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Jun 4, 2005
This another just for fun thread.:wink:

Now that Disney owns Marvel, how would you make Ultimate versions of the various Disney characters?
Mickey should be a pimp, but this is kept secret from his real wife, Minnie.

During his pimping business, Mickey finds out about a couple of enforcers, Donald and Goofy. This prompts Donald falling in love with Mickey's prize ho, Daisy. Donald and Daisy try to run off together, but Mickey's hired assassin, Stitch, kills them both. That's the first arc.

The second arc will revolve around Pete trying to get into the pimp action in town, trying to muscle Mickey off his turf. Mickey's wife Minnie starts getting clues about Mickey's real life, from someone called Darkwing, and Donald's rich uncle, Scrooge, who is the mayor of the city, starts to crack down on crime.

The third arc will be the culmination of these plotlines. Followed by a giant tidal wave.
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Ultimate House of Mouse

Plot : Mickey and Minnie are lab mice the government use to test a "super solider" type drug on. Something starts to go wrong and the mice grow. They struggle with their new found size and ability to talk. The world as we know it fears them and rejects them. So they form a sanctuary for out-casts called "The House of Mouse"

However the government believing them to be evil inject Mickey's crazy brother "Max" and give him a magical book capable of giving magic powers to anyone who uses it. The crazed Max Mouse quickly becomes Maximum Power! and starts to dress like a wizard (see pic)

Mickey however is not going to give up so eaisly and he will fight for his freedom and his right to live.

More info : This will be like the ultimates of this line. A series just for the Mickey family like Mickey and Donald ect... who all exist in the same universe. However the purpose is more like X-men.

Mickey will be a symbol for all persecuted groups top rally behind. Doesn't matter if they are African American, Homosexual, Jewish or any others. His struggle to have the same rights most take for granted will be a long hard one. Will he ever get his dream of a perfect united world? or will he and his friends be viewed as freaks forced to live in the House of Mouse.

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