Ultimate Six Vs. Ultimate X-men

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Jan 27, 2005
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I wanted to know who you guys would think would win in a fight? The Ultimate Six of the X-men. First I wanna know who you think would win as a group and then in single battles.

Six Team - Green Goblin, Dr.Octopus, Kraven. Electro, Sandman, and Rhino (I included him because we need another villain not Spider-Man)

X-men Team - Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Storm

The Battles
1-Green Goblin vs. Wolverine
2-Rhino vs. Colossus
3-Sandman vs. Iceman
4-Electro vs. Storm
5-Dr.Octopus vs. Cyclops
6-Kraven vs. Nightcrawler

I think the Six have the upper hand power wise but I think the X-men would win. As for the battles

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Nurhachi said:
I pretty much agree with your choices. Except i think Iceman could defeat sandman

I don't because Iceman would get cocky being a teenager and that would be his downfall like the fight with Sinister.
electro is a master or electricity.....storm can do everything he can...AND manipulate and control other elements....i think storm can take electro hands down...im not too sure about the other battles....but i think wolvie can take GG as well.....im kinda siding with iceman over sandman too.
616 Universe, I'd say X-men would curbstomp the Six.

However, in the Ultimate U:

Bobby's power fluctuates. There are times when he can't ice up out of fear, and others when he creates a 50 foot high ice wave when fighting the government. Now, Sandman hasn't done anything to impress me too much besides the flurry of sand thing in the Triskellion, so I'm gonna say this can go either way.

Storm is just a kid. Electro has shown incredible control of his powers. Levitation, moving through currents, he is really one of the heaviest hitters in the Ultimate U. I think Electro would definitely take it.

The rest easily go to the X-men. Colossus is ultra strong, would tear Rhino apart. Cyclops knows what he is doing despite his youth, and would take down Doc Ock with relative ease. Even if he struggled, he'd get help from another member.

Wolverine versus Green Goblin is a curbstomp. Cap owned Goblin. Spidey owned Goblin. Hawkeye and Fury didn't own him, per se, but they did load him with a butt-load of projectiles. I just don't think Goblin is smart enough or powerful enough to win. And Nightcrawler is very well trained thanks to Weapon X. Oh, and Kraven is a joke.

Anyway, my Ultimate Six X-men would be different.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Iceman, Jean (SHE'S PHOENIX, PEOPLE!)

Ultimate 6th member wouldn't be Rhino, as he was just in one issue. I'd put that blade guy in. The crazy one that cut Peter. I kinda want to use Geldoff though...
I didn't chose Jean because she can beat every one of them and Geldoff? I am not even going to say anything about that.
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I'm actually curious if Geldoff could use his powers to blow up people, or if it would be like getting hit by any other energy power. Was it just the fact that his power ignited the gas in the car, or is there something about him that converts the target substance into something unstable enough to go boom?
he did it to a wood crate or something, so i think it's molecular.

and i like geldoff. he's a funny character with interesting potential.

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