Ultimate Fantastic Four #46 Discussion (Spoilers)


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Well #46 is out. No one else read this? I liked it but I thought the ending was just too, I don't know, Deua Ex Machina-y. 3/5 Not bad. Not Great.


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Plenty of people have said they liked it.

Don't think of yourself only!

Oh wait...it's you...nevermind. :)


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The silver surfer arc has been his best so far, but I still can not make distinctions between his villains... They are all the same.

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I liked it, but there were a lot of cliches at the end (like a mind-controlled person being told, like "I know you're in there!"). Probably the most fun arc of Carey's UFF.


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I liked the unravely guy. I agree with you all, Carey has been doing good on UFF, it's just that he's not writing something I find to overtly 'Fantastic'. God War and this were both good but I wasn't impressed by Diablo.


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I replaced UXM on my pull list with UFF about two issues ago. I am actually enjoying it immensely, more than Millar's run. I like how Carey is reusing Ellis's concepts and characters.

I give it a solid 3.9 out of 5.


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Diablo was terribly weak - and only 3 issues, like the upcoming arc. (Hope that's all they have in common)

Funny, though, Carey's 5-6 issue arcs have seemed too long

Enjoying his run overall, though
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You're all crazy. This arc was fantastic compared to everything else that Carey has done so far.

I think the fact that Carey has turned out a lot of garbage is coloring how people see this arc. I mean sure, God War was one prolonged fight comic, the Diablo arc had crap art and the alchemy elements were just utter nonsense.

But this arc was pretty fun. I thought it was just going to be the FF beating the crap out of Surfer only to realize that he was a good guy bringing peace and love but I totally did not expect Psycho-Man.

And wonderfully enough, it turns out that Ultimate Psycho-Man is a great update of the original concept. I mean granted, I LOVED the original Psycho Man because he was kinda stupid.

But taking the whole 'emotion control' business and using it to create a villain who is essentially a benevolent fascist was a very inventive move.

In short, you're all crazy. Oh wait I said that already.
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