Ultimate Fantastic Four #16 delayed 1 week to 03/02/05


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May 17, 2004
[IMGL]http://ultimatecentral.com/cov/ULTFF016.jpg[/IMGL] Ultimate Fantastic Four #16, by Warren Elllis and Adam Kubert, will be delayed 1 week from it's initial release date and will arrive in stores March 2, 2005.

The original solicitation for the issue reads:

Pencils & Cover by ADAM KUBERT
"N-ZONE" There's life in the N-Zone, but with the sun dying, there won't be for long! Can the F.F. save them? And more importantly, should they save them? Part 4 (of 6).

32 PGS./All Ages …$2.25
How come every Ultimate Book seems to be late now. Why??? What is wrong with Marvel?
This sucks, can anyone remember when comic books came out when they were originally scheduled? Now when I hear a release date I add a month for the inevitable delays(two months for ultimate titles). :x
It seems like everytime I come on this site all of the news is bad news... So, I guess this means that we'll have to wait for the rest of the arc to come out, too?
Well, I'm not too disapointed. Everytime UFF has been delayed (which was like, 2 other times, I think), it came out when it was re-scheduled. So I have faith this won't be pushed again.

I agree with Guij - I hate delays, but it's only a week. I don't have my pull list in front of me but I seem to recall that being a pretty full week anyway, so it helps balance things out for me anyway.

(And by the way, this is the 1000th existing thread, but we hit 1000 threads quite a while ago. Threads get merged or deleted but the DB keeps numbering them as normal and doesn't change anything past. This is actually thread #1595 - click here for the actual 1000th thread - it's from October :D ).
all the ultimate tittles might be getting pushed back cuz there trying to make soo many of them, and trying to have them all tie in...You have ultimate x-men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Iron man (coming soon, I HOPE), Elektra (just ended), ultimates 2, Ultimate nightmare, and whatever else they have that I can't remember..., and then trying to make all of those tie in with a lot of different people working, that don't like how the other guy is doing the work….adding a month is given…..

Goodwill said:
It seems like everytime I come on this site all of the news is bad news...

i got good news for ya GW. Not only good news, GREAT news. Your gonna be the next UC member to get super powers in Ultimate Central #1
Hope you read #0 (yes, i know, cheap plug)

Yeah delays suck
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It's only a week, and I personally think Marvel's having less delays this time. Ultimates vol.1 anyone?
Goodwill said:
Yeah, agreed but I'm sure everyone is just miffed about Nightmare...

You got that right. Delays like this are not only annoying but harmful to the continuity of the books.

Example- what if something could not be revealed in a regular "on time" book becuase it references something from a really late book. I would think it would discourage writers from developing continuity due to just such problems.

However the continuity of the UU is the very reason I like it better than the MU.

And really, why do these books have to be late? They know they are doing "Ultimate Arrival", but have they assigned an artist to it or done anything with it?

As far as I'm concerned that series should be half in the bag already. What the hell are they waiting for? Nightmare is right!
You're absolutely right...

I'm sure Ellis has been working with an artist on Arrival, but things are getting messed up with all this scheduling so you can imagine what's going with that right now... Ellis is probably holding scripts and editting them and what not... It's probably a mess.

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