Ultimate Punisher vol.1 "One Man Show"


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Feb 25, 2005
So, I finished vol.1 and are working hard to get vol.2 ongoing. I hope to do a vol.3 too but let's see what happens. With almost a 1000 views on the "Ultimate Punisher" thread I thought it was about time for me to just post vol.1 in it's own thread so it wouldn't be so freakin' confussion. Give me comments on this good or bad. Thanks to JB for the editing at this Vol and thanks to E for putting up this nice forum.

Part 1 – A Punisher Is Born.

I open my eyes slowly. I'm feeling dizzy,like I've knocked back an entire bottle of Jack Daniels in a few seconds. What's that smell? It's horrible,and I find it reminding me of rotting flesh. Bad memories. God damn my head hurts. Can't remember a thing, but from what I see I'm on the floor of some rich guys house. My skin brushes against this fancy carpet,panther skin I think. Problem is that it ain't so fancy anymore,'cuz someone got blood all over the place. I try to stand up, but my legs won't let me. I'm bleeding; actually I think I'm shot. It takes all my willpower just to stand up, holding the flow back with my already bloody hands. Somewhere, there's a tap running. All of a sudden I'm overcome by thirst,and I can't think of anything else. As fast as my body can,I walk towards the running water. Stumbling is the best I manage,and that quickly develops into a crawl.

Guns. Guns all over the place. Bodies just lying there. Crap,whatever was going on here must have been rough. I find out where the sounds coming from,the bathroom. I shove open the door,swiftly,like a child at Christmas....and then it hits me-the smell, that horrible odour. I turn my face towards its origin, over towards the bath. And there, this beautiful woman lays. With three bloody holes through her beautiful body. I feel pain,I feel hate and at the same time,I feel love.This is my wife and she was murdered. My children,I remember having children. I don't feel any pain now as I run towards their rooms. Any effort I make only results in finding my son and daughter slain. I pick up my children, and carry them to the bathroom. The blood I'm losing doesn't bother me,I just want my family to be together for one last time.

In my efforts a lighter falls outta my pocket. It's quality silver and somebody engraved it.

"To my dear friend,
Frank Castle,
From Silvermane".

I guess I'm Frank,huh. I'm gonna haveta have me a few words with this Silvermane chap. Find out who the hell I am, and why this has happened. Find out who planned all this.

And then I'll punish them for it.


Part 2 – Metal Dave.

After cleaning up a bit I feel a lot better. Amazing what getting a few bullets outta your stomach will do for ya. I still don't have any idea where the hell I am. Outside, the sun's beating down and I can hear some punks skateboarding. Florida? I spend a while looking around the house, turns out its mine. My wife's name is Anna, my boys name is Tim and my little girls name is Irene. I see a picture of us having a picnic a few years back. Just thinking about them makes my head spin and my stomach jump around. It's better not to. Save those feelings for whatever piece of **** did this to my family.

In my line of work I must have made some big bucks. No normal guy would be able to afford this house, this carpet, this life. I pick up some dead guys Beretta. These goons must have been send to kill me, and well they didn't do a very good job. The Berettas a powerful gun, and it should be handy. Suddenly a memory pops up in my head. Hells kitchen. A small bar called "Bloody Monday", a place where I'm having a drink with my friend Silvermane. The man looks old and coughs a lot, his aftershave smells like my grandpa's, and his greying hair is slicked back with a lot of gel. We talk about money, and from what he tells me I owe him huge amounts. He handles me a Berretta 9mm over the disk. He tells me it's a powerful gun, and it should be handy. I look around. These other people seem to know Silvermane too. They study my every move with their beady little eyes, waiting for a reason to blow the hell outta me. And I walk aw-

My memories interrupted by someone using my doorbell far too liberally for their own good.

"Ey frank mayn. It's me bro!" somebody shouts through the letterbox.

It could be back-up for the guys who tried to kill me. Could be the cops, or maybe if I'm lucky it's actually a brother I can't remember. I look through the peek hole, and outside there's some ginger haired guy with plenty of piercings all scattered across his face.

"Common mayn let me in will ya'? I ain't got all daya ".

