Ultimate Minis 2006: A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)


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Jun 29, 2006
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well last wednesday the last non-ongoing ultimate marvel title was released, since we always post our thoughts for single issue's after they've been released, i thought we should post our thoughts on the entire year now that 2006 is over for the ultimate universe

2006 was not a small year for the ultimate universes (UX4#2, UWvH#2, Ultimate Extinction 1-5, Ultimates 2 #10-12, Ultimate Vision #0-1, Ultimate Power #1-3 and UltimatesAnnual #2),

We had the FF meet the X-men to take on the Mad thinker, Wolverine met the Hulk, the ultimate universe held off the threat of Gahlaktus, the Ultimates have been fighting back the forces of the liberators, the ultimate universe met the squadron supreme, vision has been attacked by A.I.M, and captain america and the falcon took on Arnim Zola

this was an OK year the good (ultimates) were balanced out by the bad (ultimate power), i'd give the year a C-

how would you guys rate this year? and what's your outlook on 2007?
Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four - junk
Ultimate Extinction - great
Ultimate Power - pretty crappy so far
Ultimate Vision - so far so good
Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimates - Fantastic. Period. A
Ultimate X4 - Meh. D+
Ultimate WvH - Good, but the cancellation puts a massive dampener on this. B-
Ultimate Power - Crap. D
Ultimate Vision - Decent start. B
Ultimate Extinction - Very good, but the ending fell flat. B+
Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimates - Awesome quality, but as a teacher, I feel the need to take off ten points for late work. B.
Ultimate X4 - I'm not sure why this project got green-lighted. It was okay, but not as anything other than an extra very short story arc for both books. C.
Ultimate WvH - Never touched it, and I suspect I will be waiting a long time before it ever makes it into the trades.
Ultimate Power - So far I am not impressed. Greg Land makes me ANGRY. Books were NOTHING happens make me sad. Still, it has moments. D
Ultimate Vision - I havn't been hooked just yet, but I see potential. C
Ultimate Extinction - I love the line at the end. I think this is the best of the 3 minis of the Ultimate Galactus trilogy. A
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Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimates - A++
Ultimate X4 - F. I just hated it more than I even hated the Deadpool USM arc.
Ultimate WvH- I really liked the first two issues, but the delay is making my grade go down. A-
Ultimate Power - C. I don't like it overall, but I don't dislike it as just about everyone else does. I hope the rest can be better.
Ultimate Vision - B. It's very interesting and I hope the rest can be good.
Ultimate Extinction - D. All it was was talk talk talk talk BOOM! we win. It had great potential, but it was just.. bleh. It probably could have been better as an Ultimates arc.
Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimate X4: D
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk: A-
Ultimate Extinction: B
Ultimates 2: A
Ultimate Vision: B-
Ultimate Power: B-
Ultimate Annuals (avgd.): C
Re: Ultimate Minis A Year In Review (includes Ultimates)

Ultimate X4: C-

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk: A

Ultimate Extinction: B+

Ultimates 2: A

Ultimate Vision: Haven't read it yet, to be honest. My comic shop didn't pull the issue for me, even though it was on my list.

Ultimate Power: D. I havent' read the third issue yet.

USM Annual: A+. Yeah, I went there.

UXM Annual: Read what happened: A-. Back-up story: D+

UFF Annual: B+

Ultimates 2 Annual: A
If we're grading the individual annuals...


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