Ultimate Iron Man #3 delayed to 8/03

ultimatedjf said:
:lol: I honestly just don't care about UIM anymore. But of course, I'm still gonna get it.

I agree with you and MWoF. The story is so nonsensical and the book is always late, that I don't care about it anymore. The ONLY reason I'm getting it is because I'm an Ultimate completist. Who decided Card could even write comics, anyways? :roll:
Let's hope Joe Q's New Years Resolution for '06 is to get the Ultimate titles on track to avoid all of these delays... GOODNESS! :lol:
Hey, do you want those squirrels coming after you??? They're hopped up on Wonka Bars, so you better watch what you say around here! :lol:
....Well I'm still enjoying it. Come on guys, just because its a comic book doesn't meant that its got to have big guys in tights clashing over New York every issue, now does it?

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