Ultimate Fantastic Four #36 Discussion (spoilers)

I'm also counting Carey's eariler 2 issue arc.

did you actually like those turds?

I did. Mad Thinker was a brilliant ultimitization, and the horror-esque setting which was a nice change of pace. So far, Carey has been spot-on with his ultimitizations (Thinker and Thanos), so I'm hoping that what he does with AIM in Vision and Diablo in the next UFF arc are just as good.
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I am really enjoying Carey's run on UFF... Better than Millar's for sure. It's more straightforward and thought out... Or, at least, on the surface... Which is better, in my opinion.
I'm becoming a bigger fan of this book with each issue i read. Hopefully this continues. I can't wait to see Thanos in action!!!!!

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