Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HC


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May 17, 2004
Anyone pick up the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy hardcover? Mine just came in yesterday from Amazon/UC Store.

I'm a little bit of a format whore, like Baxter. So I wanted to have this collection. It looks nice. It includes Ultimate Vision #0 as well, which probably isn't enough to justify the price for a non-format whore who already has the 3 TPBs, but it's nice to have nonetheless.

I really really enjoyed the trilogy even though a) Tom Raney's art totally ruined Secret for me and b) nothing major happened (I still think a major city should have been destroyed to make it more meaningful, and they could still be dealing with it today). So this is nice to have.
I picked this up a couple days ago, and it's great. I didn't have the TPB's, so it was really worth the cash. It makes me all nostalgic about when the UU didn't suck though. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
I never read the entire serie, so i would love to pick this up .
I'm stringy with my money in most cases, but I was anxiously awaiting this HC for well over a year now, and so I paid full price for it at the shop today.

Well worth the money. I just wish I didn't have so many HCs being released in the next two weeks...it's like Marvel's dumping all my future purchases in a two-week space of time.

UFF HC vol.3, Planet Hulk, and Annihilation v.3.


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