Ultimate End


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It's a perfectly ordinary day, everywhere in the Ultimate Universe.

SHIELD intel has no idea what's about to happen.

Thor -- in all his supposed divinity -- has no clue.

Reed has enough time to speculate about what's going on, but the realizes here's no window to actually do anything to stop it, so he just gathers his surrogate family for a last farewell.

Even the Phoenix force inside Jean Gray could not anticipate it happening so quickly.

Ultimate entropy. The rapid, accelerated heat death of the universe. Why? Reality has been exhausted of interesting, fresh ideas.

We see the panel borders begin to collapse. The page layouts implode into one another. The digital coloring 'bleeds', until it's reduced to Ben Day (sp?) dots and Zipotone, all Silver Age-like.

Reality is coming undone, and the Ultimate Universe dies... consumed by the un-reality of the 616 Universe!

From an 'objective' distance, the Creator -- drawn in Jack Kirby's likeness -- smiles in approval.


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Joe Quesada wakes up in bed to see Brian Michael Bendis emerging from the shower."I just had the strangest dream. It was like the Marvel Universe but everything was different. Spider-Man was exactly the same as in the real world, except where it was different, it sucked ***, and nothing imaginative ever happened. The Avengers were a bunch of fascists. The Fantastic Four never went anywhere, much less on fantastic adventures, and the X-Men was taken over by a douchebag Scarlet Witch rip-off." Bendis: "Weird. Love me."

(Good-bye, Ultimate Universe. I'll miss you)


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Ultimate Nazis riding Ultimate Dinosaurs kill all the Ultimate heroes in Ultimate America. They are only stopped by 2 free Ultimate Dinosaurs, who then summon Ultimate Meteors to destroy earth.


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Why end the Ultimate Universe? It's a new universe for a new (and the old) generation of fans to enjoy without all the old continuity issues getting in the way.

As long as the creators can keep it together and not fall into the same traps as before, it should just keep going.

Downfalls, should it come to that:

Too many ressurections. Main characters are an exception, they can be "ressurected". (I'd love to see Ultimate Beast come back... perhaps with ultimate Apocalypse?). However, smaller characters should just stay dead. (i.e. if they kill Ultimate Dazzler or Ultimate Kraven the Hunter... they're dead! End of story.)

Retconning. Except in the case of Ultimate Punisher because all they did with Ultimate Pun was half-arse update the origin and slap "Ultimate" in front of Punisher. I was hoping to see a much more organic Castle figure in the UU... without the spandex/kevlar bodysuit, more like the Punisher art on the cover of most of the Ennis issues for the last 5 or so years. And they can retcon the horrible O.S.Card Ultimate Iron Man, too, because that was a horrible waste of 6 months for me.

Overdoing it. I like the way they've paced the Ultimate Universe thusfar. We have a select number of Ultimate titles (Ultimates, UFF, UXM, USM, the minis *MINUS UIM!* and I suppose Ultimate Team-Up.). I'm sure they'll add more. Perhaps a non-Card penned Ultimate Iron Man, an Ultimate Captain America, maybe an Ultimate Hulk... but the day I see Ultimate Speedball or Ultimate Darkhawk on the shelves at my LCS is the day I'll give up hope. Until then...


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If they ended it i would love it to be a secret wars with every hero vs every villan. Only the villans kill/steal powers of beyonder (i think hes secret wars guy reember him from spider-man 90s cartoon) so that everything is real and not just a game and then the villans win but as we know they would all want to be top dog so to speak so ......

1st arc or 2 = secret wars heroes vs villans

2nd half = secret wars but with every villan trying to be the top dog and killing each other untill only one remains verry weak and dying but dose not dye in comic so its kinda left open.

I think that would be cool. but of course the war would need to be seen on tv so loved ones could see it and react. so secret war that turns in to a not so secret war



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return of gah lak tus but the central mind show's up and it's like the real gah lak tus all the ship's are just drone's