will die, and the universe will never be the same."

Raising a brow, Jay looked to Benny, who started laughing. "I'm just messing with you. Let's just say that the real world is in for a surprise. The line between what is fiction and what is real is going to blur. Just be ready." Benny patted his shoulder once more before turning, when he began to walk away. Suddenly, he turned around and pointed back to Jay.

"Wait a second! How do I get out of here?! And why...WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" Suddenly, a gust of wind blew against Jay, as if a giant fan had just been turned on. Upon looking down, he saw that his feet were moving quickly. REALLY quickly. With a confused smile, he looked forward once more. There, right in front of him, was a giant wall with some sort of lightning bolt graffiti on it. Before he could scream, Jay headed right into the wall.

He sat up swiftly, sweat pouring down his face. He looked around to take in his environment. The room was white and plain, full of medical equipment and supplies. It was then that he noticed that he was in a hospital gown and that he was hooked up to a variety of machines. He glanced to the clipboard on the wall, rubbing his eyes to get the cloudiness out of them. It was then that he noticed that the date was wrong. October 29th? But wasn't yesterday's date September 27th?

He thought about the sudden change in dates. As Jay scratched the back of his head in bewilderment, he looked to the white dry-erase board that took up the wall in front of him. His eyes locked onto it. There, drawn on the board, was the yellow lightning bolt insignia he saw on the wall.


Ultimate Flash #3

"What is your name?"

"Jay Garrick."

"What is your full name?"

With a sigh, the teenager spoke, even as the doctor stared into his eyes while shining a small flashlight into it. "Jason Peter Garrick."

"How old are you?"


"Where are you right now?"

"In a hospital."


"Keystone City."

"Good." Just as the doctor finished his exam, a tall, older man entered the room. He brought with him an aura of both trust and calm, along with a gentle smile.

"Jay," the senior spoke as he wrapped his arms around the boy. In response, Jay wrapped his arms back around the man, closing his eyes tight with a smile.

"Mr. Crandall, Jay seems to have made a full recovery from the coma. Nothing is wrong, although his metabolism seems to have sped up a bit. He's starting to shed some of those extra pounds even though he's nearly wiped out the cafeteria."

The older man chuckled. "Yeah, that sounds like Jay, alright, except for the whole losing weight thing."

"We just need you to fill out some forms before we release him." Mr. Crandall nodded before walking out of the door with the doctor in order to get the required paperwork.

543 S. Lampwick Drive
Keystone City, Kansas

"Keep your eyes closed, Jay." Mr. Crandall wheeled Jay into his room. "And...open!" Jay opened his eyes to see a brand new wheelchair sitting in his room, complete with a control knob and motor.

"Max, you really didn't need to..." Still, the older man was smiling, and so Jay smiled back. Max assisted him in getting into the new chair, and Jay promptly tried out the knob. It wasn't as fast as spinning the wheels by hand, but it felt a lot better. After Max left, Jay sat back in his chair, staring at the wall. He still couldn't get over the dream he had. It just felt so real. It felt like he could actually walk again, run again, not to mention how fast he was running! The wind broke against his body like a rock breaking through the surface of water.

Jay looked down, coming back to reality. Here, he was crippled. Or was he? He hadn't tried to move his legs since before the coma and something inside just told him to try it. Maybe he was crazy. He stared as his legs as he attempted to move them. Move. Move. Move, damnit. Move.

His right leg raised up as easily as it did before the accident. He sat in disbelief, eyes wide. It...it moved! IT MOVED! Ecstatic, Jay leaped up to his feet, running back and forth in his room. As he did, Max sat in the living room, reading a newspaper. He heard the shouts of joy and cracked a small smirk.

Pemberton High School
Keystone City, Kansas

Jay walked into the school, a large smile upon his lips. The students seemed to part like the Red Sea before him, staring at him in shock and awe. Was Garrick The Gimp actually walking? His backpack was slung easily around his shoulder, a feeling he wasn't used to. He moved to his locker, smiling the whole way, and opened it.

"How the hell?"

Jay froze. He knew that voice. Suddenly, his locker door was slammed shut by an unknown force. There, to his right, was Malcolm Thawne. "What, you're in a coma for a month and now you can suddenly walk?"

