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Jun 4, 2005
How do you think the Invaders should be handled in the Ultimate universe?
Still think they should be active in WWII, but how would they be different from the 616 Invaders? Should Cap be a member (I believe ultimate Cap was frozen in April 1945, so it wouldn't make sense that the Invaders were active when Cap was still unfrozen.)

Perhaps the invaders shouldn't have powers, so that they were just experts in various fields (for example) Jim Hammond (616 Human Torch I) could be an explosive expert, Spitefire could be a expert pilot, etc. You can also have Union Jack as a member of the Invaders, representing British interests, etc.

There should also be other supporting characters and villains:

General Sam "Happy" Sawyer: the CO of the invaders. Sawyer is the Invaders direct link to Allied High Command and is the one who gives them their missions.

General Heinrich Zemo- A high ranking SS officer and head of the Nazi super solder Program. His department is producing various weapons that could tip the war in the favour of the Axis powers, examples include a Nazi version of the super soldier serum (to create super soldiers called "Master men") and using Chitauri technolgy to create robot shock troops own as Sleepers.

Who would you put on an Ultimate Invaders roster and what kind of stories would you use?
This is how...

When American originally lost Captain America the military knew that despite a secret victory that would tilt the war heavily in their favor, morale would be down. They asked Bucky to take Steve Roger's place as the new poster child. Bucky was good but no supersoldier. The U.S. gave him a team to help him with covert missions. These were The Invaders. Superpowered individuals were few and far between. None of these men had powers but were the best of the best when it came to National Security and armed combat.

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier

Undergoing the same training techniques as the world's first Supersoldier he rose to become one of the greatest soldiers. At home he began dating Gail, who disapproved of his continuing to fight and his fanatical following of his one time best friend. He was the team leader and retired after the war much to Gail's relief.

Simply known as Blazing Skull

Of Native American descent. This quiet and most formidable opponent was the U.S. armies go too man. He had flames tattooed over his bald skull after his hair was singed off during a fight with a nazis wielding a flamethrower.

Thomas Raymond aka Toro

Ball busting, good spirited, loyal. This was the teams pyrotechnician. Flamethrower was his weapon of choice. Blazing Skull never laughs at his jokes.

James Montgomery aka Union Jack

Sent by British Intelligence to aid the American forces. He's Britains #1 and doesn't mind letting people know about it. A Charmer, cynical, and about as Anti-American as the U.S. enemies. He only does what's necessary to keep his country protected.

Madelyne Joyce aka Miss America

Brought on to be strictly medical and to show good face within an almost completely male dominated society within the military, she's proven herself more than once in field.

Jackie Crichton aka Spitfire

Raised by the military. Her single father was a high ranking officer. She made it on the team after laying out Blazing Skull in an on base bar fight when he tried to break it up and she mistakenly thought he groped her. Union Jack claims that she's the only American that can bring him to his knees.

Bruce Dickson aka Thin Man

A man who can fit into tight spaces really easily. The biggest appetite and he never gains weight. Oldest member of the team and acts as second in command.
The only problem is with that is Cap defused that nuke in April 1945, so having the Invaders active right after Cap's disappearance may be counter productive.

Anyway what kind of stories and what kind of foes should the Ultimate Invaders deal with?

Yeah, April 1945...that means there's roughly 4 months left of the war and Germany's pretty much beaten down to walling themselves up and waiting for Ally attacks.

In fact, the Allies allowed the Russians to attack Germany most of the time, and the lands they "liberated" ended up as Soviet satellite countries until the wall fell in the early 90s.

I don't think they fit in the Ultimate Universe.

I like Bucky being a kid reporter that grew up taking the normal life that Steve Rogers wanted.

It's normal, it's nice, and it doesn't involve Bucky being a Russian super agent.

Instead let's up date the Invaders as SHIELD agents during the Cold War. This would be before Fury's time with Hawkeye (as spoken of in Ultimates Vol 1), and General Ross would head it.

It would work as a mini, but it's not a story that needs to be told. It would be like the Gah Lak Tus trilogy.

It was sort of cool, Gah Lak Tus himself as a bunch of robots...umm ok, Vision as Silver Surfer with robotic breast...umm why?

But in the end of the day, besides a later Vision mini...it had no effect on any of the ongoing titles.

In fact, it ruined what would have been a great UFF arc story just to tell a four-six issue story amongst 3 minis.

So in closing, Ultimate Invaders would be a story you can tell, but really is not that important of a story to tell.

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