Ultimate Marvel Team Up must DIE


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Oct 24, 2004
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1st arc- Wolverine
How to Kill: Ignore. Nothing that definatively says that Spidey and Wolverine met up on the streets of new york. We just need an issue with a flashback where Spidey learns Logan's name, so he can call him by it in Blockbuster.

2nd arc- Hulk
How to kill: Ignore. First few pages of Ultimates #1 sum it all up.

3rd arc- Iron Man
How to kill: Mini-series covering Origin by Orson Scott Card

4th arc- Punisher/Daredevil
How to kill: either republish as a miniseries, because it was a well written thingamabob, or just let it die. When Punisher showed up in USP there was no mention of the old encounter. Daredevil is fully established between the UDd&E and the UE: Devil's Due miniseries and Blockbuster.

5th arc - FF
How to Kill: Start an ongoing UFF series (check) and take the comic as the joke it was meant to be.

6th arc - Swamp Thing/Lizard
How to Kill: Next introduction of Dr. Connors, recap their relationship and what the deal was with The Lizard. Drop the Man-Thing bit so we can find out the UFF connection

7th arc - X-men
How to kill: Ignore. X-men seemed not to know him when they show up in USP.

8th arc- Dr. Strange
How to Kill: they wiped spidey's memory of that night, so he doesnt remember. We can forget. He was reestablished in USP this year anyways.

9th - Black Widow
How to Kill: this one is harder, since it's referenced in Blockbuster... So i'd say another flashback if/when its get brought up again.

10th - Shang-chi
How to Kill: make the Reintroduction inconclusive on whether they've met before.

USP SS - Lots.
How to Kill: Ignore altogether.

If that happened only 3 flashbacks would be necessary and a whole lot of headaches would be ended.
From my understanding, the Ultimate line was produced to introduce new readers from the movies that had been released into the comic book world. This I think because the 616 universe is so convoluted, and that UMTU was supposed to be an introduction to all the characters they may know later.
So why the hell did they make such a mess of it? You can't have the first encounter with the hulk in such a silly way, and with the trial currently, they will have to totally ignore this introduction. And as I've said before, to me, UDD has not become a bona-fide superhero yet, he has a long way to go before they can start using him properly in cross-over stories.
I think we have some decent deaths to the series here, it should be left to die and generally cannot be considered at real Ultimate title.
With the Ultimates, that kinda changed the point of the ultimate universe from this new introduction, to a new realistic interpretation, which is totally at odds with UTMU.
Is that Doctor Stangefate or Doctor Kevorkian? :D

I agree, they are a waste. Kill 'em all.
That depends. You might like some of them but I'd doubt you'll have a high opinion of the majority.
I liked the fantastic four one. But that was so obviously not part of the ultimate timeline I can forgive it. The rest are pretty ill conceived though, lacklustre introductions that shouldn't be introduced in such light one or two issue arc circumstances.
Guijllons said:
The rest are pretty ill conceived though, lacklustre introductions that shouldn't be introduced in such light one or two issue arc circumstances.

I think you're partly right; I don't know if I'd call them ill-conceived but they definitely didn't have enough longer-term planning behind them. But you can't really blame anyone for it; Ultimate Spidey was pretty well scorned when it was announced; you have to figure they didn't know how long the books would be around.
Goodwill said:
Team Up has made its way into the UU's core titles, though... We can't completely leave it go.

Thats why I suggested that they retell the essential bits, and leave the rest to rot.
Sooo, with Iron Man #01 out. we see that Tony has a totally different history to what is written in the team-up issues. How the hell can this be resolved? I know the original suggestion was regarding the mini, but unless we have a scene where Peter gets an F for his Tony Stark piece, it's a right hash.
I know we should disregard them anyway, but this is a major blow for continuity.
we don't know that yet...they havn't done anything with tony. Only tell us how he got his tumor. nothing about his childhood or anything
No, in the Ultimate Marvel Team-up series, they gave an entire back history to the character that differs already from the history (such as it is) that we've seen already in the iron man mini. And I presume it will continue to deviate from what has been written.

I'm quite happy that a new history has been given to him, there just seems to be a lot to reconcile. Although they don't absolutely need to do it. They can simply say "well, we wrote the team ups before we knew what we were doing", but it would be cool to somehow fit it in somehow.
Since the first TPB of Ultimate Team-Up was my first foray into the Ultimate universe and Bendis' writing - I have to say it has a fond place in my heart.

I don't see the trouble with them.

There are only a couple of problems (continuity-wise) such as the Fantastic Four issue - but otherwise they're fine. I mean, I don't see how the Shang Chi issues are any trouble. They fit perfectly into USM. I mean, they could've been USM #15 and 16 respectively (well, if it didn't cut into an arc - but you get my point).

Really, I don't seew why we have to ignore or kill any of them. I think they're all fun, and in most cases, fit fine into Ultimate continuity.

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