"That's the jist of it, yeah." Jay smiled.

"Don't take that tone with me, Garrick. I'll have to smack that smile off your face."

"Try it." For some reason, Jay felt charged, like he could do anything. Before he knew it, though, Malcolm dropped his bookbag to the ground. Aw, crap. Before he knew it, Malcolm's fist came flying at him. But it was the strangest thing: the fist just kind of froze in the air. "Come on, Malcolm. Just hit me. Stop playing games." No response. Turning around, Jay saw that everybody else was frozen around him. Water coming from a water fountain hung in mid-air. Even Joan Williams was paused in the middle of a conversation, which allowed Jay to stare and admire her for a few seconds.

Holy crap. This was how The Bolt saw when he was in his accelerated mindset. But that wasn't possible in real life. Was it? Jay turned to look at Malcolm again, putting his hands on his hips. Wow, he looked like a buffoon with his mouth hanging open for what seemed like eternity. Getting an idea, Jay grabbed Malcolm's hand and gently moved it so that it aimed at the wall behind him. Just for fun, he also pulled Malcolm's underwear up over his head. Chuckling, Jay looked at the scene. But how was he going to get out of this accelerated mode? The only thing he could think of was to concentrate. Slow down your mind.

After a few moments, the world proceeded normally again. Malcolm's fist crunched against the wall, even as he was figuring out why his underwear was blocking his vision. The crowd of students busted out laughing, even as Malcolm became enraged. "GARRICK!" There was no response. Jay Garrick was gone.

25 miles south of Keystone City, Kansas

Jay hitched a ride out of the city and into the farm land that lay just miles outside of it. He hopped out of the truck and shouted a quick thank you before it resumed its journey. Now he looked out at the long, straight road in front oif him, farming fields on either side of it spread out as far as the eye could see. This was a perfect place to test his theory. Was it really possible to have superhuman speed? Did the lightning bolt / hard water cocktail really make him superhuman? This was the only way he could find out.

Jay positioned himself in the middle of the road. He crouched down, placing his hands out in front of him flat against the road. One leg crouched while the other extended behind him. It had been so long. He focused now, telling himself to speed up. He stared out in front of him, waiting, making sure he was ready. Go.

He ran like a bat out of hell down the road. Looking to the sides of him, the fields had become blurs to him. He laughed loudly. He had superpowers! Soon, he caught up to the truck that had dropped him off out here, and he ran alongside the driver's side, staring in. The driver glanced to his side and then looked back out of his windshield. Then he suddenly looked back to his side, eyes wide as he saw the boy running right along with his truck. Jay smiled and waved before running ahead of the truck and into the horizon.

Ultimate Flash #4

Mojave Desert
10 miles west of Las Vegas

Jay sat in the middle of the desert. Yes, he sat in the middle of the desert. From what he understood, he was about as fast as, if maybe a small bit faster than, a bullet. This was a shame since The Bolt could run at light speed. Still, better to have superpowers than none at all, right? Resting his arms on his knees, Jay looked out into the cloudless horizon. The weirdest thing happened, though - the sky suddenly filled with dark gray clouds and thunder began crackling through the air in a matter of seconds. A single bolt of lightning struck the ground just mere feet in front of Jay, causing him to stumble back a bit.

"Jay." He looked around for the source of the voice.


The wind picked up dramatically, blowing his short brown hair about and making him squint his eyes against the force. A single portion of the cloud-filled sky became a dark red and Jay turned his head up to stare at it.

"It's time."

"Time for what?!" He had to shout, as the thunder and wind began to drown out his voice.

"The future." Jay was suddenly at his feet and running, as if he was being controlled by something." Urban legends in Gotham City. Flying men in Metropolis. As I said before, it's an exciting time."

"And what does this have to do with me? I can't fly."

"No, but you can do something that is just as great." Jay looked down at his blurred legs. "Now show us what you're made of."

Caper Park
Keystone City, Kansas

Keystone City was quiet, or at least as quiet as it could be. At the home of the Keystone Capers baseball team, the crowd went wild as somebody smacked a ball high into the air. It soared towards the backfield, going, going…

Half of the crowd would not see where the ball went.

