Ultimate Puppet Master should be...


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Hawkeye101 said:
Okay one at a time please!

Gah Lak Tus, hummm,. I don't know what the Ultimate Version of Ultimate Galactus can do as of yet, so, you'll have to wait.

Zombie Sentry, when was this? Oh wait, UFF, duh, sorry havent read it yet (I buy the trades)

Colossus, simple, has the tin-man chase him to a gay strip club and when his defenses are down. . . well, butt whoopery!

Hulk, easy, loose a case where Bruce Banner is on trail and he's the attorney, and the exocutioner will do the rest.

Cap, its like the Wolverine vs. Spider-Man theory, Wolvie's too tough for Spider-Man to injure, ans Spider-Man is too fast for Wolvie to hit. Same senario, except Cap doesn't have a healing factor, so enough bouncing around, and Daredevil knocks the cap silly.

Iron Man, Daredevil can 'see' things that make the Iron Suit work, and viola, Iton suit stops working and bam, Daredevil kicks his brain ***** into mopping the floor.

Wolverine, simple, umm let me sleep on it.....



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Hawkeye101 said:
Um, yes. Sorry my sarcasm is kind of synical, and it cant be expressed as I write it. I'm joking when it comes to comments like that. You can kind of tell, because my writing goes from, because to cuz and saying goes to sayin', so you can kinda tell.

easiest way to avoid further confusion.

put [Joke] [/Joke] tags round everything!


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If they're sticking with the African-American version of Alicia from the movie in the UU, then I'd like to see her (figurative) brotha...

DJ Puppet Masta -- a hopeless sucka gangbanger wanna-be who is totally crap on the turntables, until he starts spinning records made from atomic wax!

And then he *really* begins to command audiences, if you know what I mean...

I'm through with all this well-considered realism -- let the Kirby-esque ludicrousy begin!!!


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Ehhh, I like the political knife twisting symbolism of Cheney being the Puppet Master. And then we could turn Alicia Masters into an overweight lesbian, which could eventually be expanded into a Chasing Amy type love story for her and Thing, until Alicia leaves him for Ultimate Medusa (cuz she can do crazy stuff with her hair).
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