I open the door fast shoving my berretta into his face and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. I throw him through the doorway and he lands on his backside, my gun aimed between his eyes.

"Ey mayn, comon it's me, Metal Dave!" He says nervously. Damn right he should be nervous. Dave notices the mess in my front room.

"You were having a wild party last night or sumthin'?"

"I don't remember a thing. Who the hell are you?" I ask him.

"Ey mayn it's me Dave-"

"I got that part."

" Yo partner yo kno? We been working together for like years mayn. I make the weapons, you use them. You pay me high." He said cautiously.

"Who did we work for and what did we do?" I ask coldly.

"We were bounty hunters mayn. Travelling for days killing guys ya know? For some guy yo said called himself Silvermane or sumthin'. And eye mayn your wife always got told we were on business trips. Close enough. I made yo weapons and stuff. Fixed yo wounds after those heavy fights. On da streets they called yo Da Punisher mayn." he said, getting excited now.

"Where is this Silver Mane? I'm gonna have a few words with him." I said.

"We never saw his place or anthin'. You always met him at this bar called "Bloody Monday" in Hells Kitchen, that was the place were he gave you the jobs. The men he was working with was always down there for a few shots. You wanna talk with Silver Mane, you gotta go there." He told.

"I don't know if I can trust you Dave, but get my stuff. We're heading for "Bloody Monday"."


Part 3 – One Man Show

A few phone calls later Dave pulls up in a van. I spend a few minutes looking through the stuff packed into the back. The first thing to catch my eye is a Kevlar vest with a skull painted on in white. It's the kinda thing that stands out.

"Why the skull?" I ask Dave. "It's yo sign mayn. That's what we is known fo round these parts. All the people we used to hunt suddenly got the urge to empty they balls when yo skull showed up" he responded smiling.

I really couldn't see myself as a criminal. The whole thing stank like rotting meat. We drove for days and Dave just won't shut up, talking about weapons and crap. I can't trust this Dave blindly, I need to know more about him first. And about me. I need to know the truth about my past, why I had to suffer. What I did to deserve this.

After a few rests and far too many hours of driving we arrive in Hells kitchen. I'm in the back of the van, suiting up while Dave looks out for "Bloody Monday". 2 Berettas in my belt, an M4 colt rifle over my back and 2 light grenades on my belt. The Kevlar vest feels almost natural, like an old friend I haven't seen in a while. I was ready to punish.

After a few minutes we find he's found it. A bit quick for my liking, and for someone who claims to have never come here before. Looks like hell, hookers and thugs surround the place like flies and ****. The deal is that Dave will drive around the neighbourhood for 20 mins and then come back to pick me up. He said that was how we used to do, and for me it was just fine.

I kick down the door , and get the response I expected. All the sumbags there, having their drinks and their whores, staring at me like I'm some sorta ghost. Silvermanes goons are stunned for a moment, which is something I take full advantage of. When a grenade goes off in the middle of room they come to their senses. The noise from the explosion is just crazy, but the screams of people dying are worse. I remind myself who they are, and pull the M4.

First count was 6 guys, now theres 4. I jump over the bar, unloading my M4 I go. When I hit the floor bottles are shattering all over the bar. I raise my head slowly, once more unloading my M4. I like this one, it's effective. And empty. Damn. I draw my 2 best friends, and leap forward over the bar, aiming carefully. Two guys left now. One dies, one loses his kneecaps. It's over.

The kneecapped thug is crying on the floor. I place my foot on his neck, to show him I mean business. "Where do I find Silvermane?" My twins are pointing at his eyes. "You've got 5 seconds."

He spits at me and tries to sound like a man with the last breath he has. "Silvermane will tear you to shreds." He won't be using his left ear anytime soon.
"Silvermane thinks I'm dead" I hiss at him, and he pulls a card from his jeans.
A picture of a hotel called "333-Half Evil" and an address is on it.
"Boss rented this hotel for a few days. Some Chinks are dropping by for some business. He's there." Two bullets go through his skull, and blood sprays onto mine.

