Ultimate Fantastic Four #41 & #42 delayed.


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According to THE Shipping Update Thread, Ultimate Fantastic Four #41 (Mike Carey & Mark Brooks) and #42 (Mike Carey & Pasqual Ferry) has been delayed to 5/2/07 (#41) and 5/30/07 (#42).

  • ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #41 FEB072103 05/02/07
  • ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #42 MAR072063 05/30/07
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Please, God War had interesting concepts behind it, and great art.

Wait...your the one who thought the clone saga was good. Nevermind, it's useless to argue with you


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God War had interesting concepts, yes, but both the story and art were terrible. I was so glad to get rid of Paquette, but it seems my joy was premature since he's back after Devils.

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