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Apr 14, 2005
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Anyways, here's my idea of what the Ultimate Hulk mini should be like:

Ultimate Hulk
Issue One
Monster and Men

...the Eskimo town of Aitq, a small tiny village in the cold expanse of Alaskan plains, features the largest gathering of Eskimos. They tend to gather every year, seeking the comfort of each other during the colder winter months...

The man placed the brochure back into his pocket, sighing outwardly, getting to the front of the bus. He was shunned from civilization, completely, forcing him to move northward, into the reaches of Alaska, and far away from citties as possible. But he was a city creature, and needed some comfort from that, so he came here, as far north as one could get.

Bruce Banner got off the bus, and wrapped his coat around him tighter, the wind here was piercing. Shouldering the backpack Hank had left him, he walked to the nearest building, a coffeehouse. Going inside, he was greeted to a bunch of odd looks, mainly from Eskimos themselves, but a few Americans, tanned from the sun, where here as well. Glancing over to the counter, he smiled at the young woman manning it. She looked to be from America, and young, but he did notice some grey tinges in her blond hair.

"Hey," he said, sitting at the counter.

"Hello yourself stranger, why you here?"

"No reason," said Banner, "I'll take a large coffee, two creams, one sugar."

"No reason huh?" said the lady, "Well, when your ready to tell me you will, here's your coffee mister, and my name is Josie Jackson if your wondering."

"Thanks," said Banner smilingly, "You know if this town needs a doctor?"

"Of course."

"Tell me were one could find a place to stay for the next few nights."

"I think I can handle that." said Josie, grinning.


To say Nick Fury was mad would be an understatement.

He was pissed.

"Intel was following a lead on the whereabouts of a supposed dead mutant, and instead, they find this." said Fury, slamming the file in front of Steve Rogers. "They find him."

The face of Banner was seen buying a ticket.

"That's Banner?"

"Yup, and still breathing," said Fury, "Why can't people stay dead in this world."

Steve looked at the file closely, "So, where was it going, the bus."

"Heading towards Atiq, a small town full of Eskimos."

Steve stood up, "I'm going to get him back."

"No, I was going to have one of the mutants take...."

Rogers cut him off with a glare, "That man murdered innocent people."

"That same man also saved the world from aliens, in case you forgot that."

"I had three other plans ready to go, and two more I was coming up with, he was simply easy and convinent. We didn't need him to beat them."

Fury sat down on his chair, "You can't go."

"Then why show me?"

"Your the leader of the team," said Fury, "You should know what's going on with one of your own men."

Steve slammed his fists on the table, "And I'll make him pay as the leader of the team."

Captain America walked out of the meeting room, fuming. Nick let a small smile appear on his face. The phone rang, and he picked it up, "Tell Xavier we won't need him."

"You sure?"

"Yes, Rogers is going after him."


The thrill of the hunt, the scent of fear, the warmth of the blood as it flowed over my muzzle. The hunt felt too good to let go, and I relish the release of the animal within me.

Transforming back, I wade in a stream, to rinse the sticky sweet stuff from me, and throw on my robe. The cold hardly affects me up here, mu mutant power more than compesating for it. Looking at the carcass left behind, I shrug, the cold will freeze it, or the wolves around here will get some food. I was just in it for the hunt.

I go back to my cave I call home, the cave that overlooks the city of Atiq, the same city that provides me my entertainment.

Settling back, I begin to plot my new course of action, to get the new doctor that suddenly arrived in town today.

My body yearns for his screams.


A figure stood around a circle of stones, others, dressed in the same forest green robes stand around it. They chant in an old celtic language, a small sect of people who escaped Ireland during the purge of any religion that go tin the way of Christians.

They finally got their chosen one back, and they were blessing her, readying her for her own hunt.

They point her a direction, and she is soon at full gaint, her long red hair flowing behind her.

She had a scent, that's all she needed.


Banner woke up the next morning to screams. Moving away from the warm body of Josie, he looks at the window.

"It Wendigo! He's back! He's killed again!"

Banner's eyebroiws rise in surprise.
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Wow almost reminds me of the Hulks first enconter with Wolverine without Wolverine. Perfect Fury I think, with his manipulating. Would be very intrested in seeing Capt vs Hulk vs Wendigo. Overall One story Id love to see in comic book form.
Ultimate Hulk
Issue Two
The Hunters

Banner rushed outside, still pulling his coat around him. gathering with the rest of the crowd.

"What's going on?"

