ultimate Fantastic Four # 10- corny? [spoilers]


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May 23, 2004
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Just read # 10, and all I could think about was how Dr. Doom acted. All of Doom's scenes seemed like corny unoriginal supervillan banter. Am I the only one who felt that I was in the 60's again with this iss.

Another thing that bothered me was the Fantasti-Car, besides the jokes I found the fantasti-car idea contrived [I think that's the word]. I mean Reed just happened to have built a car with room in it for 4 people. Go fig.

still, i really liked the dialogue besides dr. doom's. and "it's clobberin time" was well played.

And the artwork... fantastic :D

Well, those are my thoughts, why do you guys think
I thought it was a good issue. And the part with the fantastic-car, yeah, it was crazy that it fits four people, lol.

Overall, I give a 7/10.
7.5 :!: It still leaves me waiting for #11 more than anything, but from the solits it reads like We're supposed to learn if Reed has any limitations on his powers like Johnny and Sue. Guess I'll have to wait another 30 days.
I thought this was brillliant and was probably the best issue of UFF yet. I LOVED how Ellis brought in the FantastiCar. The dialogue surrounding that was perfect. It was a perfect introduction to one of the hokey-ist things ever to come out of the F4. And, really, it opens up the opportunity to finally name the team. The explanation for the robot bugs and how they are put together was perfect.

As for Doom's behavior, I thought it was dead on based on what little we know about him.
Yeah, Victor's a huge egomaniac, who's seriously lacking in social skills thanks to the job done on him by his father. When you're told from childhood that you have an inate sense of rightness of divine proportions you're bound to end upa bit wacked. That saidI felt it was a bit overdone, mostly the last page... that was a bit over the top.
I agree with UltimateE on this one...

I thought that the issue was brillaint. Ellis makes a very interesting comic book without the whole super hero deal going on. The Fantastic Four's motives are really something and they are actually, in terms of what's realistically right, anti-heroes, which is an interesting thing for them. They are defying the army to get what they need to become normal again. I think that's cool... The whole title is one of my favorites.
I guess i'm in the minority in oppinions, who woulda thought, a differant oppinion :D

But really I did like the charcaters of the FF just not doom, to me Doom made the book dull.
Well, yeah, I tend to agree with you, though that is part of his character I think. He's a very odd person and he has been taught to be strict with himself... Doom is a really, really cool villain in a respect that he uses his brain more than anyone that we have seen so far. He's got a following, he bided his time to attack, he used his strength with technology to achieve what he wanted, etc. He's a very cool villain, although he needs to work on being a little less postured... Although, again, that's in his character.

More and more, Reed is becoming my favorite Ultimate character. He just seems so different from everyone else.
Reed is definitely the cog that makes the machine go that is UFF. But for my favorite character so far, I think it's a toss up between Doom and Thing. I like Doom because he's not a nobody just trying to come from nowhere to take down some hero team for publicity. He has a background and a vision for the Free State that he has made in Europe and will someday bring forth the nation of Latveria and will rival Magneto as most powerful Ultimate villain. As for the Thing, I like how he has every right to be more pissed about the experiment than anybody, but he just rolls with the punches and keeps his composure as well as sense of humor to help him in battle. I can't wait 'til the N-Zone arc already, and Ellis hasn't even finished his first arc. I hope Ellis stays witht the title for some time.
I hope Ellis stays witht the title for some time

He insists he's leaving after the N-Zone arc...
Well, he seriously outta consider sticking around. I reall enjoy reading his work and I have even considered looking into Planetary and his other stuff just because I think he's that good. I don't branch off and go somewhere besides Marvel, so that's saying something.
It's not "if" but "when", which is after #18. Of course we won't know for a while who will be replacing him. If they can't find anyone I could see Bendis stepping in temporarily.
I know Bendis will step in temporarily... He'll probably wind up doing a story with Spider-Man swinging around and it will be a terrible filler story again. lol, No, I really don't know what's coming up next, but I could imagine Bendis stepping in there for four issues or so.
I remember reading Ellis' work on Starship Troopers (I go nuts for sci-fi titles in mini-series) and I think he has the perfect touch for UFF. It's a sci-fi book. If he leaves after #18, they need another sci-fi writer with Ultimate caliber talent. Any guesses?
Yeah, Warren Ellis. :) No, really, I would really like to see Singer on this title. He doesn't know them too well, but he can probably write a good cinematic title, which is often needed here. Hah, Singer... Have at it guys!
Dark_Images said:
I remember reading Ellis' work on Starship Troopers (I go nuts for sci-fi titles in mini-series) and I think he has the perfect touch for UFF. It's a sci-fi book. If he leaves after #18, they need another sci-fi writer with Ultimate caliber talent. Any guesses?

Maybe this could be JMS's first Ultimate try-out. After all, he did Babylon-5, so he has a clue about sci-fi.
I'm not sure he'd be cut out for it. Not that he isn't a good writer, but I don't think he's one to think on his feet. He just throws in stuff to make it entertaining and that's it.

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