Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 3: The N-Zone


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Nov 30, 2004
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So I started picking up single issues at #15 and I enjoyed the arc up to the conclusion. but after reading through it's entirety, I'm gonna have to say that this arc was pretty good. I don't fault Ellis because the ending was rushed. Bendis does the same thing. There was a lot to learn about the characters and some very cool scenes. It was a good arc.

I also completely accept how Thunderbolt survived.
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I just read it, and I'm genuinly saddened that Ellis is off the title now. Doom seemed a bit.... I dunno, off for me, but N-Zone was exactly what I wanted out of Ultiamte Fantastic Four. Pseudoscience, crazy manipulations of powers, The Thing being a badass, and Nihlis. Yeah baby. 4/5
I think Reed's spiel about how people like Doom and Nihil want to set up their own "butt-hat franchise" instead of allowing themselves to see the universe as a great big place full of all these cool things and great ideas contributed a lot to how the concept of super-villainy is shaping up within the Ultimate universe.

And it's also applicable in many other contexts, stories and industries, something I think I illustrated in a discussion about Warren Ellis.
I just bought this the other day and I was really dissapointed with it. I really liked the first two arcs but this one wasn't interesting to me at all. I should have bought a different ultimate book.
This has to be the arc where we really see the Ultimate F4 act as superhero-explorers,just as they were 40 some odd years ago.Dialogue was great and even though alot of people thought the ending was rushed,I thought it was perfect.Levelling Vegas then fighting a bunch of aliens?Good stuff.

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