Argh! My left arms hit and I didn't even notice. Hope that Dave can put humpty dumpty back together like he promised. This was one hell of a one man show.


Part 4 – Revenge is a *****.

"Yearrrrrgh" I scream as Dave rips a bullet out of my shoulder.Bleeds like a mother****er until Dave presses a cold towel onto the wound.The flow stops, and he wraps a bandage around my shoulder. The whole time I'm staring at the business card for that hotel, "33 Half-Evil." Its not far from here, a ten minute walk perhaps. The Triads being involved isn't a good thing though…..they hold grudges.More mobsters, more blood being spilt. I guess this is my life now….
We arrive,and the sight of the hotel is just beautiful. A big wall surrounds the place,and there's only one big entrance.The hotel rises like a tower, the entire image reminds me of castles and knights, swords and sorcery, heroes and villains. I shake my head and stop my wandering mind. This is no fairy tale. I start paying attention to Silvermanes "fortress", and the lights are only on for the first three floors.I'm coming for you Silver.
"Wazzup mayn?"
"We've got guns, we've got grenades, in fact we have a few freakin' swords back there" I say while indicating towards the back of the van with my thumb. "But do we have anything that makes a real big mess? Clone saga big?"
Dave's piercings form this weird toothy grin. "Check the case unda yo ak's bro. Yo'll be smiling then I tell ya."
We stop down the road from the hotel,and I go in the back to get ready. M4, the 2 Berettas and my Kevlar. And the skull. Always the skull. This nice little knife for gutting fish is on the wall, and I jam it into my belt. Dave throws ten or twelve grenades into a rucksack and hands it to me.
"You're gonna need this dude" he says and handle me a headset with mic on.
"What for?"
"Punisha, alot of blood is gonna get spilled in there. I'm not the best at fighting, but I know how to use a gun.Just in case sumthin' goes wrong ya know?" he says.
"Thanks kid. Gotta do what I do best" I say and turn around, walking towards the entrance. "One mo thing bro. Tell me yo's gonna look in da case."
Stepping out of that van I'm a happy,happy person. Must be a side-effect of having a rocket launcher mounted on my shoulder."You got an hour mayn" Dave screams after me.Won't need an hour. I put down my rocket launcher and the rucksack just before the main entrance.Two guys on guard. Couldn't they have done better then that?
I stroll towards them, and a few meters from their box they stop me, just as I expected.
"Hold it mister. What is your business here?"
"My business? None of yours." I say coldly before I rush towards him, drawing my knife. Straight into his heart via the solar plexus, quick and easy.
The other guard is desperately looking for his gun, staring down at his belt.
Before he manages to grab anything my boot finds his chin.His head smacks into the big wall, and the Beretta leaves his brain there.
After picking up my bag and launcher, I walk into the fortress. A massive parking lot, with some of the sexiest machines I've ever seen was hidden behind the wall. No guards. Its not like they expected me, I suppose. A silver Rolls catches my eye. Nobody buys a rolls in silver….I smile. The pompous *** had to have something unique. As I stroll towards the hotel entrance, the grenade I left in his exhaust catches a lot of peoples attention. Twelve guards run out of the main door, and a rocket makes sure most of them won't be running again. Some quick mercy kills and I march into the main building, all guns blazing. Glass doors give me a good view into the hotel bar. Four goons are running towards me to see what all the noise is. My M4 cuts them down. I walk towards the lifts. Silvermane would be on the third floor, he'd want two floors of goons to guard him. And to deter any tricks by the Triads. A security camera in the corner catches my eye. I pretend not to notice and press the call button. I re-load the Berettas while I'm waitng for the lift……..ting. It's here. I shoot the camera and step inside.
On the third floor, a horde of thugs surround the entrance to the lifts. All have their guns aimed squarely at the middle elevator. All think they are ready. All consider themselves brave men. Ting. All open fire. All are surprised to see only a rucksack when he doors open…..
I get off on the second floor, and its only some Chinks staring out the window. They don't hear my silenced M4 tearing through them. Unfortunately, one of 'ems a screamer. Bollocks. An army of Chinks charge down a hotel corridor at me, all drawing their guns in a matter of seconds. M4 time baby, god I love this thing. Bullets are flying around my ears, and even my Kevlar can't take all the hits. One slug catches me in the throat. Blood is pouring out of my mouth and I run towards the stairs. My feet betray me and I fall down them slowly. With my last breath I whisper a "Help" in the headset Dave game me, hoping that he will hear it over all that death metal he always plays in the car. I've lost.


