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Feb 23, 2005
Jennifer Walters is a shy, reserved SHIELD engineer. Basically, after Banner is "executed", SHIELD hires Jennifer to start experimenting with his DNA. She tries to reengineer his DNA as a new Super Soldier Serum. In her experiments she learns how the Hulk serum bring out your repressed side. Out of morbid curiosity, she uses the serum on herself. She turns into funloving green skin dynamo. Like Banner, the stuff binds to her DNA. SHIELD decides to bring her on to the Ultimates (possibly).
My problem with this is her motivation. She's a shy, reserved SHIELD engineer. That means she's familiar with what happened to Banner and all the unexpected side affects, especially if she's working with the Hulk Serum and because of her personality, she's very unlikely to have enough "morbid curiousity" (Great phrase though) to shoot herself up with it.
That's a nice, sensible way of introducing her! Even the "morbid curiosity" part seems explainable -- since the one time she took a chance on something without precautions, it pays off, it now sets up a precedent for her She-Hulk persona being more of a risk-taker. However, I have ONE reservation about this idea, and it's a big one.

I am definitely NOT the kind of person who doggedly adheres to 616 concepts when Ultimatizing a character, but I honestly think Jennifer's law career is as basically crucial to her character as Matt Murdock's is. If she's not in the law profession, she's not *really* Jen Walters.
Hmmmm. Here's an alternate version based on the complaints I've heard:

Jennifer Walters is a shy reserved New York attorney. After the "execution" of Banner, a group made up of the familys of the victims of The Hulk sue SHIELD for not keeping close enough tabs on Banner before his attack, and possibly preventing him from doing what he did. Matt Murdock is brought back in, along with Jenny, who is one of his close friends and is more experienced in lawsuits of this nature to defend SHIELD. They argue that there is no way SHIELD could have predicted what would happen with Banner. The case does not go well and Walters hatches a desperate plan: under tightly controlled circumstances, Jenny will be given the Hulk serum. Hopefully, her transformation will vary from that of Banner's, proving just how unpredictable the serum is. Jenny turns into a wild green skinned dynamo proving the theory correct. They win the case, but the serum unexpectadly bonds with Jenny's DNA. Now with the ability to turn into She-Hulk, Jenny joins the Ultimates.
The old one made a bit more sense. Why would SHIELD risk another Hulk after what happened to the last one. Even if they were desperate to win the trial, Jen Walters is Bruce Banner's cousin. Thus she's going to have certain similarities in her dna. Enough that there's no way SHIELD would risk it because of the chance of permanent bonding.
Yeah me2 that was some of the ideas i had too. But what if they wanted to make like a version of HUlk they could control? So she could be used like a weapon? It is known that the Female Sex is has more control over their temper then the male sex. So it would be obvious that SHIELD chose a female.

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