A man with short blond hair answered him, someone who looked eeirely familar to Bruce, "No idea, I'm pissed off they woke me up. You new in town?"

"Yeah," said Banner raising an eyebrow, "Name's Bruce, Bruce Tannard, you?"

"Charley," said the man, shaking Banner's hand, "Pleased to meet you." The man turned around and walked off muttering to himself.

"Strange guy," said Banner, making his way to the gathering of Eskimo's, "I'm a doctor, is there anything I can do?"

One of the Eskimos laughed, "Not unless you can raise the dead my friend. He was killed, four punture wounds into his chest."

Banner breathed a small sigh of relief, he doubted the Hulk had come out, but that confirmed it to himself, "That is odd."

"Elder! Elder Racham! We found another body, up in the hills, torn apart!"

The Elder shook his head, "That's the curse..."

"Curse?" said Banner.

"Come American, let me tell you about the curse of Wendigo."


Captain America stepped off the plane, blinking in the bright Artic sun, and slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Damnit Clint, I know your behind me."

Hawkeye chuckled, "I hope you did, Fury told me to follow you, make sure you came back ya know. And not to do anything stupid."

Rogers gave Hawkeye a stern look, "Listen, I'm going to take out Banner, something like the Hulk will never be anything good."

"Hey, I hate Banner as much as the next guy and all, I had cousins die in the Manhattan fiasco, but still," he shrugged, "Orders are orders."

"Just try to keep up, will you Hawkeye."

"Try and lose me Cap, just don't use any superpowers, alright?"

Rogers walked over to the bus station, and bought two tickets for Atiq, and sat down to wait. Hawkeye sat down next to him, and sigh outwardly, "Your boring to be around, Jan's right."

Rogers fixed Hawkeye with a pointed look.

"Alright, alright, too early for jokes, I got it."


The woman with the long red hair paused in her journey to rest. Coming to a cave, she stripped off her robe, and laid it down on the rocky floor. She curled up next to it, and fell asleep.

Wolves who came up to the cave, never went inside, they smelt what humans wouldn't be able too and therefore saw the woman for what she truly was.

None of them wanted to mess with her.


Banner and Racham walked into Racham's place of residence, a house in the middle of town. A fire burned in the grill, and and Eskimo woman tended to it.

"Ah, my little Una, we are going to have a guest for dinner tonight."

Una looked up from her stove, and smiled at Bruce, "Hello, come in."

"Your so trusting," said Banner, "I'm not use to this."

Racham answered "Well, my friend, we know you won't hurt us."

Banner breifly thought about the Hulk, "I'm not too sure of that."

Racham chuckled, "And we recognized you. From the TV."

"And your not scared?"

"Not at all," said Una, "So, do you like seal?"

"Never had it before...."

"Let me take your coat Bruce, and have a seat." said Una, ushering him over to a small dinner table, "All we ask is you tell us your story."

"Ok...." started Banner.


The beasty awoke from it's slumber, searching for more victims, for more blood, and inspire more fear.

The white beast reached edge of town, searching for easy prey.

It wasn't hard too find.

It descended upon the blond haired man called Charley.
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Ultimate Hulk
Issue three
Hidden Identities

The beast was surprised when the person he attacked reacted, using the beast's own momentum against him, throwing the beast across the snow. The beast landed with agility, but did not press it's attack, instead, it opted to talk to the man.

"You, you are not human, are you?" said the beast, it's voice gutteral.

The man cracked a grin, "You could say so. You a mutant too?"

"Yes," said the beast, "They call me Wendigo."

"Well then Wendigo, they call me Sabertooth."


"So, why were we sent up here anyways? Why was Fury watching a small town like this?" asked Hawkeye as the bus rolled across the landscape.

"He was tracking another mutant, one that worked with Magneto, and supposingly dead."

Hawkeye cracked a smile, "I see, mutants are harder to kill sometimes than cockroaches."

"Jim cut off his head."

"Jim? Wait, cut off his head?"

"Wolverine, and the mutant is known as Sabertooth. His healing factor is as good as Wolverine's, maybe even better."

"I say, with the whole head cutting off thing and still coming back from that."

"It's impossible..."

"You think it's someone else, other than Sabertooth? Maybe a shapechanger?"

"That's what I'm thinking," said Cap, closing his eyes, "Wake me when we get there."

Hawkeye groaned, "Why am I the babysitter all of a sudden."


"Tell me about the Wendigo." said Banner, after he explained his own past.

