Ultimate Spider-Man #65... Spoilers!


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Jun 16, 2004
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The mail subscriptions have finall paid off... I got this issue early!

Well, you must want to know what I thought of it, right? Why don't we just say that it's a shame it isn't nominated for best individual issue in our award topic. Really a shame when this issue got me a little chocked up. Like, I actually felt for these characters for the first time... It hit hard, too.

The issue was about the war waging inside of Peter's head. The rotten people in the world have taken over and there isn't anything that the people like him can do about it. He doesn't think it will change and he doesn't think he will be able to change it. We see this first come up when they are in dentention...

We see the cast of high school students in a detention when the comic first opens up. MJ and Flash are back and forth as to who actually got them in detention. As it happened, Flash was insensative to the fact that Gwen died (Or at the time, seeming like that) and was poking fun at Peter not being able to prevent her death. At this comment, MJ lunges at Flash with a book and the rest is history. After that, back in detention, MJ asks why Flash is the way Flash is. She calls him "Fred" and asks him "human being to human being" why he is an arrogant person who doesn't seem to see the real world. With a little bit of a disheartened look in Flash's eye, MJ puts the pieces together that Flash has been trying to ask Peter for help with Gwen... To ask her out! Flash Thompson ended up liking Gwen Stacy! He had a crush on her! After MJ nags him about it he ends up running away, almost in tears. Kong speaks up and says that Flash isn't all that bad of a person, but Peter thinks otherwise. In one of the best couple of lines I've read in this title, Peter tells him that he isn't and won't ever be a good person, contrary to what Kong believes. Peter said that he's running the show now by backstabbing and Flash is one to not hesitate to have fun at other people's expences, he only hangs out with Kong because he gets that sense of superiority when he's around him, and Peter said that he would be like this when he became a man. Liz Allen, who is also in detention, asks Peter what kind of person he is, good or bad. Peter says, "I'm nothing". MJ speaks out and says... "What about Spider-Man?" in front of Liz and Kong! They know! After that, Peter runs and doesn't even care that MJ told them after all was said and done. He said, pretty much, that Spider-Man has done too much wrong and there's no point in him being the kind of person that MJ thinks he is. She thinks he is a person that will help people rather than corrupt them. Peter leaves and runs into a gang trying to steal a purse from a random woman. He instinctively fights them off and fleed from the seen soon after. He asks himself "Why did I just do that?" and looks beaten up. The last line of the comic was "I'm sorry Gwen". Apologizing for thinking he can help the world again. He still refuses to be Spider-Man.

Really a 10 outta 10, guys!
Yes, I agree. A definet 10/10!

But like I said before, he wont stay with the decision of not being Spider-Man for long. Ya cant have a Spider-Man book without Spidey!
Yknow i am a really huge fan of this book. It is hands down my favorite book. But i am a bit disapointed by this issue. The art seems a bit off. I dont know if it was rushed but it just looks slightly different then previous issues. The story was ok. I just dont think that this arc overall gave the death of Gwen the justice it deserves. I dont think that in issue 350 or whatever of USM we will care that Gwen died this way. Just my humble opinion...
The story was ok. I just dont think that this arc overall gave the death of Gwen the justice it deserves.

I think this issue did, and there was so much happening in the arc that had to be taken care of first that it makes sense that there wasn't a lot of mourning for her. How Bendis handles this in the next few issues especially will be what will be interesting to me.

Welcome sto110!
What about at Mary's house? I didnt see people crying a lot or anything like that. The fact of the matter is that Gwen was not as close to everyone as she was in the 616 universe. Even though she had the potential to be that close she wasnt there yet. The characteres will not be as affected by her death as they were in 616. I guess the reactions were realistic but i just feel that her death doesnt carry the same meaning that her death in 616 did.

Thanks for the welcome BTW.
Well you also got to remember they're basically kids (not meant in a literal sesne), just think about it. They're still young, they still got to learn things.

