Ultimate DCU

The Overlord

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If the guys in charge of DC comics ntasked with creating a Ultimate DC Universe, how would do it?

How would change the Justice League and its members, like:
Wonder woman
Green Lantern
Aqua Man
Martian Manhunter

Would you cut any heroes out?

How would change the main DC villains?


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i might be wrong...but i thought this had already been done by Wizard or something...and isn't all-star suppossed to be kinda like ultimates? am i completely wrong?


Nexus of the World
The All-Star line is not the same as the Ultimate line, as I explained in this thread.

Also, I reckon if they do an Ultimate line (which they won't), it should be called the Infinite line.

As for how I'd do it - I'd just copy the 1990s Batman cartoon. That rocked.

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