Keystone City, Kansas

Jay had stopped being forced to run on the outskirts of Keystone, and now he walked down the streets of downtown Keystone, approaching Keystone Center with his hands in his pockets, his head towards the ground. Why was he scared to do it? He could have easily taken those guys, right?


Somebody shouted out. Jay looked around for the voice. He spotted a young girl, no older than eighteen or nineteen, with a light brown haircut that would make Bettie Page jealous.

"Tina!" As the girl came up, she wrapped her arms around him, and he did the same to her.

"I can wrap my arms around you! I mean…wow, you can walk!" She smiled, causing Jay to smile himself. "I'm sorry that I haven't seen you since your accident. Dad's still upset about the whole thing. The dean made him take a break from work because of his stress." Tina said with a small smile. "So how are you doing?"

Jay looked around at Keystone Center. "I'm good. Still feels weird to walk again."

"I bet it does. So where're you headed? I just got out of class for the day."

"Right. Are you still studying for that CSI job?"

"Police forensic scientist, Jay. Not everything's fun and games like on that show."

"I wouldn't know. I don't watch crappy TV channels." He smiled as Tina playfully punched him in the arm.

A numerous amount of people were gathered looking up at a large screen. He and Tina joined them, looking up at the screen.

"This is Iris West with breaking news. An explosion has destroyed over half of Caper Park, with an estimated 3,000 people dead or injured. There is no evidence of it being a terrorist attack. President Bush will be flying into Keystone…"

Jay stopped listening as his hands clenched into fists. He knew what he had to do.

543 S. Lampwick Drive
Keystone City, Kansas

Max raised an eyebrow as he watched Jay carry some odd clothes. It looked like a red t-shirt, a pair of tight blue jeans, followed with a pair of old running shoes. Jay looked to Max. "What?" The elder man just shook his head before sitting down on the couch.

Jay slipped on the garments and looked in an old mirror. It was missing something. It seemed too…open. He looked around the attic, looking for something, anything, to add to the costume. His eyes remained in one corner as he set his sights on the perfect object. There, in the corner, was an old plastic hat from the Hermes rollercoaster at Fawcett Park, complete with yellow lightning bolt objects on the sides. It looked like it was brought right out of a book on Greek gods. Jay grabbed the hat and rested it on his head before looking in the mirror again.


Ultimate Flash #5

Keystone City, Kansas

"Good evening. This is Mayor Thawne. I would like to assure you, the citizens of Keystone City, that this explosion is nothing to be alarmed over. The authorities have everything completely under contro--."

The image of the mayor on all of Keystone's television channels suddenly cut out. On the screen was now a single man, a long brown beard covering the bottom portion of his face.

"My name is Captain George Harkness."

The citizens of Keystone stopped what they were doing to watch this man out of curiosity. Keystone Center was full of halted cars as they all looked up at the giant news screen.

"I was a member of the United States Marine Corps."

At Pemberton High School, the teachers and students all watched their televisions. Jay was resting his head in his hand, an eyebrow raised as he watched the TV.

"3,000 people are dead because of our government."

At the Keystone Police Department's 15th Precinct, a mass of police officers were getting riot fear on in anticipation.

"Millions of innocent people have died for them. Millions of innocent people have been killed by them. Millions of innocent lives have been ruined because of them."

Jay put his arm down, sitting up straight to watch the TV coherently.

"At one PM today, I will destroy another Keystone City landmark unless my demands are met. I demand that the United States government release documents concerning Project Ro--."

At that moment, the feed was cut, showing static. Jay looked to the clock that hung above the classroom door. 12:30. The police wouldn't have enough time to find this guy. But he would.

Jay asked to be excused to the bathroom, which he was. Jay entered the bathroom and went into a stall, only to find urine all over the walls. "Oh, Jesus Christ." He quickly went into the next stall, where he began to undress. Underneath his clothes was his costume, a tip he picked up from The Blur. As for his hat, he was able to cut it into pieces and give it a folding mechanism, therefore making it able to fit in his pocket. He produced it, and with a crack of his wrist, the hat unfurled.