And how its gonna affect them is gonna be diff. from the 616 versions of them cuz you got to remember that the 616 versions were older and adults. Here they're just young kids.
Her death doesn't need to carry the same meaning as it did in 616. This isn't 616, this is Ultimate. I won't disagree that her death here wasn't as meaningful as in Amazing all those years back, but she wasn't the love of Peter's life in this title either. Captain Stacy's death wasn't as powerful in Ultimate as it was in 616 (revealing before he died that he knew Spider-Man was really Peter Parker), but it was a meaningful event in Bendis' story. Afterall, the Ultimate line isn't meant to repeat or overwrite a classic story, but to tell it in a different way.
I think this is the best Ultimate title because it's the only one that, from day 1, has had a clear indication of where it is going. Not only because of the consistency of the Bendis on the title (Millar sometimes seemed to have NO idea where he was going in UXM) but because he actually cares where the characters end up and plans long term. This issue was one of the issues that seems like a culmination of many of the plots running through the series, and now opens the way for many new plots and storylines (some of which may have been indicated at in this issue) to take off.
Thats true it does not need to rehash the storys exactly. I guess my point is that the story didnt seem to reflect the harshness of losing a person that lives with you. Which gwen did. That coupled with the art which was slightly below Bagley's usual greatness seemed to disappoint me alittle
I really have to go with Icemastertron, here. They are kids. I mean, the reason this issue particularly touched me was the fact that I lost a friend when she was struck by a drunk driver... When I was in sixth grade. It was a terrible ordeal, but I came to overcome that loss. She is still terribly missed, yet, I know that she would've wanted me to get over it. That's what Peter will end up doing. 350, we won't hear from Gwen, yes, but that's ok. They're just kids.

Also, the art was actually on this issue, I thought.

I think that this was the perfect issue, I don't see how you could pick it apart.
I honestly love this book so much I don't think I'll ever be disappointed with an issue. I'll take this one as well. 8/10. It completes any ties with Gwen for now.
Well, this issue will set up some interesting characterization between Wolverine and Peter. He doesn't seem to be too excited to get in his suit again and do good and, if Wolverine needs his help, there will be some tension going on to get him back into it. We shall see, though.
Something or someone's gonna remind him someway or another that what he does is something he's got to do.

It all just keeps going back to that old saying:
"With Great Power, comes Great Responsibilties."

And he's gotta deal with the responsibilities, wheter he chooses to or not.
Well, sure that is expected, but there has to be a reason that Bendis is choosing Wolverine and Human Torch to do it. Usually it would be Fury. I know it's particially for a change of pace, but he can't really learn to be a hero from a serial killer and a person that is just now becoming a hero. Should be interesting.

Also, do you think Doctor Strange is going to have a part in Peter coming to terms with Spider-Man?
Hey hey, thats ex-serial killer buddy! He's sorta rehabilitated!

BUt yes, I do agree it will be quite intresting to see how Logan and Johnny will help him out with his troubles.
Also, do you think Doctor Strange is going to have a part in Peter coming to terms with Spider-Man?

I'm hoping there's a lesson to be learned from any of the team-ups coming in USM.
Yeah, I think that is what Bendis is going for with these next six issues. In UTU we saw Peter learn what it was to be a hero and he will most likely be reminded of what he imagined one was like by the beginning of the next big thing.

Next big thing being...?
Granted Gwen lived with Peter, but how close were they really? Nowhere near as close as 616 Peter and Gwen. Ergo, her death will be an issue for him, but not to the extent it was in 616, or it would be if Mary Jane had been killed by Carnage.
Another great point. I mean, there was something there if Peter and May decided to pick her up after vertually being strangers, but that still doesn't cover for Peter loving Gwen in 616. With this Gwen, it's a whole 'nother ball game.
But she died in his backyard. By a clone of himself. I think that's traumatic enough to stick with him. It made him quit temporarily.

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