The fire made Racham look older than he was, "Well, first, he is a cursed beast. A man, when forced to consume flesh of another man, becomes the Wendigo, and gains all the strengths of the beast. He also gains the abilities of the person he ate."

"Sounds disgusting." said Banner, wincing at the memory of eating, and after words, excreting, the body of the alien commander.

Racham nodded, "That's what the villagers think, I'm thinking this man is a mutant. A mutant who likes power."

"You're probably right," said Banner, "I should get back to Josie's, she's expecting me."

"Take care Bruce, and remember, your always welcome here for dinner."

"Thank you," said Bruce, leaving the house, bundling his coat around him.


Wendigo gave a curious sniff, "Word is, you hate humans."

Sabertooth grinned, "Word's correct, I really hate humans."

"How come?"

"Because." said Sabertooth, leaving it at that.

"I want the new guy, I want to eat his body." said Wendigo.

"I think I can arrange that," grinned Sabertooth. "Shouldn't be too hard."


The lady awaoke from her cavern slumber, draping the forestgreen cloak around her, and taking off.

She would soon reach her target.
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Ultimate Hulk
Issue Four

Banner walked back to Josie's house, and in the background, a shadow stalked him, slowly getting towards Banner.

The shadow moved, and leapt from a rooftop, it's teeth bared.

Banner turned to look at the beast coming towards him, his eyes started to glow green.


"There he is, waiting for the bus," said Hawkeye, nudging Captain America awake. Sure enough, the mutant known as Sabertooth was leaning against the bus stop sign, idly using a toothpick to clean out his mouth. He seemed to be waiting.

Rogers blinked, and unslung his backpack from the top of the bus's rack, "You got your bow on you?"

"Of course, but it's packed. It'll take me some time to set it up."

"Start, I'll go talk to our uninvited guest."

Rogers exited the bus, and stepped outside. Looking right, then left, he pointedly walked away from Sabertooth. Predictably, Sabertooth followed him.at a distance, keeping Rogers in sight. Rogers walked around the corner, and as Sabertooth walked around the same corner, he was greeted to a fist in the face. Sabertooth snarled, sprawling backwards into the snow, and rolled back to his feet, teeth bared.

"So, is this what the government does to people who want to tell them information."

"Then spill it," said Rogers, massaging his fist.

"Banner's here."

"Already know that."

"Good." said Sabertooth grinning, "Then, let's dance so my associate can get a powerup from Banner."


On the bus Hawkeye nimbly got his bow ready to use. Slinging his quiver onto his shoulder, he exited the bus, in time to collide with a red hair lady in a forest green cloak.

"I'm sorry Miss," said Hawkeye, bending down to help her up.

Her eyes went wide, and she pulled Hawkeye down to the ground, in time for him miss being hit by a flying white object.

"HULK SMASH PUNY WHITE CREATURE!" shouted the Hulk, stomping after the flying form that was Wendigo.

"Oh crap, Banner, if you excuse me."

"No, I have come to help."

"Really, that's nice, your out of your league...." started Hawkeye, but he stopped as the girl started to get bigger. Her hair grew longer, her limbs doubled, then tripled in size, and her midsection grew big.

She became a real life monster in front of him.

"My name is Winifred Langkowski, or as my people call me, Sasquatch."

"Oh my..." said Hawkeye, as the orange haired beast ran after the other two creatures, "I wish I had a suit."


Sabertooth lunged first, engaging Captain America in a test of strength. As they locked up, Rogers soon gained the advantage, picking up Sabertooth, and tossing him into a building. that's what he planned anyway. As Sabertooth went flying towards the wall, he shifted, becoming a bird, then landed on the ground, becoming a replica of the Hulk.

"I thought you were someone else," muttered Rogers, bracing his feet.

The fake Hulk smiled, "MORPH SMASH PUNY CAPTAIN!"

He charged.
Ultimate Hulk
Issue 5
Battle Royal

The fake Hulk charged Captain America in the small alleyway. Captain stood his ground, the corner of his mouth turned up. The Hulk threw a punch, which Rogers dodged deftly, and ran up the arm, hitting the fake Hulk in the face, sending the Hulk downwards.

"So, you can't be a perfect clone, can you?"

"MORPH HATE CAPTAIN AMERICA!" Morph shifted forms once again, becoming Angel of the X-men. He took off into the air. "See you later dork."

Rogers smiled as he took his shield out of his pack.


