Ultimate Spider-Man #64 (spoilers)


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May 17, 2004
Great issue...where to begin...

First, my complaint - Gwen's death just doesn't seem like the huge deal that it should. This might not even mean too much since the next couple issues will deal with her loss as the kids sit in detention, but as of right now it's kind of jarring.

Now that that's out of the way - I really enjoyed this. The homage to the smokestack was unexpected and a pleasent surprise. And the full explanation behind Carnage and what he was, what he was becoming, and why - perfectly done.

(For anyone who didn't read it and wants to be spoiled - Carnage was killing people to become "full"; he was rebuilding his "damaged DNA matrix" with that of the people he killed, all in an effort to become complete. Ultimately he knew, perhaps not on a conscious level, that he had to have Peter's DNA to be fully restored. And once complete, Peter realized that the creature was not a clone of himself, but of his father. Awesome twist.)

And at the end, Reilly just became much more important. I don't know if something happens with the sample he took or if it just leaves the story open to be revisited later, but it was well done. They could have finished the arc with this issue and it would have worked.

And of course, there was the biggest part of the story - Peter telling MJ he's quitting being Spider-Man. I saw that and immediately thought of you guys, because this is an ongoing discussion elsewhere in this forum. :D

This is shaping up better than Venom did. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

PS - I'm glad they changed the border of the cover to black (it was green in the original artwork release months ago).

I saw the issue and thought it was good. Not so surprised about him quitting being Spider-Man. It's like in Amazing Spider-Man #50
(Spider-Man no more.)

But I don't think this decision will last for long as it did in the 616 verse and the movie. Once something reminds him why he started becoming Spider-Man, he'll be back. How long that will take? Who knows.....
Well, the issue was a gripping and very excellent story and conclusion to the arc. I really thought that the characters, come the end of the issue, were put in the right place to go. Conners got locked up, Peter is no longer Spider-Man, and, shockingly, Ben Reilly is actually going to be more than just a tease. Very cool.

About the father thing... It was terribly strange, however, I thought that was better than it being Peter. Remember what Conners said when he was drunk... Peter's father started this genetic mess with the Venom suit. Very cool.
This issue completes the arc and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Carnage of the 616 was one of my favorite characters, but I think that has to do with how late I started buying comics. I'm glad Bendis wrote the story so even though Carnage's first appearance in the book may be his last, since so far in just one meeting he's managed to do the most damage to Peter than any other villain he's faced so far. And he did it all without saying anything that could be described as a word! I don't know what all the talk is about the fight being too short I've been hearing. It lasted almost the entire issue. Can't wait to see the fallout in next issue. I'm still wondering when Bendis will write his first disappointing issue of USM.
There was just enough fighting in that issue... Often, I think, the fights get a little carried away, especially with Doc Ock of late, but I thought the action was perfect in this issue.

Carnage was, easily, the greatest Ultimate villain thus far... At least for Spidey. That's saying something, too.
I didn't understand why the issue needed to be flashbacked in the end. I kind of thought that was unnessery. Connors turning himself in was great, "Spider-Man No More" was great, and I still just love Bendis' dialouge. We have come a long way from the 60's "all character must speak in complete sentences and have great vocabulary" era to now.

Plus, I'm glad Carnage is "Dead", but Reilly will be suspious
and conclusion to the arc

This issue completes the arc

Bendis has said the arc is NOT over yet...

Conners got locked up

He's not locked up. He hasn't even given them the details yet as far as we know.

I didn't understand why the issue needed to be flashbacked in the end

Just a change of pace to break up the monotony of story telling. Bendis is very good at this.
The arc HAS to be over... What else is he going to do with it afterwards? There's not much you can do.

Conners is in police custody, where do you think he is?

I liked the flashback sequence... It was a great change of pace.
I know the last issue will be an epilogue, maybe give us some insight as to what Reilly's intentions will be.
I think that's why his character was left open. He should be interesting, but save him for later.

The next issue should be as followed. Kong make a mistake by saying that Gwen was a bitch or something for pulling a knife on him way back in the day and Peter speaks up for her and her reputation, leading them into a fight and an eventual detention. The kids sort their problems out from there... Pretty simple issue.
The arc HAS to be over... What else is he going to do with it afterwards? There's not much you can do.

And I cant think either how they can continue the arc.

Guys, Bendis said the arc isn't over. It doesn't really matter if no one thinks he can do anything else with it. And DI is right, it most likely is going to be at least 1 issue of epilogue, considering that there was a death involved and who that death was for.

And who said there will be anything of Reilly to save for later? Like I said before, it's not over yet. Bendis's words, not mine.
Still, overall, a classic arc. So far.

Oh yeah, absolutely. I'm just saying everyone is talking about it like it's over - it's not.
Well, I was just under the impression that the next issue was a standalone issue, talking about Gwen's death and transitioning into the Wolverine story. I guess we'll see more of Reilly sooner than I thought... Or will we?
I don't know...all I know is that Bendis himself said the arc isn't over yet. He didn't explain any further.
I think we get that part of it, UltimateE, ;). I was just clarifying that Reilly, Conners, and Carnage are finished with the story, unless Conners is going to be a high school teacher giving them detention.
I think we get that part of it, UltimateE

I know - I'm trying to beat it into your heads. ;)

The way Bendis said it, it made it seem as though something else would happen, not a traditional epilogue kind of thing.
Where did he say this? Also, what could he do in only one issue where we're expecting the student's reaction to Gwen's death?

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