ultimate hulk vs ultimate thing


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sorry if this has came up b4 but since a reference to hulk and thing squaring off has been made in the most recent issue of UFF i just thought i would bring it up.So who do you think would win?

Personally, although ultimate thing is very cool (the whole knocking out a 200ft high sea monster with 1 punch in particulars) id say the fight would go to Hulk, Why? Cause he is so badass!!!(sorry about use of that word i know its lame) the hulk just looks meaner ,weve seen what he`s fully capable of in ultimates 13, and he`s madder than a bag full of mad things and in all fairness he`d probably knock grimm senseless and then eat him and [email protected] out the gravel left and then like drop a tank on it....probably.

as a small side question what artist would you get to penil this spectacle?.


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I'm putting my money on Ultimate Hulk. He's crazier here and with that strength of his, say that he can beat Ultimate Thing. 8)


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Yeah i think the Hulk would win cause he can take so much damage, and he just never gives up, haven't seen much of the Thing fight except for that Monster, do you reckon if the hulk punched the Thing pretty hard would his head break off?


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Tomar - welcome. Great to have you here.

I have to agree that Ult. Hulk would win handily. Even though we don't even know the extent of Thing's strength yet, Hulk is "the strongest there is" and the madder he gets, the stronger he gets.


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Thanks for the welcome its good to be here.

i reckon Hitch would be the perfect artist for this type of fight as he really nailed ultimate Hulk in the first volume of ultimates and seems to be able to show the sheer amount of power and strength he is capable of.

I wonder if well see a face off anytime soon perhaps ultimate secret.


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The Thing would put up a good fight, but the Hulk will win hands down!


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Why was this thread even made?

I agree with Aeroth... there isn't even a question about it the UH would destroy UT....


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I don't think Grimm was supposed to be intelligent at all really... I think the match would just come down to raw fighting and in that case the Hulk would win


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I think that ultimate Hulk would win. Thing would have the advantage at first, been he is made of rock and the hulk is flesh and blood. But the Hulk can take a beating like no one can, getting stronger with each punch. At the end Hulk would be so mad that he would break ultimate Thing jaw off. Hulk would hammer Ben’s dead body until all that was left was orange dust.
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I was just pointing out that Ultimate HUlk is pretty stupid and gullable, where as Ultimate Ben is of least average intelligence in terms of fighting due to his football knowledge and the stratergies developed in that game.

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Wow....this arguement is pretty one-sided.

Which is a shame too. I personally would love to say that Thing would be the victor.....but we all know that he would get his *** handed to him by Big Boy Green.


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Patriot Mk2 said:
Thing cuz off Crossover.
I still don't buy that I think Zombie Hulk is weakest Hulk there is. I would also say that if Thing and Hulk squared off it wouldn't be a one hit and there down. I'd believe there'd be a lot of tossing around. What we dealt with was a Zombie Hulk that was just crazed and had no concept of anything. Thing caught him off guard and slugged him. In the UU, I'd hope Ultimate Hulk would put up a better fight and win. Otherwise Hulk just shouldn't be Hulk.

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