Part 5 – Not dead…yet

I wake up finding myself hanging in chains from the roof. My feet barely touch the ground, and I can hardly can see anything for all the blood in my face.
"So you are awake huh?" I hear an old and dusty voice saying. I look up and see the deadly grandpa in front of me. Silvermane. So close, yet so damn far that I could scream. A big guy is standing next to Silvermane; "Big Dan" as far as my memory goes. Master in torture, pain and other fun stuff. I gather all my strength to get one sentence, out of what's left of my mouth. "Why? " "Hahaha, you wanna know why your family had to be killed?
They really haven't told you? The FBI? I gotta admit you kinda disappoint me old friend. You see, we found out that you didn't want to be a part of this game anymore. We KNOW you turned us in you little rat.
You had family and stuff; you couldn't live the lie anymore could you? We had to kill you Punisher, or at least try to. God knows how you survived our little attack on you and your family. I told the guys to double check.
The FBI didn't even promise you protection. Gotta be a funeral for your sad little family by now. And nobody knows what the hell you are going around doing. Why aren't you at the funeral? All you are doing is killing and killing, and it doesn't make it any better you scum. You are no better then us, you little rat. I will leave the rest for you Dan" that old dusty voice says and turns to the big metal door that keeps me in.
Before he pulls down the handle I push some words outta me. "S…Siii…Silvermane…I'm…coming…for you…see you dead" Silver mane laughs and walks slowly out of the door, not knowing that I'm deadly serious. I can hear Big Dan making awful sounds with his bones, getting ready to beat me up.
A hit in the face, teeth falling out. Stomach, breaking some rips. Another head hit, leaving me almost blind. "Now or never" I say to myself, lifting my feet towards Dan's head. My feet grips around his big fat head, making me in charge.
With a fast feet spin I break that big bastard's neck. He falls dead to the ground, leaving me another problem. My chains. All I can do is hope that Dave heard my call for help. An explosion, so loud I properly will have tinnitus for the rest of my life is sounding.
A motorcycle rushes through the hole the explosion made, apparently it's the guy on the bike I hear screaming: "Dave, Metal Dave punks". I can just lift my almost broken jaw and make a smile. The smoke in the room disappears and there Dave stands. "You were calling, friend?" he smiles, shooting me free of my chains. "Gotta get … Silvermane ..." I try to put out. "No mayn, no time for that now, we gotta get outta here" Dave replies, pulling me up on the back of his bike. We gotta be in the basement of the hotel, 'cuz it's all muddy and dusty down here. Bullets are flying around our ears as we hit the surface, escaping Silvermane's gorillas.
"You are lucky that the last track on my "Korn" CD was done mayn" Dave laughed. "Oh, and stay alive okay?" I nodded as well as I could, before passing out. What did hell was I thinking? Bashing in to a gang meeting? No guy would do crap like that. And then again I'm no "guy". I'm Punisher. I wake up, finding myself lying in the back of Dave's van.
I'm all wrapped into bandage, alive. I see Dave sitting in the corner of the van looking at me nervously. "Dude, are you okay?" he asks worried. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks. Gotta get up, hunt down Silvermane" I spit out. "No way, his over all mountains dude. His not in town, I've checked with all my contacts. I'm sorry." Dave tells. I can't believe this. "Damn!!!" I hit the van with my fist as hard as I can. I failed. All the sudden a flashback hits me. A guy with a cigar, long claws. Looks more animal then human. Him. "Dave, get this van started." I say. "Why mayn, why? Are we leaving already? Are you okay dude?" Dave asks confused. "I just remembered something. We are heading for Russia"

NEXT: "From Russia with Love"
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No but seriously. Anyway, I do like thsi fic. I urge you all to read it (except E, who should delete it).

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