Hawkeye managed to catch up to Sasquatch as she encountered the battle. He saw Hulk get a bite taken out of his shoulder as Wendigo ripped his head back, tearing out a chunk of his skin.

"I'll get stronger from each bite!"

"HULK HATE STUPID ALBINO RETARD!" shouted the Hulk, tossing Wendigo a considerable distance. Hulk went to persue, but fell down, breathing heavy.

"HULK DON'T FEEL TOO GOOD." said the Hulk, falling down face first in the snow.

Great, this isn't good thought Hawkeye, nocking an arrow. Sasquatch beat him to it though, leaping over Hulk and colliding with Wendigo in the air.

"YOU!" shouted Wendigo.

"Yes, me, now foul beast, I shall defeat you!" They both hit each other with roundhouse punches.

I am so out of my league here.


Rogers shield flew true, slicing off a wing of Morphs. The shape changing mutant fell to the ground, and slammed into it, hard. A puff of snow ballooned outward. Captain America ran to the spot, only to find nothing but a crater.

"Where are you Morph..." muttered Rogers. Behind him a person seem to come out of the snow, then grow into a version of Wendigo. He crept forward, silently, mouth open wide.

The next thing he knew his mouth was full of fist, knocking him out cold.

Rogers rubbed his fist, "Stupid mutant, that's one of the oldest tricks in the book." He looked at the body, an idea forming in his head. "I think you can help us out Morph."


The teo behemoths traded blows, neither gaining an advantage over the other. Orange and white fur was torn away in clumps, and behind it all stood Hawkeye, steadying himself with an arrow at the ready.

Wendigo's fist collided with the side of Sasquatches head, knocking the orange beast down. The white furred beast grinned triumphantly, and smiled, "Time for a snack before the main corpse.

Sasquatches foot came up rapidly, hitting the snow monster in the balls. "NOW!"

Hawkeye's arrow flew true, hitting Wendigo in the chest. Wendigo felt a numbness spreading through his chest. He tried to move, but instead fell uselessly to the ground.

"Well, that wraps it up."

He heard Captain America shout to him over the distance, "Clint, get over here, I think we found ourselves a scapegoat."
Ultimate Hulk
Issue 6
The Scapegoat

The Following Day

Banner awoke in Josie's apartment, his shoulder still bandaged and feeling very very warm. He groaned, and tried to shake off the warmth, instead, he felt a restraining hand on his side. Opening his eyes, he saw Captain America standing there.

"Welcome to the world Banner, you slept all day."

"What do you want," said Banner, squinting without his glasses.

Rogers sat down on the chair next to the bed, "To tell you your off the hook. No more chasing after you as long as you stay up here that is. Set foot in the states again."

"Oh cut it Cap, tell him the truth," said Hawkeye.

Rogers shook his head, "Anyways, your free again. We found someone else to take the blame of seeing you out here."

Banner raised an eyebrow, "Who?"

Hawkeye stepped forward, "A shape changer, Morph he calls himself. And that white version of you, Wendigo, he's coming with us also. But you got a visitor, goes by the name of Winifred."

A slim, attractive red haired individual was who Hawkeye pointed too. She nodded in Banner's direction, "I'm here to help you."

"Help me what?"

"Control the beast that resides within you. I have one as well, and through the druidic teachings, I have learn to coexist with it."

"Hulk isn't something one can control."

"That's what I use to think about Sasquatch, but that's wrong Bruce, I can help you."

"Ok then, one last question, Rogers, you hate my guts, why help me now?"

Captain simply smiled in response and went to leave the room, "Because Banner, there are bigger monsters than you out there."


A week later
Nick's office

"So, this Morph was who we spotted?" said Fury, unbelievingly.

"Yes sir." replied Rogers. Hawkeye smirked, and repeated what Roger's said, laughing to himself.

"So, no Banner, just a rampaging white mutant, and a shape changer. Damn, who would have thunk it huh?"

The two soldiers stared at him cold faced.

"Ok then, since you two aren't saying much, I know your hiding something from me. Whatever, just as long as Hulk never shows up in America again I'm happy."


The cold expanse of Canada...

Sitting around a fire, within a circle of pines, Banner, Winifred and a few others stared into the flames.

"Now," spoke one of the hooded individuals, "Release the pressure in your chest, focus on the flickering light, see into the flames, become one with the fire."

Banner stared into the flames, his eyes slowly turned green.

"Who is listening to us now?" asked the hooded individual.

The body of Banner spoke in a deep deep voice that wasn't his.


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