Ultimate Fantastic Four #44 discussion [spoilers]

Re: UFF # 44 Spoilers!

An ok issue. Debuts Ultimate Psycho Man. Is it me or does every arc play out the same?

Ultimate books are old hash, man. Sorry to say. I haven't read UFF since the 2nd issue of God War and I don't feel like I've missed anything.
Re: UFF # 44 Spoilers!

Psycho Man is nice Thanos though. Get it? Eh never mind.
Re: UFF # 44 Spoilers!

It's called a theme, gents. Surely, you've noticed?

Doom. Nihil. The Inhumans. Namor. Thanos. And now Scyros. All authority figures. Reed has a contentious relationship with his authoritarian father, yet the FF work for the military-industrial complex. Are you putting it together, now?

And, Goody, it is just you, mate. :p
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