Ultimate Magneto still Jewish?


Jul 20, 2004
I think that Magneto made a reference to the death of his family in the first UXM TPB, but is it confirmed that Magneto lost them in the Holocaust or what? Heck, is the Holocaust even canon for 616 Magneto or was that just something Bryan Singer came up with?
In 616, Magneto was a holocaust survivor... If you'll notice in an Excalibur issue, you saw the numbers branded on his wrist from that terrible occurance. To modernize it, Millar simply said his relatives were killed in the Holocaust. Magneto wasn't directly connected to it.

Also, Magneto seems to be without religion. Even though his roots may be of Judaism, I believe he doesn't believe in that kinda thing anymore.
Is Ultimate Magneto even old enough? Both he and Charles look too young to have been around back then... especially since the majority of their teamwork is in the 90s...
Is Ultimate Magneto even old enough? Both he and Charles look too young to have been around back then

I don't believe they are. Can someone check the flashback issue with Charles and Erik? I think it gave some sort of timeline indication in that issue, bt I don't remember...
Yes they did. But they start of 8 years ago from their current time, in Scotland when Xavier left his home with Erik. They do show that in San Francisco, Erik tells a man that he got a house they're from his late father. Thats kinda crazy since someone said his family died in the holocaust.
Thats kinda crazy since someone said his family died in the holocaust.

Well, if I'm reading that right, "family" doesn't neccessarily mean "parents".
In Tommorow People we have it that "every living relative" Magneto had was killed in "one of their periodic genocides". Later on Xavier notes that Wanda and Pietro inherited more than their father's striking eastern European profile, though one doesn't need that to tell that Lensherr is an eastern European name. ROTK seems to make Magneto an American citizen or at least soemone with oil in Texas (though my guess is that was thrown into make blatant the Bin Ladin parallel Millar was making), but makes the seemingly conflicting statment that there are surviving members of his family.

Now given that WW2 happened in the Ultimate Universe and that world history in general seems pretty much the same as in reality - Vietnam Gulph war etc. it seems doubtful that there would be a second major genocide in Eastern Europe after WW2 invented just for Magneto's sake, so it seems probable that all of his family save for his parents we killed in the Holocaust (hence surviving relatives, but not many - the case of an entire extended family of dozens even hundreds being reduced to one or two individuals is sadly typical of the Holocaust and something along those lines would be consistent with Magneto's statements) who then like many Easter European Jews immigrated to the US. Even if he were born early say during the war that would make him only just over 60 which is not implausable at all. Otherwise you have to invent a second major European genocide and that's just stupid, especially if you've got a for a world that is so similar to ours that it has the same US governement right down to the cabinet.
Millar allows his characters to ramble and often exagerate. While this is a writing technique, it DOES cheapen the continuity in the titles. I have no idea where Magneto fits into the story now thanks to this thread.
The story that he was in... His motives, etc. are all questionable now, aren't they? I mean, if he had living relatives that weren't from Eastern Europe and, indeed, Texas, where would this hatred stem from? Certainly not the Holocaust, right? I mean, he's gotten have reason and purpose and it seems like you guys are taking it away from him.
Well, like I said earlier, "relatives" can mean just about anything. He could have relatives from Texas and still have his parents/grandparents/whoever else from Europe. I wouldn't read too much into that.
Yeah, I guess you're right... Look how distant a relative Doctor Doom is to Dracula in UFF. I guess we can write that off, too.
It doesn't have to contradict. Thousands of Jews came to Canada and the US follwong WW2. Magneto's family could have been massacred in the Holocaust, with the survivors moving to Texas and getting lucky, Or they could have already had some extended family in Texas, as the US had a sizeable Jewish population before the war, which would allow more time for the family to become wealthy.
Sure it does. I guess I can accept that as a valid expanation... Would of liked it if Millar said something like that, though.

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