Ultimate Spider-Man #67... Speculation and Spoilers!


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Jun 16, 2004
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First of all, this thread is currently for the preview pages until tomorrow, where it will be open for discussion the actual issue.

Second of all, "Jumping the Shark" is when the show, comic book series loses its touch so they do something drastic to get its fans back... It was named this because of a Happy Day's episode where they had Fonzie water skiing... He literally jumped a shark to bring people back to the television set to watch Happy Days. I don't know how this will be Ultimate Spider-Man's "jump" but there better be an explanation.

The issue opens with a very troulbing scene... Wolverine isn't the most innocent person and, look, the authorities have him at gun point! Peter Parker can't be happy about this one...
I think you're overreacting here a bit Goodwill. Even if this two parter turns out to be crap it's not gonna cause me or most of the USM readership to drop the title, it'll be carefully forgotten by all except to bring out when people feel like cringing. Calm down mate.
To tell the truth, I didn't think #66 was horrible. Its definitly whacky and out there in terms of story device (the whole body-switch plot device was old by the time they did it in the original Star Trek), but maybe somehow Bendis might pull a good explanation off in #67 (God I hope so...). But, #66 did have its moments. I particularly liked the scene where Pete in Wolverine's body calls Wolverine in Pete's body from a pay phone and accidentally ends up cutting off his own finger, starts to freak out on a public street, then sees it grow back (due to Wolverine'e healing factor); also, the scene where Wolverine in Pete's body as he's just gotten to school and is ogling the cheerleaders was kinda funny. Again, I'm waiting on #67 to officially pass judgement on this storyline. Definitly not the best USM storyline out there by any means, but it did have its moments, thats all I'm saying. However, another grudge I have is how there's basically no follow-up to Gwen's death in "Carnage". I mean, all of a sudden him and Aunt May are moving? A very close friend of his is just killed by his own clone/venom hybrid, and he's all of a sudden ok? I mean, seriously, the whole wrap-up to the storyline was finding out Flash liked Gwen and Mary Jane almost outing Peter as Spider-Man in front of half the kids in detention? And now in this issue no one seems to remember it or care? Did have a bit of an issue with how Gwen's death was handled, and I hope its something we see remedied in upcoming issues, though not sure it will be. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next few issues, the Human Torch team-up, Dr. Strange/Ultimates team-up, and especially the upcoming Hobgoblin arc (can't wait to see a character design for Ultimate Hobgoblin). Can't wait to see what else we'll see for Ult. Spider-Man in 2005!
Read my statements in the 66 thread and reread the issue and I think you'll find that they haven't skipped over the Gwen issue, just wasn't necessary to highlight it.
Well, I definitely didn't say that people would be dropping the title... In this thread, anyway. I was explaining the title, "Jump the Shark".

I, too, though that #66 had its moments, but I really can't see why Bendis took this path...

Has anyone read the issue yet?

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