Ultimate Fantastic Four #8 cover


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May 17, 2004
Here's the cover of Ultimate Fantastic Four #8, about half a day early (it wasn't shown in the original solicitation):


Discussion on this issue can go in this thread as well. :D
Not up close it isn't... Thing's face is all weird.

Anyway, the story arc with Doom seems to be shaking up a good story. I can't believe how intriguing it is turning out to be. I mean, if the first issue of the arc were anything to go by, I would have dropped the title, but this issue was boss. I really like Warren Ellis' writing and I hope he sticks around. Anyone think Johnny completely needs more screen time? He kicked ass!
What are you talking about, issue 7 was great. The Set up for Doom's character was nicely handled as were the character moments. Good set up for the arc I thought.
Agreed - the bits with Van Damme's father is integral to the story and how/why he is the way he is.
What rubbed me the wrong way about that issue was the art, for one, thing, which improved 100% by the second Ellis issue and the fact that it focused on Reed and Sue when they don't necessarily need the lime light. It wasn't bad.

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