Ultimate Spider-Man #6 (Niagara Falls variant)


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May 17, 2004

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 (Niagara Falls variant)
The image above is a cover scan for the Ultimate Spider-Man #6 Niagara Falls variant. The comic reprints Ultimate Spider-Man #6 in its entireity as well as pages 2-4 of Ultimate Spider-Man #7, and was only available with the purchase of a $10 (CAN) pin.

Or own board member Ultxon was able to obtain this book and had this to say about it:

"Over my 2-½ week vacation I visited Niagara Falls, one of nature's great spectacles. I stayed on the Canadian side. While I was there I learned of a mini-park called "Marvel Superheroes Adventure City". Being the Marvel fan I am, I had to check it out.

"The park was very kid-oriented and I really didn't enjoy myself that much. The big bummer was the fact that the park didn't have trades or comics except for the Ult. Spider-Man #6 Niagara Falls variant.

"To get the special comic I had to buy a $10[CAN] pin; you had a choice of several different pins. I grabbed one with Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hulk. The book was free as long as you bought the pin. I've already gave it to my dad, the pin-collector, so I don't have a scan.

"If anyone has any info regarding its worth that would be appreciated."

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I need one. My collection won't be complete without it. *runs off to ebay*

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