At the doorway to the bathroom, Jay peeked out into the hallway. There was no one there. "Let's hope I really am quick enough." He walked into the hallway and out of the nearby door, going outside. There, he crouched down and looked at his watch. 12:35. Time to move. Placing his hands on the ground, he used them to spring forward, running.

He moved in a red and blue blur through the streets of Keystone. Soon he entered the main streets, where the cars seemed to be in an eternal traffic jam. He weaved in and out of them, arriving at Midwestern University in minutes. He quickly ran in, knowing that Dr. McGee had a frequency tracking device, which Jay used to find the feed that Captain Harkness used. He ran through the streets, holding the small device, which showed a visual blip as he got closer and closer to the transmission.

United States Marine Corps Recruiting Center
Keystone City, Kansas

Jay ran into the building, looking around. The building was deserted…or so he thought. He heard a faint muffle, which he followed to behind the counter, where the recruiter had been bound and gagged. Jay put his finger to his lips to signal for the recruiter to be quiet as he ripped the tape off of his mouth.

"Where's Harkness?" Jay whispered.

"Downstairs. You'll never get in, though, because the blast door's locked from the inside."

"Are you sure? There has to be some kind of override switch or something."

"The only way to open it is at Fort Baxter, but you'd never get there in time—." The man didn't finish, as he realized that his savior was gone.

Jay moved quickly, running to Fort Baxter that was just on the outskirts of Keystone, near the river. He moved through the base, eventually reaching a room with a list of controls. One was labeled "Keystone Recruiting Station B.D." He flipped it and ran back to the center.

Inside of the room, Captain Harkness and five other soldiers watched as the blast door opened. Moments after, a blur suddenly raced in, halting in front of them.

For the split second he had before they fired, Jay could tell that they were packing military-class weaponry. They fired, but the bullets were slowed down, moving at a pace of about 5 miles per hour in Jay's perspective. He walked around them and crouched under each of the soldiers, thrusting his palm into the barrels of their guns in order to send them flying out of their hands.

To Harkness and the soldiers, their guns were gone and the man had disappeared. Behind them he stood. "Not so bad without your guns?"

"I don't need guns." Harkness suddenly whipped around, hurling a boomerang at Jay. The speed caught him off guard, nailing him directly in the forehead. He fell to the ground as his hat flew off.

"Jesus. He's just a kid." One of the soldiers spoke in awe. Harkness looked down as Jay rubbed his forehead. His brain felt like Emeril had scrambled it.

"A kid that can kick your ***." Jay got up and moved in a blur once more, punching out two of the soldiers with one fist clean across the jaw. He knocked out another two by smacking their heads into each other, leaving only one, which was an easy picking with another fist. The Captain was the last one.

"Can't do ****, kid." Harkness pulled another boomerang out of his jacket and threw it at Jay, who managed to move out of the way this time. The object exploded on contact with the wall.

"Oh come on. Explosive boomerangs? You're kidding me." Harkness threw another, which Jay caught this time and tossed back with added momentum behind it, striking the Captain between the eyes. "What has the world come to when a marine uses BOOMERANGS?!"

523 S. Lampwick Drive
Keystone City, Kansas

"Good evening. I'm Iris West. Captain George Harkness, after blowing up half of Caper Park and threatening another Keystone landmark, has been brought to justice today, along with five other former marines. Keystone Police has been vague on how he was apprehended, but Detective Fred Chyre gave us some details."

Jay and Max sat in the living room, watching the news report. Detective Chyre showed up on the screen, in front of an array of microphones.

"A Good Samaritan gave us the heads up on the location, and when we got there, all of the men had been tied up. Captain Harkness is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after he said that a man with amazing speed, a 'flash' as he said, had defeated him. We are neither confirming nor denying Captain Harkness's claims."

The screen switched back to the reporter. "This would be the third time in the past year that another heroic character had appeared, following Superman in Metropolis and the rumors of a bat-like demon vigilante in Gotham. Although this reporter has to say that it's about time somebody did something about this city."

Jay smiled. That sounded nice. 'The Flash.'

The End.

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