Ultimate FAntastic Four 1 :The Fantastic Part 1 (Spoilers)

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Sep 26, 2004
Ultimate FAntastic Four 1 :THe FAntastic Part 1

I was really excited when I stumbled onto this title. I had been out of the country for about a year and was looking into getting caught up on Ultimate Spider-man and I saw this comic in the shop and had to buy it. I have always been a fan of the Fantastic Four character wise, but I often felt that the writers were trying too hard to keep to pace with other titles and making foolish choices for the characters. (IE Sue, a mom with an 8 year old wearing a costume that rivals the White Queen's, Johnny being held in trial for setting fire to Empire University as if that was the first time property had been damaged during a superhero fight.. Ive never seen anyone sue the Hulk.., and lets not forget to mention turning four year old Franklin into this PSi-Lord guy.. whatever.. ) All this to say when I saw a chance to see my characters in a new light and without all that clutter I jumped at it and I have to say I wasnt disappointed, but Im getting ahead of myself.

This first story focuses on the personal history of one Reed Richards and to a degree introduces us to each of our four heroes. We are given a glimpse of Reed's brilliance even as a baby, as his new world is filled with new discoveries. When next we see him, he is face down in a toilet receiving a swirly and the character who I see the greatest amount of heroism so far in saves him from the bullies, one Ben Grimm. I dont think it is necessary to do a play by play of the entire issue, suffice to say we see a lot of Reed's devlopment to about the age of ten. He already has discovered the N-zone and begun transporting small objects there. His family doesnt understand him, and he is all only really tolerated by his father. His father instead is interested in Ben, the Grimm Reaper. These are all feelings that any of us at any time could say we have felt in our adolescence and so Bendis is able to make us feel a real sense of sympathy with Reed's character.

The main point of this issues storyline though is of course to bring us from point A to B as far as bringing our characters together and Reed eventually arrives at the Baxter Building where he meets Dr. Storm and young Sue and Johnny and is given his first glimpse of the dimension he discovered, to which he can only say, "fantastic."

My review: I love it. Adam Kubert is really one of my favorite artists and he really tells the story to us. This issue could have made it as a 'nuff said' with the pictures he gives us we get the story.

Bendis is my current favorite writer right now and even though he ALREADY killed Gwen in Ultimate Spider-Man.. his work in this book keeps you waitng for the next issue, while giving you enough of a glimpse into the characters to have you read the issue steadily until the next one comes. One a one to ten I give it a nine.
I'm enjoying them a lot - nice work. If you haven't yet, move them over to the new review forum so they stay when we switch over to the new site.

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