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Sep 15, 2004
Well I said I'd do this and have finally got around to it. These are pretty good and I'd probably buy them. I'll psot them one at a time so you can leave your views on them. Ultimate Superman coming first!
Ultimate Superman


Ultimate Superman

The Origin: Rocketed from the dying planet Krypton, a lone baby lands in a Smallville Kansas field. Adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, the infant is raised like any other child, but the Kents soon learn their adopted son Clark is anything but ordinary. Under the Earth's yellow sun, he's developed powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

The Character: It's six years removed from the world of TV's "Smallville", where Clark, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang all grew up together as friends. Clark's just graduated from Kansas State University and has been offered an entry level job at the Daily Planet.

Supporting Cast: Lana's still Clark's girlfriend and one of the few people who knows about his extraodinary powers. But his long distance relationship with Lana (who is still in Smallville) is strained as Clark grows closer to fellow Planet reporter Lois Lane. Lois, a tenacious and clever reporter, is also the protege of Planet senior writer Perry White, the man who mentors Lois and Clark in both their work and personal lives. And just as Clark settles in Metropolis, billionaire industrialist Lex Luthor reemerges after a four year disappearence from the public life. Although Clark looks forward to seeing his old friend from smallville, something has clearly made Lex more intense, but Lex isn't talking.

The Set Up: After learning to control and master his powers while growing up in Smallville, Clark Kent moves to Metropolis and dons a costume to help protect the world as Superman, a name Perry White gives to him after seeing him save a sabotaged Air Force One.

The First Arc: Superman wasn't the only thing to escape Krypton. An artifical intelligence program developed by Jor-El, Superman's father, also reached Earth. Calling itself Brainiac 1, the super computer sets its sights on turning Earth into New Krypton... just as soon as it undoes the "Damage" done to Krypton's last son by those who raised him human.

The Big Picture: As Clark tries to reestablish his friendship with Lex, he doesn't realize that Lex knows he's Superman!
The Catch: Lex refuses to admit it to himself. Lex feels that if Clark-who represents Lex's only tether to a humanity that has constantly betrayed him and has been lying to him their entire lives. It's a Superman who has to pay the price.
This is just to show what Wizard thought DC should look like. This isn't what's going to happen. Ultimate Batman later!
These came out a long time ago. I think like 2 years ago. Yeah it was two years ago, to bad that they are not looking like this.
Yes, I know it was done a while back but I thought they looked cool. MWF wanted to see them so now I'm psoting them so everyone can see them. Do I have to explain anything else?

Why do you hate Wizard MWF?
Caduceus said:
Cos they lie. And hype. And so on

And they tell people that Mark Millar is going to make UU and 616 meet.
The Captain said:
while i agree they hype stuff up (they are just trying to sell mags) i thought they said there was a possibility, i dont remember them guaranteeing millar doing this...

Right, but it's in the way they word it. They aren't careful to stress that it's a *possibility*, and people who don't know any better misunderstand it and start posting rants on comic message boards.
UltimateE said:
Right, but it's in the way they word it. They aren't careful to stress that it's a *possibility*, and people who don't know any better misunderstand it and start posting rants on comic message boards.

Yeah... i agree with all that, but i think its all in who's writing the articles....

It still is -the- Comic Book magazine, and I still get it.... yeah.
Well before I post up Ultimate Batman, does anyone going to say anything about Ultimate Superman? I thought it was a good plan and I was actually thinking of writing a fic on it a while back...
Um... Ultimate Superman.... I like the costume. It would have been cool if Wizard did do some little preview of what it would look like if DC did do ULTIMATE DC.

p.s. Are you also going to post ULTIMATE TEEN TITANS?
Yeah, I like the costume too. DC should actually do an Ultimate DC mini-series with like an issue for each character or soemthing. That'd be cool. But now that All-Star is coming...

Yes I plan on doing all of Wizard's Ultimate DC, which involves:
Ultimate Superman
Ultimate Batman
Ultimate Wonder Woman
Ultimate Green Lantern
Ultimate Flash
Ultimate Justice League
Ultimate Teen Titans

Unfortunately, I can't do it right now, because I'm on someone elses computer.
Yeah, I know, I was just telling. Didn't mean to say it angrily. So, if Ultimate Superman did come out and it had that kind of story and looked like that, would you get it?
I am going to get ALL-STARS but yeah I would get it even more. Cause he even looks more of a badass than Ultimate Batman.

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